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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
These years, the unified standards have been more and more popular in 3C industry, including all sorts of consumer electronic products. Such as Micro USB, the manufacturer has taken advantage of the International standards in the process of design and production, such as interface, internal circuits and so on.

With time goes by, more and more new products have been published and updated while they have higher and higher requirements in power energy and other parts. As for some merchants, they have got some improvements in the interface and adapter that can provide users more convenient.

As is known to all, laptop computer has become the most-growable product in the PC market. Compared to traditional desktop computer, Dell Inspiron 1525 AC adapter has different standards in many aspects. That is to say, different laptop brands and models are of different interface, output power and compatibility. As they cannot be compatible with each other, once out of work, users have to go for a certain suitable one to meet the standards.

Comparatively, in the cell phone market, the standard has come out for many years. For the same brand, they can exchange with each other.

Normally, global compatible laptop AC adapter should be of 100V to 240V input power that can make Dell Inspiron 1525 AC adapter to be adapted to different mains supply in the world. Actually, as for the part to be connected to socket, the nations have their own standards and have been unified to some extent.

Speaking of the other laptop accessories, like LCD screen, CPU and internal memory, they are all of diverse models, types and capacity. Users can select their own requirements according to the needs and laptop configuration.

On the other hand, laptop charger and battery have different warranty to the whole computer due to their own features. BIOS also needs some activation to be adapted to indicate properly, which has also improved the requirements in the technology in manufacturing.

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