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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is frequently asked if the universal laptop battery for dell inspiron 6000 is compatible with other laptop models. Although the compatible models list is available, many users are still worried about it. In my opinion, it may be caused by the habits in use of original laptop batteries.

Normally, a universal laptop battery can be used to many other laptop models. The dell inspiron 6000 battery is also compatible with dell precision m90 which is with different laptop series. The examples of this kind are common for laptop batteries.

How to check if the battery is compatible?

The first and the easiest thing you should do is to check the brand of universal battery and your laptop. Even if different series can share the same one, it is impossible to different laptop brands.

Next, you can check the compatible list of a certain laptop battery. To save time, you can search for what you need by Ctrl + F. As to the second-level laptop model series, they are not available sometimes. On this occasion, you can go to dell official website to find the first-level series for your laptop.

In addition, check the appearance. Improper appearance means the battery doesn’t fit to the interface. Not to mention to supply power energy. Besides, out of the consideration of blazonry, the appearance of universal laptop battery is also important. Dell inspiron 6000 has its own color, surface and tactile impression. Although the performance and compatibility is good, a laptop with difference appearance factors will influence the user experience. Of course, if it occurs to be an emergency, they can forget these factors for the time being.

Usually, a universal laptop battery is of a certain output voltage which is designed for laptop requirements. Any battery of higher output voltage is dangerous while one with higher capacity is considered to be better.

Although the universal laptop battery seems to have a wider sphere of application, the compatibility should be checked carefully. Otherwise, even if maintained properly, it will have a short battery life or other accidents.

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