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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Speaking of laptop battery, it occurs to be a mixed emotion of love and hatred. Normally, mobile phone can last for 3 days or even a week. Comparatively, although they are all li-ion batteries, laptop battery life is limited by 10 hours. However, it is said that a new record will come into the laptop battery with 10 times lifespan.

On basis of the research of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is the application of nanotechnology that makes the battery life much longer. As is known to all, the laptop standby time is determined by the output power of the battery and actual power of laptop. If a layer of carbon nanotubes added to the former battery electrodes, there’ll be more power provided from the battery.

It is said by a scientist that the new material can produce more output power whose principle is to increase the electric capacitance. With more oxygen groups and pores, a mass of li-ion will be stored in the battery. Therefore, the output power can be updated rapidly.

Although the li-ion is produced from the battery cell, with the nanotechnology, the number of battery cells is no longer the symbol of output power. For example, a 9-cell toshiba laptop battery used to have more power than a 6-cell one. However, with the added material, the 6-cell battery will win.

Besides, just like the laptop power cord , there’s some internal resistance exist in the laptop battery. It is really hard to have the theoretical value output power while the materials will reduce the power energy. As to the carbon nanotubes, the internal resistance is hardly any which can also improve the efficiency of battery power.

Nowadays, the production of carbon nanotubes is still limited. Mass production is hard to achieve under the circumstances of current technology. However, the advanced technology has really helped the batteries to enter a new era.

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