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Friday, June 11, 2010

Should I activate the laptop battery for the first time?

In theory, Ni-mh batteries need the activation for the first time while li-ion batteries don’t. As we all know, Ni-mh batteries are with the memory effect. With the activation, they won’t work properly. Some early batteries, such as dell laptop battery, are the Ni-mh ones. Although there’s still some memory effect in the li-ion batteries, with the protection circuit, activation doesn’t work at all. Actually, the process has been completed by the manufacturers. If you are still worry about it, you can try it by yourself.

Why couldn’t my laptop battery get to 100% even if it has charged for a long time?

Normally, the capacity of laptop batteries varies from 3% to 98%. It is rare to reach a totally 100%. However, if maximum capacity is only 80% or less, it must be damaged. At this moment, the method of activation may fix it by charging and discharging for more than three times. If it doesn’t work, you’d better repair it or contact us for a replacement.

When my laptop battery has been fully charged with the ac adapter connected, the laptop happens to shut down automatically. What’s wrong?

Usually, common cause has two kinds: First, the work temperature comes to be so hot that it can’t hold. You must check if there’re too many programs running. Once the actual current is close to a certain value, the protection circuit will help to turn down the laptop to prevent it from accidents. Secondly, maybe there’s something wrong with your laptop, such as short circuit. You can go for a professional to check it for you. Besides, a non-compatible battery may also be a cause, which should be avoided.

You may find that all these problems have happened to you before. Although the problems seem to be small, you will be troubled if you don’t give enough attention to them. Certainly, the list of the questions must be incomplete, any other question, please feel free to call us, 1-800-631-8153.

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