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Friday, July 30, 2010

It can be frequently seen that IBM Thinkpad battery is with black all around itself. Although many other consumer electronics are also with black surface, we are used to attach more importance to Thinkpad for its unique features. And let’s have a look at the phenomena when black has become a symbol of IBM Thinkpad battery.

Speaking of laptop batteries, we used to pay more attention to its performance, capacity, interface instead of the surface color. When purchasing, we always ask for an 8-cell one or lithium-ion battery while only a few users will say that I want that black IBM Thinkpad T30 battery. Although we can just figure it out by its compatible laptop model, IBM ThinkPad T30 Series, we seldom think more about its color for black has become invariable symbol to it.

ibm thinkpad battery

Black is to connect IBM Thinkpad battery with the features of mystery and high technology. Of course, with advanced technology in its production line, we have no reasons to throw doubt upon the high technology of IBM Thinkpad T30 battery. Meanwhile, for this reason, we consider it to be more mysterious in manufacturing and designing.

We are used to consider IBM Thinkpad battery to be noble and stability. To echo with high technology, Thinkpad has been popularized by more businessmen. And it has become a symbol of status to owe an IBM Thinkpad laptop. Then we can’t help to think it noble with stable performance.

Above all, the collocation of black and white is eternal classic which won’t be eliminated by fashion. Although laptop batteries have also developed a lot with the pace of fashion trends, black has helped IBM Thinkpad battery never to exit fashionable arena gradually.

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by: USB Phone World

Although I have taken part in the industry of AC adapter for a period, I haven’t thought hard about the meaning behind it. It was until one of my friends told me that he had received a gift HP 402018 001 from his business partner that I realized more about it.

In the process of laptop running, the AC adapter seems to be a necessary but not significant tool to provide enough power energy. Without it, the laptop cannot work normally. If it occurs to be damage, we will be troubled for its special designed in electricity voltage, mains frequency, cut off system and so on. All these make the charger a unique one to laptop instead of a universal for all.

This gift of HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter, HP 402018 001, as is compatible with only several HP and Compaq laptop series, we can see care and support from the giver.

First, from the AC adapter, we have learned that the business partner is care about my friend. If he has no idea of his daily life, he can’t find a suitable one for his laptop. And the gift has really surprised my friend a lot and he is moved by his partner.

Besides, as HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter is a supportive part to the computer, it has just shown the relationship between my friend and his business partner. Normally, the transformer is to provide appropriate power energy to laptop while protect it from over charge by cut off system.

Last but not least, this gift of AC adapter has reminded my friend of his business partner frequently in the process of working. And compared to his colleagues, his laptop computer performs more smoothly and stably, which has improved his work efficiency a lot. And I just can’t help to respect his business partner to have such a good idea.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 29, 2010

According to the data from USB Phone World technicians, the new types of phone become more and more popular in New York. Although we learn that New York is a fashion city and a resource of many exotica and wonder. The boom of Skye phone has really surprised us a lot for its rapid increment speed in sales volume.

Due to the affection of financial crisis, many small and medium-sized enterprises begin to realize the important of efficient budget while the advantages of Skype phone have popped up to them. And I cannot emphasize the importance of its low expense and convenience in phones calls and online chat too much.

Among them, the most popular one occurs to be a 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype
which has more additional functions installed. In the past, many users are troubled by the USB power cord of Skype phones; however, it is no longer a resistance for us. After all, this kind of new cordless phone has provided about 50 meters from basement to have a phone call. Then only adjust the location of laptop computer can us talk with each other freely with high-quality voice.

skype phone

In my opinion, the popularity of Skype phone in New York should be attributed to its contribution in business features, such as online conference. In USB Phone World, some customers will purchase several phones for their staffs and friends. Therefore, it will make them convenient in communication and efficient in work while it is also a perfect gift to friends and business partners.

From the popularity in New York and 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype, it is the innovation and humanity that makes Skype phone accepted by users. As for USB Phone World, no more profits are better than the requirements and credits from customers.

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by: USB Phone World

If you have no knowledge of Skype phone, you must be out of fashion. In the period of iPhone prevails, an advanced communication tool emerges in the market. When you are chatting on Skype, observe if many friends there begin to get this kind of new phone with skype mate. If you ask them, they will tell you more about it, such as its beautiful tones.

As we all know, the advantages of Skype are the innovation in communication networks, global coverage and so on. However, many users still consider it as only a chatting messenger instead of telecommunication tools, which can be solved by Skype phone. When have a phone call with your friends, whether from Skype or traditional telephones, you can feel easy and see from each other with little expenses.

In some cases, someone also choose a USB telbox which can help a normal phone to have the characters of Skype phone with only Internet needed. It is really so magically for us to push the threshold of expense and network limitation. Only a step that gets you from the bottom of fashion teams to be the leader.

With a Skype phone, we even don’t need to think about the country code or other additional factors. What we can do is to talk freely with one person, two persons, as much as you like. With skype mate, you can also control the audio and other customization. And if your friends still have no idea of it, you can make a show of yourself before them.

fashion guy with skype phone

I think it will be late if you get a Skype phone or USB telbox when every fashion guy has own one. Just take the action and have fun with yourself and your friends.

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by: USB Phone World

When purchasing a replacement laptop battery, many people pay more attention to the compatible laptop lists than the specifications of the battery on the surface. Actually, these data have provided a lot of useful information to users to learn more about the compatibility, performance, safety and so on.

To check if the laptop battery is compatible with laptop perfectly, it is a matter of specifications of voltage and current. Some users may be relieved when he finds that the laptop works normal with a compatible Toshiba laptop battery even if it is not exactly suitable or of poor performance. As a matter of fact, if the actual output power is lower than the requirements, the battery seems to be normal in appearance but won’t last long for not enough energy provided.

toshiba laptop battery

Once the required current of laptop becomes higher than the output value of Toshiba laptop battery, it is at high risk of overheat or even dead. As we all know, there’s a protection circuit installed in the battery and it initiates when the current is out of the limitation. In addition, if the output voltage is larger than the dominated value, it will also lead to overload.

PA3399u 2brs is a standard compatible laptop battery for Toshiba. To have a good performance and safety in use, it has experienced strict examination and test in original Toshiba laptops. Except for the voltage and current, the manufacturers have compared its internal resistances to the OEM ones. Then we don’t need to worry about if the actual specifications have results in a big error.

That is to say, even if the battery hasn’t reached the limitation of the laptop, the cut off system works for the actual output current of the battery is beyond its own limitation. It is late to regret when the computer shuts down automatically and important data loss.

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by: USB Phone World

Although many users have realized the severity of the heat in AC adapter, they seem to have no way to get rid of it. Actually, to guarantee the safety in use, there should be enough internal resistances exist in the adapter while it is unavailable to be hot or even boiling. These two contradictory factors seem to be a sixty-four dollar question to Acer AC adapter.

In the abstract, high temperature is definitely harmful to AC adapter shelf life. With the temperature increased, the adapter has more loss in charge efficiency, contamination and internal resistance. Especially when the output current requirements come to be higher, it has added larger pressure on the Acer AC adapter even if it hasn’t reached the limitation.

