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Thursday, July 1, 2010
recalling hp laptop battery

Recently, continuous recalling of hp laptop battery has been talked a lot in the industry. With the event is forced to be a hot spot of society, many hidden problems of laptop battery emerge from the water.

In reality, laptop battery is common with dell, sony, lenovo, toshiba and other manufacturers included. Continuous recalling of hp laptop battery is just used to prevent further accidents before they occur. Normally, many manufacturers are worrying about the consequences of recalling which may bring about great injury to the brand image.

From the former cases, we can see that a great number of manufacturers have a more trivial attitude to beg the questions. Obviously, hp is facing a great challenge this time. Hp takes this opportunity to remove the stigma from the accidents, re-fashion the brand image and confidence to get a better quality.

As a global largest PC manufacturer, hp seems to indicate the tendency of the industry. However, after this event, more and more users begin to consider if the quality of hp laptop batteries have met the agreed quality standard.

In fact, battery is a very important part of the laptop computer which is easily damaged. This may be related to the complicated structure and features. Any defects in the process of manufacturing or packaging can lead to breakdown.

Furthermore, the current measurement technique is still not so good, many problems are escaped. Therefore, to solve the problem thoroughly, recalling can yet be regarded as a good method.

However, as to users, can recalling or hp laptop replacement battery solve their problems?

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