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Thursday, July 8, 2010

After used for a long time, it is unavoidable for laptop battery to be with the dust. Sometimes it is ignored by the most. As a matter of fact, the dust, especially the part exists inside the battery, is even more dangerous than we imagined. In most cases, dust can cause overheat or even short circuit.

hp laptop battery, ev089aa

On one occasion, one of my friends told me that his HP laptop battery ev089aa is always hot when the laptop is running. Even the radiator cannot help him out with the problem. So I went to compare his battery to a new ev089aa and I found that his is a little heavier with some dust on the shell. Then I realized that it might be the dust that caused this phenomenon.

A few months after that, continuous HP laptop battery accidents happened. I can’t help to have an association to these two things. In my opinion, except for the defect of battery quality, dust is most likely to be an impellor.

To avoid it, you’d better clean your laptop battery at regular intervals. You can go and get a vacuum cleaner for notebook computer to help you. All in all, it can prevent the battery and internal components from injury to the greatest extent.

In addition, please try to keep it clean in daily work by good habits of operation. After all, prevention constitutes more significance to laptop battery than ex post treatment.

  • Please clean up your work table with a dry and soft cloth regularly.

  • Please avoid using your laptop computer outside.

  • Please try to reduce frequency of removing and reinstalling the battery.

In summary, never look down on the influence of dust to laptop battery. Sometimes it may be a deadly damage, which can be exemplified by HP laptop battery.

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by: USB Phone World