Even though there’s control circuitry provided by the AC adapter, it won’t prevent the whole adapter from loss, Acer laptop power cord included. Normally, the circuitry performs when the output voltage or current is beyond the limitation of a certain value. If the cut off systems initiate, it means that the adapter is at the risk of damage with reduction to some extent.

cooling fan in ac adapter

For this reason, the cooling fan is necessary to Acer AC adapter in both interior and exterior. As we can’t avoid the internal components from heat, a high-quality cooling fan inside is a confirmation for users to maintain it. Of course, if possible, it is a good choice to install a external cooling fan to keep the work temperature in a certain appropriate level.

What I want to say is that please take care of your AC adapter and cooling fan. After all, it is the only way for you to keep it from high temperature.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the market of laptop battery, there’re many large manufactures vie with each other, such as Sony, Dell, HP and so on. However, since many accidents happened to them, the competition seems to be different while some new brands spring up, Gateway MX8710 laptop battery included.

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

Although Gateway has established and had splendid achievements for decades, Gateway laptop battery is not so popular as it should be. Speaking of lithium-ion batteries, nearly everyone will think about Sony instead of Gateway. Actually, no matter what components, such as shell, electrolyte and electrode, it has advanced technologies and strict examination.

Gateway MX8710 laptop battery comes to be a typical lithium-ion battery for Gateway. Only from the appearance can we see that the battery is well-designed in rabbet joints, shell materials, flatness on the surface and so on. As for the internal electronic circuits, they are all well arranged with enough space for them. And the primary contributor to the battery occurs to be the cells. Thanks to these cells materials, it can afford a higher temperature with less performance reduced.

In addition, as Gateway MX8710 laptop battery is of 14.8 V in maximum voltage, compared to other batteries, it seems to be much safer. Under this circumstance, the passed power energy won’t produce heat as much as one with lower open-circuit voltage and same output power. In the process of charging, 14.8V provides this lithium-ion battery for Gateway enough time to react and prevent from accidents.

As to laptop battery, except for those additional functions, users pay more attention to the quality, performance, safety and stability. In my opinion, it is the excellent basic factors that make Gateway MX8710 laptop battery a dark horse in the market.

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by: USB Phone World

As to laptop power cord, nearly every laptop users has experienced to condition of falling down by the power cord. Similarly, have you ever considered that a poor quality laptop charger with poor contact in the interface will also be an obstacle in the path of your success?

Except for some solar ones, most of laptop chargers are designed with laptop power cord in both sides of the adapter. Gateway laptop power cord, for example, has prepared for certain distance between the laptop to the external power supply in the process of design and manufacturing.

laptop power cord

As a matter of fact, too long or too short laptop power cord is neither good to users but the laptop charger itself. In the office, if complicated power cords exist there, it will make our staffs at high risk of falling down. If we choose to collect it by a concentrator, it comes to be influence on the internal circuit of the cord.

In addition, a poor quality laptop power cord is possible for you to wreck your career. Something has happened to one of my friends before that he used to summary the customer database and projects on his Gateway laptop. And one day, his colleague careless stepped on his Gateway laptop power cord, which led to his laptop power off suddenly and data loss to a certain degree. We can imagine the loss of my friend, his colleague and his company in both economic and mental.

And what I want to tell you is that the accidents are no more than that. As the power energy transmitted through laptop power cord, especially for the part from outlet to the adapter, it is with high voltage and current. Once it occurs to be open-circuit, someone who careless step on it may be electric shock seriously, which seems to lose more.

Therefore, please go for a high-quality laptop charger with good performance in laptop power cord. If you maintain the charger carefully, you won’t be a victim in the path of success.

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by: USB Phone World

Nowadays, online degree courses have become more and more popular in the society. And I learn about it from one of my Skype phone friends, Johnny. In the financial crisis, I was frustrated by unemployment. After introduction of these courses, I realized that what I can do is to improve myself by training for my career.

After losing my job, I was troubled by the debt in my credit cards. To pay them back with debt increasing every single day, I had to lend money from my friends. As we were those who have the same illness sympathize with each other, we have spent a lot of time and money on telephone expense. It is at that time that I bought my first Skype phone, that is, USB phone adapter.

After the adapter installed, I can have any phone calls with my friends by free with only Internet expenses. And I have also made a lot of friends from the Internet by Skype phone with the help of skypemate Windows 7. The benefits I got are not only bon humeur and low expense but also have more knowledge of all walks of life. At that time, one of them recommended me online degree courses.

I was really impressed by his story of online degree course because I can see my own reflection from the story. In the past, we were both striving for economical profits instead of appreciate fields. Johnny realized that he was interested in gardening more than finance. It has cost him a great deal of courage to face the truth and began his online degree course of gardening.

skype phone, online degree course

After observing his courses by Skype phone conferences, I found it is really a good idea to restart my career to earning a living at home. And I believe that I will have a brilliant future after finding this suitable online degree course with many friends in the same industry to communicate from Skype phone.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HP 402018 001 is a compatible charger for HP and Compaq laptops. Like many other normal adapters, it is limited by space according to the length of its laptop power cord. Even so, as it is good in quality and performance, it seems to be prior to others in charge rate.

AC adapter is a device to provide power energy to battery and laptop with charge and discharge key and board. Compared to some DC chargers, it has a more complex internal circuit, especially for laptop ac adapter. With high pressure in both charge voltage and current, it is harder for AC adapter to reach the charging speed by the level of normal chargers. No mentioned if it is faster.

hp 402018 001, ac adapter

As for HP 402018 001, it is of 65W output power with the necessary voltage of 18.5V. Although it seems to have no advantage in specifications for this AC adapter, the stable internal electronic circuits make it to be more safe and good in performance while it is at low risk of overheat and enough time to prevent from overcharging.

As I learned, the primary contributor to HP 402018 001 occurs to be its charge system. Normally, charge temperature determines the consumption of actual power of AC adapter. Meanwhile, the charge temperature is also related with internal resistance and charge current. Although these details are ignored by most users, they really have a great effect on the adapter charge speed.

Of course, the interior and exterior materials of HP 402018 001 are another factors to increase its speed. Even if power energy has to transfer through laptop power cord, it will run faster than in other mediums for the characters of certain materials.

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by: USB Phone World

In the market of consumer electronics, it is usually a competition of brands instead of pure products, such as Apply, Sony, Nokia and so on. However, as to Skype phone, although it has been popularized by the name of Skype, it doesn’t have its own manufacturer of large brands. Is it the empty of market or just the beginning of potential competition?

skype phone, USB Phone World

USB Phone World is one the largest sellers of Skype phone since several years ago. In early times, even the Skype hasn’t been so popular as it is at this moment. And we just can’t believe that it has widely spread in such as short period, which is almost out of our expectation. At home or in the office, we are used to communicate on Skype every day.

Nevertheless, the speed of Skype phone development hasn’t caught that of Skype, which has hit USB Phone World a lot. After that, they realized that what users need is not the productions only but the serious and additional functions as well. Then they have founded and provided a tool by free, that is, skypemate.

