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Saturday, June 12, 2010

In the financial crisis, many companies, even some fortune 500 companies included, start to pay more attention to saving money instead of making money. Nowadays, cost-saving has become an important part of modern business management. In some aspects, it is also a fashion office concept of low carbon life. Here, we recommend you a tool, called usb phone.

usb phone

At present, nearly all the companies have installed with telephones. From the bills, you may find that telephone or fax fee has occupied a large portion of the costs. If it has not been controlled in a certain range with inattentive management, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate.

Compared to usb phone, the expense of traditional telephone is so high, especially for international direct dial, which has troubles the companies for a long time. Therefore, many business owners come to use the popular usb phone. Besides, they have already enjoyed the profits from the greatly reducing costs. Nowadays, some mainstream suppliers of VOIP technology has worked out some solutions to optimize on the whole. From the feedback of the actual use, they are proved to be effected.

usb telbox

In addition, there’s another device, calleld usb telbox. With it, even a traditional phone can reach the functions of a skype phone. Thus, the traditional phone can get rid of being thrown away.

Among all, the most popular software for usb phone is skype. Nearly all the systems are compatible with it as long as you download skypemate windows 7 or vista.

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