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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

According to the data from apple, the acceptable temperature for running apple laptop battery is from 50℉ to 200℉. Meanwhile, the temperature from 50℉ to 95℉ is good for running laptop. Of course, if possible, it is best to keep the apple laptop close to the temperature of 70℉.

appropriate temperature for apple laptop battery

As to storage, the extended acceptable temperature ranges from -13℉ to 113℉. If you will leave your apple laptop unused for more than half a year, you’d better removed the battery with about 40% of power energy remained. Fully discharged and charged conditions are dangerous to the battery. Overcharge will wear down a little battery capacity which may reduce the standby time. Similarly, overdischarge will make the battery be accustomed to the empty condition. Then it may be unable to bear any electric charges.

Apple laptop battery life

If used properly, about 80% of power energy can be kept after 300 recharging and discharging cycles. Of course, it varies from each other for different habits and operating environments. For example, the internal apple g4 battery for MacBook Pro can get about 1000 recharging cycles before the capacity come to be 80%.

To get a good replacement laptop battery for apple, you should go for a reliable retailer or manufacturer. Otherwise, even the laptop will damage seriously.

It is really hard to distinguish the battery for apple with surface phenomenon only. To maximum the performance of apple laptop battery, it needs more patience and care in daily work.

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