As a matter of fact, the tool is only a ladder for users to enjoy the convenience and advantages of Skype phone. After download the skypemate from USB Phone World, users come to be curious of the actual usage and effects of the phone. Especially in a business conference, it can not only help us to have a clear voice but also control the speed of conversation with the fruitful functions of the phone. Meanwhile, many other manufacturers become to realize the business opportunity inside.

In my opinion, Skype phone is still in the process of technology development, the mild mode of competition must be ended by those large brands which are still unknown.

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by: USB Phone World

As flood damage has increased in US, we cannot take any chances ourselves. Actually, the consumer electronics like laptop battery are susceptible to the flood. Then how to prevent the battery from flood damage has become a pressing task to us.

As is known to all, laptop batteries are with liquid electrolyte inside the cells, which is obvious for one with high capacitance likem9326g/a. Even so, water is dangerous to laptop battery, especially when it flows into the internal electronic circuit. As a high capacity Apple laptop battery always has high charge efficiency, flood damage will be more serious to the battery and users.

m9326g/a, apple laptop battery

First, please check if there’s anything wet or rupture on the surface of Apple laptop battery. Only with this step completed can we go to the next step. Otherwise, any other accidents are possible to happen.

Second, please remove your laptop battery from laptop with nearly 40% capacitance stored. For example, m9326g/a is a battery for Apple PowerBook G4 17-inch Series. If it is indicated to be full, please try to play the laptop to the greatest extent until there’s about 40% left. If it is indicated to be empty, please charge this Apple laptop battery to 40% of the full power.

Third, please go for a dry plastic bag and put the laptop battery into it after cooling down. And it is better for users to put the whole bag in a higher place to avoid the wet of container if not in use. Of course, we should also confirm the place is cool and dry.

As a matter of fact, after affected by flood damage, even if it hasn’t influenced our daily life directly, the moist exhaled air is still harmful to your laptop battery. Please take care of your battery.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, July 26, 2010

Although nearly everyone learns about the importance of laptop battery, maybe no one believes a battery can decide if you can earn more than 60 million dollars in only one minute. Indeed, it has happened to Mark and Randy, the heroes of this story about a Dell laptop extended battery and a big deal.

Several months ago, Mark and Randy are working hard to strive for a big deal with their heavy buyer. Although they are both close to the deal, only one can get the ultimate success from the buyer. At this crisis, a brilliant idea occurs to the Mark in his mind.

dell laptop extended battery, dell latitude laptop battery

After learning that his heavy buyer is using a Dell Latitude laptop, he bought a new Dell laptop extended battery for him which is the primary contributor to his success. Compared to a normal one, it can not only prolong the battery life, but also increase the running speed of his laptop. As a matter of fact, it is a strategy to win the final success.

As to a Dell Latitude laptop battery, normally it needs to have a higher capacity than any others. Except for longer standby time, the Dell laptop extended battery has reminded the buyer of Mark more than Randy when considering their programs for his refreshments and humanity technologies. Even if they have both the perfect products, it is the service and attentive observation that push him to make a final decision.

I just can’t help to say that even an unfancied laptop battery cannot be ignored that it may become your final partner to make a big deal like Mark. In the fast technology development era, we really should pay more attention to the details of our life instead of secular interests.

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by: USB Phone World

It seems to be our nature that it is not until we lose the former performance of AC adapter that we begin to realize the importance of the adapter. By comparison, we see more clearly about its advantages and the convenience it provided than before. However, it is late for us to treasure every happy moment with the adapter.

ac adapter

As AC adapter is always a silent contributor with less contact with us, we often disregard its feelings while it is sensitive really. Actually, after burned by the heat of the adapter, we will realize how much pressure has been added to the little device. Even so, it still works hard to provide enough power energy to laptop battery and the other components.

HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter is a 65W AC adapter that I used to use. Although it is not so powerful that I was surprised a lot, it really has provided me a good work condition with continuous power energy and stable charging period. At that time, I haven’t imagined that one day it will be sick if not kept in good repair. No wonder people always say that young people always take their good fortune for granted.

As a matter of fact, the damage comes earlier to the Compaq laptop power cord than the AC adapter. Since every time I wound the power cord around HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter after use, a problem cropped up to its interface of poor contact.

Afterwards, I found that it does not only happen to the Compaq laptop power cord but the whole adapter as well. By the time I realized the size of the problem, it was too late to activate it that I have to replace the whole AC adapter.

As far as HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter is concerned, it is not only an external charger but also a necessary part of my HP laptop. If possible, I might have maintained it good and kept it with me for at least three years.

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by: USB Phone World

Shortly after iPhone 4 has released, it is reported that the new iPhone is not so good as we expected. The most obvious problem comes by iPhone 4 is its poor signal inception. Actually, from 3G to 4G, thus telecommunication technology is still not mature as it should be. Meanwhile, Skype phone has discovered and settled down the problem of multi-network long ago.

skype phone and iphone 4

Thanks to the development of Skype, the cross communication between traditional telephone, mobile phone, Internet and WLAN has already been available to users by Skype phone. That is to say, no matter what kinds of network you use, you can contact with your friends with the phone. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay for the telephone expense with high expense.

In most cases, we called it USB phone for its special function and features. In early times, the phone for Skype can only work with connecting to USB interface, named after this feature. Although it is not easy to use, it is available for USB phone to charge without battery. Of course, up to now, we are no longer under the limitation of USB power cord when having a phone call.

And there comes to be another device, called USB phone adapter, which can turn a normal phone into a Skype phone magically. As long as the Internet is available to users, we can enjoy ourselves to the multi-network communications. If the phone is of high voice quality, we can have a phone call with others, normally more than two contactors can be accepted, just as they are around us.

If you are still troubled by the Poor Signal Inception from iPhone 4 or not satisfied with their response, you can go for a Skype phone. And I believe you’ll fall in love with it after trying it out.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, July 23, 2010

After infected with sportsmanship in Africa from World Cup, the spice guy John has decided to have a journey to North Africa. Last year, he retired early from his company for he was out of condition. However, he was inspired by World Cup and wanted to find self-John again in Africa while he did not forget to carry a Skype phone with him.

skype phone for journey

John had prepared for his journey to North Africa for a long time. From hotel to scenic spots, he had checked carefully from the Internet. He was eager to tread upon the ground on which many soccer stars walked. However, as it is reported that in North Africa, hardware facilities are not complete enough for him, so he had to provide for himself.

“Many friends are confused why I decide to carry a Skype phone with me.” John said with a smile,” The reasons are complicated. First, after getting one from USB Phone World, I am so accustomed to it. I can’t imagine if one day it is not available to me. In addition, I want to prevent myself from any accidents in the scenery spot if my mobile phone is out of power…”

Last year, John bought a new 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype in USB Phone World. As he was used to live alone in the country, cannot away with aloneness, especially a few months after retirement. It was the Skype phone that helped him to get more and more friends on the Internet. He said that he felt these friends were just around him.

