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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Although many users have realized the severity of the heat in AC adapter, they seem to have no way to get rid of it. Actually, to guarantee the safety in use, there should be enough internal resistances exist in the adapter while it is unavailable to be hot or even boiling. These two contradictory factors seem to be a sixty-four dollar question to Acer AC adapter.

In the abstract, high temperature is definitely harmful to AC adapter shelf life. With the temperature increased, the adapter has more loss in charge efficiency, contamination and internal resistance. Especially when the output current requirements come to be higher, it has added larger pressure on the Acer AC adapter even if it hasn’t reached the limitation.

Even though there’s control circuitry provided by the AC adapter, it won’t prevent the whole adapter from loss, Acer laptop power cord included. Normally, the circuitry performs when the output voltage or current is beyond the limitation of a certain value. If the cut off systems initiate, it means that the adapter is at the risk of damage with reduction to some extent.

cooling fan in ac adapter

For this reason, the cooling fan is necessary to Acer AC adapter in both interior and exterior. As we can’t avoid the internal components from heat, a high-quality cooling fan inside is a confirmation for users to maintain it. Of course, if possible, it is a good choice to install a external cooling fan to keep the work temperature in a certain appropriate level.

What I want to say is that please take care of your AC adapter and cooling fan. After all, it is the only way for you to keep it from high temperature.

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by: USB Phone World