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Friday, June 25, 2010

Efficiency and sincerity

Since the outbreak of hp laptop battery problems, hp suffered from the largest crisis in 2010. In prospection of development, it is dangerous for enterprises to neglect customer interests.

When Mark Hurd took over as the CEO of hp in 2005, he had talked with management of layer about how to build a perfect company in five years. He also said that every dime paid by hp would be checked carefully. Several years after that, Hurd really gained success while hp Back at number one in PC computer. However, soon after, the accident emerged again.

Compaq was taken over by hp in 2002, which had brought tremendous benefits to hp. However, as is seen from the recalling list, compaq laptop battery is also in it. As a victim of cascade effect, Compaq also faced severe difficulty at the same time.

Whether this crisis of hp is caused by cost saving policy or not, the cost and profit really have laid great pressure on hp under the circumstance of market competition.

Since 2007, many quality problems have been put forward by users, including grainy screen, overheat video card and nearly 40 models involved. On July of 2008, the provider of hp accessories, Nvidia, admitted that some video cards were of poor quality and had paid personal-computer makers to solve the problems.

Out of the consideration of cost control, many laptop manufacturers farm out the after-sale service to the related providers. However, as to customers, the quality of service is closely related to the brand image. Extending the warranty of laptop battery or replacing the hp adapter will both cost them a lot.

With the development of information technology, customers come to be more intelligent. For them, the service has been an important part of the product value.

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