This journey to North Africa for John is really a new beginning of retirement life. And he didn’t want to miss the chance to show off him to his friends and share the funs on the road. Of course, I think it is a good choice to ensure safety to have a Skype phone with him.

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by: USB Phone World

In the chapter of laptop battery maintenance, we have figured out that it is unnecessary for lithium-ion batteries to be activated so frequently. While some users still activate as they used to do on Ni-mh and Ni-cd ones. Here, let’s have a talk about if it is unnecessary or harmful for laptop battery to be activated so frequently.

After updating from Ni-mh to lithium-ion battery, Toshiba laptop battery comes to have higher capacity, longer standby time and better material choices. With higher energy density, more lithium-ions can be store in organic solutions while the better materials of electrode can make it safer. With less memory effect, each time of charging is a new beginning for battery to gain power energy for laptop charger.

toshiba laptop battery, pa3399u 2brs

PA3399u 2brs
is a typical standard Toshiba laptop battery with all the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries. As a matter of fact, it is the memory effect that makes the battery to have a necessary protection circuit which is to prevent it from overheating. Otherwise, not only the high work temperature will reduce the lifespan but may cause short circuit as well.

However, what we haven’t considered is that these circuits are also consuming the power energy so that each time of activation it will make the laptop battery to reduce its performance. In the process of charging and discharging, these circuits will work until the battery is close to full or empty. When activating frequently, they are bound to act and may produce more internal resistance.

Of course, as there’s a little memory effect in lithium-ion laptop battery, we still need to activate it but cannot do that so often. If so, it won’t help the battery to improve its performance but reduce its lifespan rapidly.

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by: USB Phone World

Since the spread of rumor 2012, many people come to focus attention on the issue of environmental protection which is the theme of 2010 World Expo. As for laptop accessories, AC adapter is the direct part to consume electricity while produces heat at work.

ac adapter, environmential protection

After gaining electronics from laptop power cord, AC adapter will switch the chemical energy to physical energy while transmitting the 110V mains supply to about 10% according to laptop voltage. In the process, it will produce some heat and consume electricity itself. Actually, the chemical materials inside are also harmful to environment.

Nowadays, many users are pursuing for high rate AC adapter, which is not good to environmental protection. Of course, for some laptops with not so good heat dissipation, higher power adapter is necessary just like Acer AC adapter. Actually, it will consume more electricity from external power supply per minute than a lower one and also put high pressure to laptop power cord. In addition, thanks to high-power operation, it can produce internal resistance more rapidly.

Furthermore, improper method of AC adapter using and fitness will add more to pollution. For example, if the charger is always unplugged in the outlet, it continues to consume electricity, which can reduce its own performance and produce more pollution to environment.

Therefore, to get the balance from convenience and environmental protection, we should learn clearly about our real requirements before purchasing AC adapter. After all, an unnecessary high rate adapter is just a waste of energy.

In the end, I want to remind user to recycle your dead Acer AC adapter. Otherwise, you can be affected more by the pollution than the convenience from the new replacement.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nearly everyone clearly understands the importance of credit score while we are all pursuing for higher score. When evaluating our own scores, is it necessary for merchants to have a credit score system also. Even if we can figure out their behaviors and histories in our mind, especially for large brands of laptop battery, the pressure from administrative organization and the whole society comes to be more effective.

Since last year, there’re many accidents happened in the market, including HP laptop battery, Sony laptop battery, Dell laptop battery and so on. Especially for HP, the continuous recalling event has a great influence on users, which makes users disappointed to a large extent. Although HP claimed that they can provide HP laptop replacement battery for free, it cannot get users rid of worries and troubles.

After anatomizing, it is obviously that it is the poor after-sale service more than the quality of laptop battery only that has raised such a large response in the market. Supposed if HP has treated the accidents of defective HP laptop battery, it won’t be terrible as it occurs later. After all, what users really need is the care and sense of security from the brand they trusted. And they can also accept mistakes as long as they think HP is still of good faith and will be corrected in the near future.

credit score for laptop battery manufacturer

Therefore, it is necessary indeed for laptop battery manufacturers to have their own credit scores to meet the specification of both products performance and service quality. Above all, objective data can tell the truth without any emotional coloring.

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by: USB Phone World

Are you going to hunt for a new job? Or are you just walking forward to a new era of career? Anyway, as job training becomes more and more popular in the society, you must have considered it according to your own situation. Then what about having a job training more free and effective by Skype phone?

Skype phone job training

In normal, we can only gain the skills and knowledge necessary from one side, however, it seems to be not enough for us, especially in job training. Although the information are useful or new released by professionals in all walks of life, we cannot figure out how much we have really mastered there.

As for Skype phone, we can get multimedia teaching while communicating with other students. As we all know, Skype is good at video conference. When having a lesson there, we can not only learn skills and knowledge but also ask for some problems about certain point of the lesson. Meanwhile, we can also share our experience before and learn more from others.

To make the voice more clearly and higher quality audio and voice, we can download Skypemate Windows 7, a tool for Skype messenger. Then we won’t miss or misunderstand words from teachers. In addition, there’s also a Skypemate Vista to meet the requirements of different windows systems.

Furthermore, it is really so cool to have a simulation interview on Skype phone. Although the teacher may be a long distance away from you, you can get the similar feeling to the real one. After all, it is also a good idea for interviewee to take it into account, which will save you more time, especially when you are on an emergent business trip after have an appointment with interviewers.

In a word, Skype phone is fruitful in functions which you might have not thought about before.

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by: USB Phone World

As laptop charger works by alternating current, it seems to be mysterious for users to learn about its principle and features. Especially in the black box, we just don’t know how it achieves the transition from mains supply by laptop power cord to certain value of output power.

Even so, users seem not to pay more attention to the maintenance of laptop charger. The improper operations, such as putting the charger into the laptop bag only few minutes after powering off, are harmful to computer. Among all electronics, charger and some other laptop accessories are more sensitive that any malfunction in details will influence their performance.

Then how dangerous it will be if we forget to unplug laptop charger for a long time?

unplus laptop charger

If we forget to remove the charger from both laptop and external power supply, it will continue to work. Although the laptop is power off, the charger will continue to provide power energy to laptop charger and some components, about which I have ever argued with my colleague. I think although there’s protection circuit in battery, it will begin to charge again as long as the capacity comes to a certain value. For this reason, the recharging circles will be reduced rapidly.

If we forger to unplug laptop charger from external power supply only, it will harm less to us. It can be exemplified by HP 510 AC adapter. As it is designed with an additional function of standby mode, if it doesn’t work for some period, it will enter this kind of situation. At that moment, the working power is lower than 0.5W which is insignificant to laptop charger and safe to users.

However, it doesn’t mean there’s no defect for us to keep laptop charger in outlet, even if it is of low power like HP 510 AC adapter. Actually, it is a waste of energy to do like that for consummation in internal resistance, laptop power cord and some other components. Furthermore, all work and no play are still not so good to these parts. Therefore, you’d better remember to unplug your charger a few minutes after laptop power off.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As video conference system becomes more and more popular, we believe that we are facing forward without getting back to former position again. When enjoying the convenience of video conference, have you ever considered that you can also add someone who is not sitting around the computer? Now it is available to you.

