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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When people are more concerned about the laptop performance, the recycling of laptop accessories has largely been ignored. Actually, there’re chemical substances exist in laptop charger, laptop battery, hard disk and so on. All these substances have seriously pollutes the environment, which is said to be more dangerous than acid rain or even oil spill.

For example, a laptop charger, composed by laptop power cord and ac adapter, is filled with chemical substances. The basic principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity while the electrolyte stored in the container and pumped into battery cells.

To improve the performance, many manufacturers have put more energy into the laptop accessories. According to the structure, we have learned that that a bigger capacity needs more chemical substances which have greatly increased the probability for pollution. Nearly everyone has experienced the dry battery leakage or corrosion. Have you think of the consequence?

Except for overheat of ac adapter, the empty laptop charger and other accessories are both the sources of pollution. If they were thrown away casually, the leaking polluted substances will impregnate into all corners of the earth gradually. Even our drinking water will become poison.

As the theme of 2010 World Expo is life with low carbon, all of us should take efforts to protect the environment. Otherwise, even if 2010 is only a rumour, the crack of doom is close to us. Meanwhile, as to the laptop accessories, what we should do is to recycle properly. At present, there’re recycling sites in many neighborhoods. Besides, many retailers have plans for users to change to a new one at a lower price by the recycles while the government has established the related regulations.

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by: USB Phone World