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Thursday, June 24, 2010
hp laptop battery

When the golden brand of HP and sacrosanct Toyota are doubted by accidents, we begin to wonder if the former definition of product quality and service. A series of accidents happened, such as quality gate of hp laptop battery, recalling gate of Toyota and claim indemnity gate of Acer with whopping price. What’s behind the gates? How’s the operation mode these enterprises?

With the spread of product functions and transition of service, how could consumers safeguard their legitimate rights and interests? In the process, what’s the relationship between customers and enterprises?

Behind the heavy burden of quality problems

On March 15th, 2010, hp put forward a plan of HP Customer Care which is to apologize to customers who have suffered from the problems of products and service. Hp claimed that if your laptop computer model is in the list, it can get a free maintenance in the mainboard. In addition, guarantee period of the board can be extended by two years since the date of maintenance. The primary laptop models in the event includes hp compaq presario v3000/v6000 and hp pavilion dv2000/dv6000 which makes laptop battery hp pavilion dv2000 cheap.

Due to the quality problems, such as the flashing screen, grainy screen and overheat of mainboard, these laptops have been complained by customers continuously in recent three years. Meanwhile, hp hasn’t found out an efficient way to solve these problems.

After that, some legal campaigners pointed out that the root of the problem is the quality and design instead of after-sale service. If not recall laptop battery but only extend the guarantee period, it is perfunctory. Since creating numerous first in the market, what caused hp and other similar enterprises come to a standstill? It really should be considered seriously.

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