Skype phone is a device to achieve free high-quality talk online and multi-network phone calls while it is the primary tool to get the video conference. Whether the conventioner is beside the computer or not, it is still possible for users to take part in the conference and others can see him in the video.

Nowadays, Skype has been widely used in online communication, especially in audio and video. With the development of VOIP, Skype phone has provided Skype more additional functions, especially in communication channels and speech quality. In some cases, users will use the Skypemate to help them to adjust the voice in all aspects.

skype phone

Actually, the advantages of Skype phone video conference are more than that. Compared to traditional telephone conference, video conference by Skype phone has special advantages in good visual effects and abundance information. Furthermore, it can also be applied in fields of on-the-spot teaching, commercial office, project negotiation and so on.

In USB Phone World, there’s a new Skype Phone, called 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype, to fulfill the functions of conference. For example, when communicating with customers about your company and works, you can show them a wider space in the range of 50 meters.

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by: USB Phone World

Speaking of IBM Thinkpad battery, the picture of high-end brand and high-quality product will appear in my mind. To be sure, as IBM is with strict examination, advanced manufacturing and good service, it has also been regarded as a symbol of status. However, as to innovation, almost no one will remind of IBM Thinkpad while it is really working hard on it.

Actually, although Apple is said to be a leader in all walks of life, it is still hard for Apple to have some further innovation in laptop battery. Compared to the appearance, users pay more attention to its functions, performance and capacity. All these make many brand laptop manufacturers have little space to spread wings.

As IBM Thinkpad is prior in technology, it is a gift for both IBM and users. There’s an advance function in the battery for IBM Thinkpad and laptop systems. That is to say, even if the battery is removed for several times, the information in the past still exists. Then we don’t need to activate it frequently or worry about if it will be injured if it is separated from laptop. Of course, if you are going to replace it, you’d better check to clear the former information, especially the replacement is with high capacity.

Besides, users can also check the index of installed IBM Thinkpad battery, such as recharging circles and charging current, thus technology has already been quoted by HP now. Compared to the battery management software of Sony Vaio, the innovation of IBM seems to be more outstanding.

With more and more events happened to laptop battery, we cannot emphasize the importance of battery safety and performance too much. When pursuing for higher capacity, have you ever considered these additional functions for your laptop battery?

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When purchasing a replacement AC adapter, we have learned that higher power one comes to be more expensive than others. Indeed, a HP adapter of higher output power can provide enough energy to battery and laptop more rapidly. For this reason, more and more users become to pursue for higher output power nowadays.

AC adapter is a switchboard to transmit the mains supply to dominated charging value. In the process of charging, the current increases in a short period as long as the output voltage has reached the steady state. Comparatively, if with the same output voltage, laptop can get more energy per minute to meet the requirements of all the components.

However, as to the adapters with different output voltage, the situation comes to be more complex. In theory, the power of AC adapter is related with both output current and voltage. It is not until the charging voltage reaches a certain value that the current begins to increase.

hp adapter, hp 402018 001, ac adapter

For instance, as both are 65W HP adapter, HP 402018 001 is lower than hp-oq065b83 in voltage. Comparatively, even if the working power is the same in surface, the former one can obviously last longer and charged more rapidly.

Meanwhile, there’re some poor-quality AC adapters, such as refurbished AC adapter. Although it is normal to have a few differences between the actual value and the dominated value, it is very dangerous to users if the difference is large. In addition, a poor-quality one is with larger internal resistance. Compared to a normal adapter, it will be much hotter at work.

Furthermore, a higher output power AC adapter is also not so good to environmental protection. As it works ceaselessly, it will consume much more energy from external power supply. Certainly, if it is necessary for your work, please keep it. Otherwise, never blindly pursue for high output power when purchasing a new replacement for your HP adapter.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Luis and Gordon finally settled down and had a family last week. To our surprise, the root cause of their marriage is just a Skype phone. Although it wasn’t the first time for them to have a wedding, they just can’t help to leave tears of happiness.

skype phone marriage

Two years ago, Luis bought a new released Skype phone in USB Phone World. As her son was studying abroad in US and her husband was dead in an accident, she was used to chat on the Internet and was willing to contact with her son by the Skype phone. In the countryside of Australia, there were only a few neighbors with Luis, which made her feel lonely.

However, about a week later, she received a phone call and was told that her Skype phone was sent to him, Gordon, another customer of USB Phone World in US, by mistakes. As was bought in a low price in marketing period, she didn’t keep it in mind but still told him the address of her home.

What she didn't realize is that Gordon was just impressed by her sweet voice and enclosed his Skype address with the package. He said that if any problems happened to this Skype phone, she could just contact him while he had taken his efforts to protect it from any damage.

Moved by his humorous letter or his kind favor, Luis sent a thanks giving voice mail to Gordon by Skype Phone and a tale of his love started. To hear from each other more clearly and smoothly, they all returned to USB Phone World to download Skypemate. And they are all looking forward the wonderful time of chatting in every single day and rediscover the feeling of first love which is beyond space and time.

This year, Gordon decided to move to Australia to enjoy the sweet last years with Luis. After learning about that, the operators of USB Phone World also couldn’t help to be moved to tears.

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Sony Viao VGP AC19V19 AC adapter is a 90W charger for Sony. Although it hasn’t been released for a long time, it comes to be one of the most popular products in USB Phone World, which should be attributed to its high capacity and performance.

Sony Viao VGP AC19V19 AC adapter, compatible with several Sony Vaio laptop series, is one of the adapters of high cost performance. Although it is with capacity of 90W, many users are still considered it a high-quality one with good performance and compatibility. Therefore, it has been recommended by our former customers to their friends frequently. That is to say, in the office, it can be shared by many users in the office as a replacement if their laptop series are just included.

As for an AC adapter, except for its capacity, there’re many other factors about it to determine its quality, such as contact of interface, heat resisting property of surface and its internal circuit. As to the interface, especially for compatible chargers, if not with good contact, it cannot provide stable power energy and even lead to any damage in laptop components. As the adapter is regarded as the hottest part of laptop when using, the surface and internal circuit should be of high heat resistance. And all these are primary invaluable assets to VGP ac19v19.

sony vaio vgp ac19v19 ac adapter

Of course, the high capacity is also a primary advantage of Sony Viao VGP AC19V19 AC adapter. Then we can get longer standby time instead of worrying about if it will be overheat or short circuit. After all, using a high capacity adapter will improve the running speed of laptop system.

Among all Sony AC adapters, Sony Viao VGP AC19V19 AC adapter is a stunning display of power product. What we are attracted is never the beautiful appearance but abundant connotations.

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As we all know, once electronics like laptop battery get flooded, it means it is close to damage or short circuit. As water is also a kind of liquid conductor which can go anywhere out of control if there’s any holes to pass through. However, at the first few minutes after getting flooded, it is possible to save your battery from short circuit.

remove laptop battery

Lenovo T60 battery, a 9-Cell li-ion laptop battery for both Lenovo and IBM Thinkpad laptop series, was once suffered from flooding water for my faults. At that time, I had just finished my work on my laptop with some database while drinking some water there. On closing the laptop, I was hit by my friend and it got flooded suddenly.

