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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In summer, you may find that your laptop charger is hotter than usual, which has made you worried about if it will be overloaded or fired. Then you go for an air-conditioner to make it comfortable. As long as the laptop computer is on, there’s always some cold air comes to the AC adapter for laptop. For this reason, you have received an electric bill of a high expense. Does it mean you can only bear it silently? If you want, it can also be fixed.

laptop charger, electric bill

Before anything done to laptop charger, you should check if there’re some avoidable power consumed factors, such as unused USB devices, DVD players, brightness of screen and so on. After all, less running programs can relief the AC adapter from overburden.

For those who should work with a lot of applications, a high capacity laptop charger is a good choice. Especially in summer, as more power provided from AC adapter, it will produce more heat reserved in it. It may not only hurt your feet but cause some accidents as well.

Still, there’re something in detail should be noticed.

  1. Put the AC adapter contact air as much as possible. You can place it on end or rely on some plastic or metal objects.

  2. Escape it away from hot or heat stored objects, such as clothes, carpet, heat releasing interface and so on.

  3. Keep the whole laptop charger clean. As dust is also a kind of heat stored objects, it may cause the heat inside trapped and temperature risen.

Actually, the heat from laptop charger will not only influence the use of laptop computer but your body feeling as well. If you have followed the ways as above, both you and your laptop accessories will be more comfortable with electric expanse reduced inadvertently.

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