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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
After using for a while, users will figure out that the standby time of laptop battery is no longer powerful enough than before. At this moment, there is no use to worry a lot about it while some effective ways can recover the Sony VGP-BPS13 battery performance to some extent.

laptop battery

Laptop Battery, especially for lithium-ion batteries, has its own charging work principle with certain charge and discharge curve, which need to be activated and adjusted.

As for Windows 7, in power options, it is necessary to change all the settings to be never when using the laptop battery only. In the advanced setting, remove the selection of informing when remaining power energy is low. To discharge the laptop battery output power to a certain level, we have to keep the charge curve to be accurately the same as remaining power.

After setting, users need to remove the AC adapter from the mainland laptop computer. Discharging according to the standard for several times, the difference in battery indicating can be saved effectively.

As for Windows XP, in laptop power using solution, it is preferred to change all the selections to be never when using the laptop battery. And fully charge and deep discharge the battery automatically to have a complete activation.

When charging, users should fully charge the whole Sony VGP-BPS13 battery for about several hours or the whole night and then unplug the charger till the laptop computer is shut down automatically. As for the screen protection setting, users can select none to use up more power energy rapidly. In advanced settings, put the power options to high performance or balanced while all the settings in hard disk or sleep mode to be never.

When the remaining power energy is lower than 10%, the selection is never taking any operation. Meanwhile, adjust the key power energy level to be of about 6% or sleeping. After that, set the laptop screen to the highest level. Remove the power supply before ensuring all the windows and working sheets are saved. Of course, some battery management system can help users more conveniently to recover the laptop battery performance.

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