Actually, compared to the T60 battery, I was more worried about my Lenovo computer. Therefore, I sop up the water with a dry and clean towel rapidly before removing the laptop battery from the computer. Normally, as long as the water hasn’t infiltrated, it is at less risk of short circuit. After that, I wiped the interface of battery carefully with the towel as it is most likely to cause accidents even if there’s only a little water.

Nevertheless, I was still not felt so reassured of my Lenovo T60 battery that I went for a blow drier. There is no denying that although it seemed to be dry in surface, there would be some steams and droplet invisible to the naked eyes existed. So I dried the battery by blow drier to avoid any wetted gas or vapor produced by heat when laptop running.

After keeping them separated for less than one hour in a cool and dry room, the whole battery and computer returned back to normal work condition. I was congratulate on myself that I response quickly and took actions. Otherwise, I think not only my Lenovo T60 battery but also the computer will be destroyed.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Since the appearance of Windows 7 problem, we have to think more about the battery software in the laptop. Especially when there’s something wrong with laptop standby time, we no longer blame the laptop battery merely but beginning to obverse any other factors.

In the past, when laptop occurs to be power off in a very short work time, the first that comes into mind is laptop battery. Indeed, laptop battery capacity will be reduced as long as the performance is not so good. And thus condition is most likely to make us confused: although it is indicated to be full or more than half, it may also be shut down in one minute. Consider the principle of battery protection circuit and you’ll find out.

Under this circumstance, many users will go for a replacement laptop battery to get rid of any serious accidents happen. In theory, when protection circuit works, it means that the battery cannot provide enough power and overheat probably.

However, from Windows 7, we learned that in some cases it is still possible for laptop itself that causes thus result instead of laptop batteries. Although the battery is still new, it points out,” Please replace your laptop battery for some mistakes, or the system will be shut down suddenly.”

windows 7, laptop battery indicating

Consequently, it is important to check if there’s any problem with laptop battery or battery management software. Otherwise, any other replacement laptop batteries cannot get it back to normal. Normally, when the battery is on the edge of endurance, it could be hotter while the system comes to be slower. And if the software is an external one, you can reinstall it and check if it has recovered.

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by: USB Phone World

Have you ever found that the light your laptop AC adapter is still on even if it is a few minutes after powering off? Do you think it is caused by some power energy still stored in the laptop power cord? Actually, the adapter is still on work with external power supply and laptop battery when the computer has been turned off.

If we unplug AC adapter immediately when powering off, we may be at risk of burning or laptop damage. Although it is cut down, some components are still working with power consumed. The process of cooling down is about 10 seconds to one minute. Once unplugged, these internal components will be forced to close and also data loss.

For this reason, as the internal system is closed later than the external devices, such as LCD screen and the indicator light, what we should do is to keeping the AC adapter plugged until they are all done. At the moment of power off, there’s still some force of inertia inside the laptop. Actually, in the process of shutting down, the internal components are working to help the programs closed or updated. That is to say, only after the screen is died out, the components come to finish their work.

One day, HP 510 AC adapter was complained by a user who has just bought it for only a month. He said that what he owned was a bare computer. He would like to get a high output power compatible charger to improve the laptop speed. However, after a month, he found his HP laptop become hotter and slower. He was confused how could it happen while he was careful in use.

After examination of our experts, we found that the internal components were injured by his improper way of AC adapter. After work, he was always so eager to make appointments that he removed the AC adapter from laptop immediately. Therefore, the components have experienced of closing forcibly for nearly a full month, which is really dangerous to him.

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by: USB Phone World

The world is big because it has contained so many species in it. The world becomes smaller and smaller because we can reach anywhere on earth in one day by airplane. And have you ever imagined that one day you can take the whole world in your hand? Now it is available to you only by this Skype phone.

skype phone

It is said that Skype phone is like but better mobile phone and headset. As it works after plugging to USB interface, it is also called USB phone. Different from Internet communications, it comes to be more stable with some functions of mobile phone included while the traditional telecommunication network is still available. Different from traditional network, it can also achieve many Internet chat messengers even without computer.

Skype phone, and then, has installed nearly all the languages in the world for contact list on LCD display. Therefore, you don't even have to worry about if any words and names are not available there. People from every corner of the world can be added. Meanwhile, when you are on a business trip in a foreign country, you can also help yourself to install any software and learn about the native culture, which has really made fully use of Internet.

At moment, you can get several types of Skype phones in USB Phone World, including desktop phone, USB cheap phone, USB cordless phone and USB phone adapter. Just like Skype phone calls, no matter where you are, it can get to you in a short period.

Accordingly, it is reality for us to make/receive Skype calls without consideration of signal. Just as when Internet born, the appearance of Skype phone is just an innovation to reach the global communication more convenient or even free.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

In the past, you are always keen on individualistic heroism while nearly everyone wants to be the hero of his company. However, affected by the financial crisis, no one can ignore the power of cooperation. Actually, it is the commercial trade that boosts the economic development. Similarly, HP AC adapter is to HP laptop computer what trade is to economy.

It is universally acknowledged that no laptop computer will work without enough power and no computer software will run without laptop computer. That is to say, either of them cannot operate separately. They have their own functions in particular, which makes their roles coming into being. And the AC adapter is just an intermediary agent that helps them to get excellent cooperation with each other.

hp ac adapter

Actually, as for HP AC adapter, the laptop power cord is also an important circle of power transmitting. On no account can we throw it away while the quality of interface will also influence the connection. Otherwise, it is dangerous for us to come across short circuit or open circuit.

What is extraordinary is that AC adapter is really a primary contributor for users and laptop computer to get what they require. The adapter works by transmit the mains supply to the dominant output power by the dominant value of laptop. No matter how high the external power supply it receives, it will produce a certain output power in the box.

Therefore, neither the electric resource nor the laptop computer needs to consider the value for one another. As long as they play well in their roles, we users will enjoy the work as we expected.

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by: USB Phone World

Under the circumstance of increasing competitive work condition, we almost have no spare to relax ourselves. Especially after the influence of financial crisis, recharging ourselves has become a daily continuously assignment. While working on the notebook computer, please remind that it still needs to be charged in time by laptop charger.

Actually, AC adapter for laptop is not only the resource of power but also a tool to improve its performance. Running with low power energy is just like working in hunger or delicate health. Compared to normal condition, thus, the computer cannot stand the pressure from these running applications without laptop charger. It is similarly that if we work in weak health, it will reduce our work efficiency.

To be sure, as nearly all the laptops are with li-ion batteries nowadays, it will make laptop battery hurt by a deep discharge. Different from Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries, li-ion ones are of little memory effect. Since it has been activated at the first time, it is no use and even harmful to keep laptop computer running without AC adapter until indicated to be empty. Besides, when the computer is power off, the power in the battery is also reduced with time goes by. That’s why some laptops can no longer work if not used and not stored properly.

