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Thursday, June 17, 2010

In some sense, the maintainance of laptop screen is also the business of laptop battery. If the screen is on all the time even not in use, it will wear down fast. To avoid it, you can adjust the power management setup into the energy-saving state, dim the screen and reset the contrast ratio and colors.

Not use the laptop battery for a while.

It may occur to you that you will go abroad for a month or a year. However, does it mean that the battery will suffer from the four seasons or other outside strikes? Just as food, laptop battery should be stored properly if it won’t be used for a long time.

First you should discharge the battery to about 40%, or deep discharging will also damage it seriously. For some high capacity battery, such as hp pavilion dv9000 laptop battery, a lower proportion is OK. Then separate the battery from the laptop. You may find that the new laptop is also packed along with no battery installed in it. Otherwise, if the laptop is still on, the battery may be deep discharged and damaged.

Next you should put the battery packed and stored in a cool and dry place. You may find that many accidents of the battery were caused by overheat. A high temperature is still a killer to it. Of course, a too low temperature is also harm to the battery. As to the humidity, it has been introduced at length.

In addition, when you return, it won’t be charged immediately by ac adapter. Even if an original hp adapter will reduce the life span of this hp laptop battery seriously. The correct way is to discharge the battery fully before charging. Just like the operation of the battery use at the first time, you should charge and discharge it for nearly three times. It seems to give a birth to the battery although it is not so good as before.

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