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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nearly everyone clearly understands the importance of credit score while we are all pursuing for higher score. When evaluating our own scores, is it necessary for merchants to have a credit score system also. Even if we can figure out their behaviors and histories in our mind, especially for large brands of laptop battery, the pressure from administrative organization and the whole society comes to be more effective.

Since last year, there’re many accidents happened in the market, including HP laptop battery, Sony laptop battery, Dell laptop battery and so on. Especially for HP, the continuous recalling event has a great influence on users, which makes users disappointed to a large extent. Although HP claimed that they can provide HP laptop replacement battery for free, it cannot get users rid of worries and troubles.

After anatomizing, it is obviously that it is the poor after-sale service more than the quality of laptop battery only that has raised such a large response in the market. Supposed if HP has treated the accidents of defective HP laptop battery, it won’t be terrible as it occurs later. After all, what users really need is the care and sense of security from the brand they trusted. And they can also accept mistakes as long as they think HP is still of good faith and will be corrected in the near future.

credit score for laptop battery manufacturer

Therefore, it is necessary indeed for laptop battery manufacturers to have their own credit scores to meet the specification of both products performance and service quality. Above all, objective data can tell the truth without any emotional coloring.

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