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Friday, July 23, 2010

After infected with sportsmanship in Africa from World Cup, the spice guy John has decided to have a journey to North Africa. Last year, he retired early from his company for he was out of condition. However, he was inspired by World Cup and wanted to find self-John again in Africa while he did not forget to carry a Skype phone with him.

skype phone for journey

John had prepared for his journey to North Africa for a long time. From hotel to scenic spots, he had checked carefully from the Internet. He was eager to tread upon the ground on which many soccer stars walked. However, as it is reported that in North Africa, hardware facilities are not complete enough for him, so he had to provide for himself.

“Many friends are confused why I decide to carry a Skype phone with me.” John said with a smile,” The reasons are complicated. First, after getting one from USB Phone World, I am so accustomed to it. I can’t imagine if one day it is not available to me. In addition, I want to prevent myself from any accidents in the scenery spot if my mobile phone is out of power…”

Last year, John bought a new 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype in USB Phone World. As he was used to live alone in the country, cannot away with aloneness, especially a few months after retirement. It was the Skype phone that helped him to get more and more friends on the Internet. He said that he felt these friends were just around him.

This journey to North Africa for John is really a new beginning of retirement life. And he didn’t want to miss the chance to show off him to his friends and share the funs on the road. Of course, I think it is a good choice to ensure safety to have a Skype phone with him.

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