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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Many Dell users are not satisfied with their laptop computer any more after a period of use, which is about one year to two years. And it is obvious for most. Have you ever considered it is a business of your Dell AC adapter more than CPU? Or even it is new, is it good enough to you?

ac adapter

Dell AC adapter can be divided into several sections with different output power. As we all know, it is the output power that decides the charging time of laptop battery and running speed of computer. That is to say, a higher power adapter can provide more electric current to the computer with output voltage controlled in a certain value.

After two years, all the laptop accessories come to be aging every single day. And there’ll be more internal resistance in the Dell adapter. As more power is consumed by adapter components, less output power is transferred from the adapter to laptop computer. That is why the speed occurs to be much slower than before.

There’s a way for you to check if it is the problem of AC adapter. You can install the empty laptop battery while there’s some application software runs in your computer. If the battery is charged in a very low speed or even be of overheat, it means the output power of your Dell AC adapter is no longer high enough for you.

Anyway, I'm not suggesting that the higher output Dell adapter is with, the better it is for your computer. Anyone should find the most appropriate one according to his own requirements and habits. If you don’t need to work with many programs simultaneously, the higher output power may even be your burden. After all, a new adapter of high performance is better than an old one with high output power. More internal resistance it has, more heat it will produce.

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