Certainly, it still needs activation once several months. Similarly, we need to have summary reports quarterly and it is still necessary for us to have annual vacation. After all, it is a process for AC adapter to transfer the power to laptop.

Please take care of your notebook computer and AC adapter likes the way you treat your business companion. We’ve taken a lot of time on choosing and it is also important for us to maintain the relationship.

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by: USB Phone World

You are a lucky guy if you have your family member with you. You are outstanding if you have a busy schedule. You are so lonely if you are a foreign worker who hasn’t owned these two kinds of fortunes now. Whatever, with Skype phone emerging here, they will be much closer while some other surprises accompanied by.

Actually, Skype phone is an advanced communication tools which can meet more requirements than that of normal ones. Compared to telephone, it is much cheaper and easy to use. It was mainly for the convenience of keeping in contact with distant family and friends by both vision and audition. Compared to headset, it concludes more humanity functions, such as dictionary, auto-select RF channel to improve the quality of voice and speaker function on the base station. Even the conference call is still available to it without any complex settings.

That is to say, it performs well in anywhere and anytime with the additional skypemate software. As the word in the interface said that no matter where you go, skypemate goes with you. It can be downloaded free in the official website of USB Phone World. Furthermore, as the software has several types to be compatible with all systems, any laptop computer models are available to it, no matter it is a Apple laptop with Mac OS X or Windows 7.

160 feet usb cordless phone for skype

Nowadays, there’s also a new released product, called 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype. You don’t have to keep around the laptop computer for a free space of 50 meters. And you can receive any calls and notes on the phone while control the Skype and skypemate software on the phone.

As it is still in the promotion period, you can buy a Skype phone with the price of only one third of a Wi-fi phone. I believe you will be stuck on it from the day you own one.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, July 15, 2010

Although laptop battery seems to be so cool on the appearance, it is actually feeble and sensitive in itself. Just like interpersonal relationship, the battery and we users intricate to each other. That is to say, the better you treat it, the more the battery will provide.

Laptop battery provides power from battery cells which is like a power station. Compared to the charger, its power supply mode seems to be more direct, as DC is a basic power resource instead of transfer station like AC adapter. Besides, there’s also a special component, called protection circuit which can be seen as a protector and back-up reference station of laptop battery energy, in case of overheat or overload.

laptop battery capacity

Even if it is strong in surface and advanced in functions, it is still important for all laptop batteries to have a proper maintenance which is a daily work instead of any powerful skills. Think of the work temperature of your laptop computer. Think of the surrounding goods of your laptop battery. Think of how many programs are running in your computer. Or even have you stored it properly when you have to work outside for a long time? All these are only details but influence the battery performance so much.

If not, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate, which can be exemplified by m9326g/a, one of Apple laptop battery. It is a 5400mAh lithium-ion battery compatible with Apple PowerBook G4 17-inch Series. For more power consumed by Apple, it cannot work so well as the other laptop batteries with 5400mAh. However, if you maintain it more carefully, it is still possible for it to reach the normal value.

What matters is although laptop battery has its own capacity, it still occurs to be different for different treatment. What you should do is to inspire the power and energy to get it done.

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by: USB Phone World

Every month we have to deal with all kinds of bills which cost us a great deal. Especially for a firm, telephone charge is a huge part of administrative expenditure. Have you ever think about if one day we can be free from telephone bill?

Skype phone is a new released communication apparatus which is available in both Internet and traditional telecommunication network. In the past, we always considered these two channels as separate individuals. However, it is the Skype phone that achieved the integration. Therefore, we can not only enjoy the free charge of Internet communication but also the muli-functions of normal telephones.

Usually, we can have any calls to anywhere in the world on the Internet by Skype or some other communication messengers. Someone even knows that it is also called USB phone. Therefore, only connecting it to the USB interface can two communicators have a free call to each other on USB phones. Some USB cordless phones can even achieve communication in a certain range. When one of them occurs to be a traditional telephone, it will cost only a little money from Skye calling card while in some areas it is still free.

In addition, there’s also another device, USB phone adapter. It was not only a charger for Skype phone, but can transmit the normal telephones into a Skype phone. It looks like a modem on the appearance and principle. That is to say, even the normal phone can have a low charge in telephone calls which is unbelievable before.

Anyway, the advantage of Skype phone is more than the low cost while some other features can be enjoyed if you just have own one with you. In my opinion, it is the Skype phone that makes us closer to each other. With the development of technology, I think it is bound to have a long way to go with more humanity functions.

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by: USB Phone World

Many Dell users are not satisfied with their laptop computer any more after a period of use, which is about one year to two years. And it is obvious for most. Have you ever considered it is a business of your Dell AC adapter more than CPU? Or even it is new, is it good enough to you?

ac adapter

Dell AC adapter can be divided into several sections with different output power. As we all know, it is the output power that decides the charging time of laptop battery and running speed of computer. That is to say, a higher power adapter can provide more electric current to the computer with output voltage controlled in a certain value.

After two years, all the laptop accessories come to be aging every single day. And there’ll be more internal resistance in the Dell adapter. As more power is consumed by adapter components, less output power is transferred from the adapter to laptop computer. That is why the speed occurs to be much slower than before.

There’s a way for you to check if it is the problem of AC adapter. You can install the empty laptop battery while there’s some application software runs in your computer. If the battery is charged in a very low speed or even be of overheat, it means the output power of your Dell AC adapter is no longer high enough for you.

Anyway, I'm not suggesting that the higher output Dell adapter is with, the better it is for your computer. Anyone should find the most appropriate one according to his own requirements and habits. If you don’t need to work with many programs simultaneously, the higher output power may even be your burden. After all, a new adapter of high performance is better than an old one with high output power. More internal resistance it has, more heat it will produce.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Speaking of Compaq laptop battery, most of users will associate it HP. Indeed, it has become a member of HP for nearly 9 years. However, for always keeping a low profile, many users don’t know clearly about its glorious past.

Compaq was established in 1982 by three senior managers from Texas Instruments Inc. In early times, Compaq had helped IBM to have its first section of PC portable computer which was said to be an ancestor of laptop. From then on, many laptop accessories of IBM were provided by Compaq.

Indeed, the quality and performance of Compaq laptop battery is of world-class level. It is believable that nearly no one can be compared to it. Although it has a history of only twenty-odd years, its achievement is very notable, which is really a miracle in laptop industry. However, it didn’t leave me a deep depression for its low profile.

As for Compaq Evo laptop battery, it is an accessory of Compaq high-end business series. At that time, for many businessmen, they prefer it to IBM T series, which is not only for its high performance but for its humanity design as well. Whatever, users can only feel the benefits after using.

In 2002, Compaq laptop battery was officially become a new HP laptop battery. Many people might think it is about the failure of Compaq in acquisition of DEC. In fact, it was the excellent service that made HP to surpass IBM in only a few years. Before consolidation, HP was always poor in its maintenance, after-sale service and consulting.

Although Compaq is not so good in business strategy, we just can’t help to consider it a silent contributor in the market. Without it, maybe we won’t have such a good performance laptop computer and accessories.

