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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have you ever observed your HP pavilion dv9000 laptop battery carefully? I find that it just looks like a sexy pinup girl who is more attractive than many other HP battery models. Let’s have a look at the details of the battery.

hp pavilion dv9000 laptop battery

From the appearance, the HP pavilion dv9000 laptop battery is long and slim. Every detail of the interface and shell is of fine quality manufacturing. When touching the surface of the battery, you may feel it smooth and sleek. Just like a young girl, it is just the right everything.

Every professional knows the workmanship of appearance is important to the performance. The roughness of the battery is specially designed for the laptop interface. When inserting the battery, the smooth surface can help to transmit power with less resistance.

Meanwhile, this HP laptop battery is of high capacity. In theory, capacity is related with the battery size while it is not necessarily true nowadays. Even the 4400mAh one is exactly the same as the 6600mAh one in shape. The difference is just like what muscle is to fat, which make us can’t help to love it.

As is known to all, a higher capacity can provide more power. That is to say, with the HP pavilion dv9000 laptop battery, we can get a much longer standby time. Not every HP battery has the value as it has. As a bonus, it is also compatible with many other HP pavilion laptop models.

If you have a fortune to own it, please take good care of this hp laptop battery. Although it is of strong performance and delicate quality, it still needs daily maintenance. Otherwise, the battery may grow old rapidly before you.

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by: USB Phone World