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Thursday, July 1, 2010

After the accidents of sony CCD camera components, sony continues sinking into the vicious circle of quality problems. In 2006, the event of sony laptop battery recalling sent a shock through the laptop battery industry, which caused sony locked down the forecasts of 2007 by 62%.

In fact, the problems of sony have reached some other products. No sooner after PS3 released, someone found that it was not good in compatibility, not all the games in PS and PS2 can be played in PS3. Although sony provided a software updater to make up later, it can be confirmed that when producing the new product PS3, sony hasn’t considered it. It would undoubtedly weak the influence and decrease the sales of PS3.

In 2008, more quality problems of laptop accessories emerged. The laptop battery for sony CR series, top sales in laptop industry, is said to be with short life span. Only a week after purchasing, the battery went wrong.

During the latter part of 2009, sony received about 209 complaints about laptop overheat accidents with 83 in Japan. The primary cause is the defect in computer design. To avoid the further accidents by short circuit and overheat, sony declared to recall about hundreds of thousands of sony vaio tz laptop series, including vgp ac19v19. Furthermore, sony decided to extend the warranty from one year to 3 years. However, those who had bought the 3-year warranty before were not included.

Into 2010, song has entered the high-incidence season of products complaints. Certainly, it is also related to the market share. With the popularity of sony electronic products, the accidents happen more frequently than ever. Except for the quality problems, the poor after-sale service is another factor. In my opinion, it is better to improve the performance of laptop battery than to expand the market share.

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