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Friday, June 18, 2010

To some laptop batteries dell notebook battery, calibration is necessary. As some early batteries are Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries which have some memory effect in it. Calibration, operated by fully charging and discharging for more than three times, can get the battery back the best condition. In fact, li-ion batteries also need calibration just not often. For Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries, about once three weeks is perfect, while for li-ion batteries is about once three months.

Of course, there’s another way of saying that it only adjusts the indicated capacity instead of the actual one. Then the indicated one will approach to the actual one. Anyway, calibration is good for the laptop battery, because the instruction is also related with the battery performance. Imagine, if you always operate according to the wrong battery capacity instruction, even if it is in strict accordance with the operating steps, the battery is unavoidable to damage.

Dispose of laptop battery in the final stages

Each battery must have its own life span. Over the course of a prolonged running, even the best one will die one day. Just like human beings, the battery also needs to be settled down properly.

As is known to all, dead body is dangerous and harmful to human health and environment. Likewise, as an electronic product with harmful chemicals, it is even more dangerous. If not arrange it properly, the soil or even our drinking water will be polluted. Nowadays, many organizations start to pay attention to the problem, which have brought forward pertinence measures about battery recycling. You’ll find that in your estate there’re some spots to recycle the batteries, in some retailers you can exchange a new replacement battery with only differential price, in some sites you can also sold it for a little dollars.

That is to say, recycling will not only make the environment go green but also save you more money. It’s really one operation to benefit doubly.

Of course, for some batteries, like hp laptop battery, accidents are inevitable. You can purchase an compatible hp laptop battery for unexpected needs. In a word, the destiny of your laptop battery is really controlled in your hand.

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