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Wednesday, November 7, 2012
No matter how long users are about to work on their laptop computer, they all hope they can last long enough with long lifespan in good performance. Actually, this requirement should be rely on the standby time and configuration of the lithium-ion HP g62 laptop battery.

hp g62 laptop battery

Activate the laptop battery for new users.

Each time users are going to purchase a new laptop computer, the merchants will tell them to fully charge and discharge the batteries for at least three times. Actually, it is a kind of way to activate the battery to improve the performance. Actually, the laptop batteries have been activated in properties and viability before leaving the factory. To reduce the consumption in power energy and work efficiency, there is no use to charge and recharge the new battery for many times but just use it normally.

Discharge the HP G62 laptop battery to some extent.

To ensure the battery power energy, it is necessary to activate it about once a month to adjust the data in BIOS and CPU running programs. Especially for those who have high consumption on the laptop, it will use up the power energy rapidly in the process of work. Of course, please keep some remaining power energy inside in regular use with about more than 10% power energy inside.

There is no need to unplug the laptop battery when charged by the AC adapter.
Many people think the AC adapter will damage the batteries if they are plugged and recharged for many times. As a matter of fact, there’s protection circuit inside to protect the battery performance and properties. Meanwhile HP G62 laptop battery has its own setting in recharging level. And not use for a long time is more dangerous to the lithium-ion laptop battery.

Learn how to take advantage of the battery management system.

In some operation system, there’s a kind of built-in intelligent power capability that can set and adjust according to different requirements in power options, which can not only save more power energy but decrease the battery consumption obviously. It is certainly that this power plan can extend the laptop and battery lifespan to a great range.

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