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by: USB Phone World

The dog, named Bob, is always lovely and pretty boy. However, since I bought a new laptop computer, he’s always interested in the laptop power cord when I am playing with my laptop computer. How could he do like that?

dog and laptop power cord

One day, when I was dealing with my work on the computer, I suddenly found it power off. I was so angry that Bob was playing with my laptop charger unexpectedly, and it was unplugged from the outlet. From then on, he played with it every day while I have no way to fix it.

Therefore, every night I have to keep him away from my room in case of any serious accidents. After all, there’s no chance for him to contact my laptop power cord. What made me surprised is that he dared to bite it once I was out with laptop charger left there. What can I do?

Now I have to keep the battery in when working on my laptop computer to avoid data loss. And I’m worried if there will be any accidents happen to Bob and my power cord. Above all, Bob is at risk of electric shock when biting it. As to the charger, if it occurs to be an open circuit, AC adapter will be out of work. And the fur will also reserve more heat in it.

I guess that maybe I was so busy with the projects those days. Bob was so jealous that he just wanted to keep it away from me. Therefore, I try to spare more time to play with him. Gradually, he seems to be much better than before. However, he’s still interested in my power cord, which makes me confused. I can’t help to put some red chilli powder on it although I learn it is not so good to my laptop charger.

Recently, I find that Bob is frustrated that he can no longer play with it. But I feel a little bit gratifying that the dog is finally away from my laptop power cord.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
laptop battery

Most of people are striking for an extended laptop battery with a much longer standby time. However, have anyone considered if it is really good to reach it? After all, laptop computer is definitely different from mobile phone and other electronic products.

Compared to other electronic products, laptop computer is always with a bigger radiation effect which hurt us seriously. If the standby time of laptop batteries become much longer, that is to say, we may spend more time on the computer. Although we can get enough time to talk about business, is it necessary all the time? In some cases, the lower capacity laptop battery is also an excuse for us to have a rest.

In addition, the technology of laptop batteries is not mature enough. Even the former batteries cannot escape from accidents, how about the newly developed one? Meanwhile, there’s no good way of examination and code of conduct to meet with the technology. Even if the long standby time is available in laptop battery, we can’t insure if it is good in performance and quality. The additional functions have increased the demand on manufacturing and materials.

So is the laptop battery charger. If it is charging for a high capacity battery, what should be taken into account is if it can meet the requirements of both computer and battery. Otherwise, it seems to be more dangerous than any normal ones.

In my opinion, while processing to development technology, should we care more about human health? After all, it is human beings instead of computer that will be in charge of the world now and future. All of us have a crying need for health with more researches on radiation reduction.

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by: USB Phone World

In summer, you may find that your laptop charger is hotter than usual, which has made you worried about if it will be overloaded or fired. Then you go for an air-conditioner to make it comfortable. As long as the laptop computer is on, there’s always some cold air comes to the AC adapter for laptop. For this reason, you have received an electric bill of a high expense. Does it mean you can only bear it silently? If you want, it can also be fixed.

laptop charger, electric bill

Before anything done to laptop charger, you should check if there’re some avoidable power consumed factors, such as unused USB devices, DVD players, brightness of screen and so on. After all, less running programs can relief the AC adapter from overburden.

For those who should work with a lot of applications, a high capacity laptop charger is a good choice. Especially in summer, as more power provided from AC adapter, it will produce more heat reserved in it. It may not only hurt your feet but cause some accidents as well.

Still, there’re something in detail should be noticed.

  1. Put the AC adapter contact air as much as possible. You can place it on end or rely on some plastic or metal objects.

  2. Escape it away from hot or heat stored objects, such as clothes, carpet, heat releasing interface and so on.

  3. Keep the whole laptop charger clean. As dust is also a kind of heat stored objects, it may cause the heat inside trapped and temperature risen.

Actually, the heat from laptop charger will not only influence the use of laptop computer but your body feeling as well. If you have followed the ways as above, both you and your laptop accessories will be more comfortable with electric expanse reduced inadvertently.

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by: USB Phone World

Most of users are confused about how to get a replacement Dell AC adapter for laptop. Actually, there’s no the best one, even if it is an original, but the most appropriate adapter for you. After all, everyone has his own habits and requirements except for laptop models.

First of all, it is important to check the root cause of damage in the former AC adapter. For example, someone can use the adapter for more than two years while someone will find it is damaged for overloaded. Except for the adapter quality, it can show us some hidden information, such as capacity and charging time.

Secondly, it comes to the laptop models. As every Dell AC adapter is designed special for certain models. If you’re going to buy a compatible Dell adapter, you must have checked the output voltage and wattage before purchasing. Normally, a higher voltage one will make the laptop out of control while a lower voltage one cannot provide enough power to it. Besides, some other factors like circuit design are also related to the compatibility.

As to the output power, it should refer to the adapter capacity and recharging rate. When purchasing, you have to check if the power of replacement is not lower than that of former Dell AC adapter. Otherwise, it cannot meet the basic needs of laptop and battery.

Furthermore, for some users, a higher capacity or fast charging Dell adapter is a better choice. For those who work in a special condition, they need a high power adapter to keep more programs running smoothly. For those who are frequently on a business trip or work outside, they need a fast charging one to leave on a moment's notice.

In addition, there’s a kind of solar adapter in the market, which can be used in the car. Nowadays, nearly all the solar adapters are universal. And the price is much higher than others. If necessary, you can prepare one in your car. However, even if in the similar manufacturing process and materials, they are still not so good as a normal one in the performance for the additional functions.

Therefore, users should choose the suitable ac adapter according to their requirements. Every coin has two sides, so it is improper to pursue high usage and multifunction blindly.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, July 12, 2010

For most users, they feel secure about laptop charger when they are working on their laptops. Actually, although the charger can provide power continuously, it is still at the risk of power off.

Compared to battery, laptop charger is more complex in power supply mode. After converting the mains supply into the power of dominated value, it will also work to divide the power to all the components, such as internal protection circuit, internal resistance, laptop battery and its circuit.

Normally, every part of laptop charger is indispensable. Once the laptop power cord is of poor contact, you may suffer from data loss by automatic power off; or even short circuit will damage the CPU and other computer components.

As is well known, overheat is dangerous to AC adapter. So radiating seems to be very important while not easy to deal with. Especially in summer, it is much harder for it to radiate while escaping from heat outside. Please keep the adapter upright to contact the air as much as possible.

What most people don't understand is that capacity of AC adapter is also related to overheat. Once it comes to be out of the maximum restriction, it will be overloaded or even out of work. Low-capacity laptop charger in particular, it cannot meet the requirements of battery and protection circuit with some high power-consumed programs running if the battery is charging.

Whenever the AC adapter happens to be beeping, please stop it and get it repaired in time. The beeping is likely to caused by damage in adapter and protection circuit, either is possible to accidents.

Yes, it is necessary to prepare a replacement for emergency accidents. However, it cannot be replaced randomly as the compatibility is related to output voltage, current, interface and so on. Universal AC adapter is surest way for office and home. Nearly all the laptops are available to it.

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by: USB Phone World