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Monday, July 19, 2010

Have you ever found that the light your laptop AC adapter is still on even if it is a few minutes after powering off? Do you think it is caused by some power energy still stored in the laptop power cord? Actually, the adapter is still on work with external power supply and laptop battery when the computer has been turned off.

If we unplug AC adapter immediately when powering off, we may be at risk of burning or laptop damage. Although it is cut down, some components are still working with power consumed. The process of cooling down is about 10 seconds to one minute. Once unplugged, these internal components will be forced to close and also data loss.

For this reason, as the internal system is closed later than the external devices, such as LCD screen and the indicator light, what we should do is to keeping the AC adapter plugged until they are all done. At the moment of power off, there’s still some force of inertia inside the laptop. Actually, in the process of shutting down, the internal components are working to help the programs closed or updated. That is to say, only after the screen is died out, the components come to finish their work.

One day, HP 510 AC adapter was complained by a user who has just bought it for only a month. He said that what he owned was a bare computer. He would like to get a high output power compatible charger to improve the laptop speed. However, after a month, he found his HP laptop become hotter and slower. He was confused how could it happen while he was careful in use.

After examination of our experts, we found that the internal components were injured by his improper way of AC adapter. After work, he was always so eager to make appointments that he removed the AC adapter from laptop immediately. Therefore, the components have experienced of closing forcibly for nearly a full month, which is really dangerous to him.

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by: USB Phone World