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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Besides, the damage may also caused by the battery cells. Normally, if a battery cannot be charged fully by ac adapter and discharged fast, at least one of the battery cells is damaged. As the cells are different from each other, the degree of aging varies. However, even if the others may be good, the whole will be damaged for the series circuit.

In short, once the injured cell is indicated to be fully charged, the others won’t be charged. And then the battery begins to discharge. At the same time, the injured cell is overcharged.

battery cell, laptop battery

For example, as to a 9-cell 10.8V toshiba laptop battery, if a cell is approaching to about 4V or more while a normal one is only 3.6V. However, the other cells cannot reach 3.6V anymore.

If you know the battery structure well, it is a good idea for you to unpack the laptop battery. With the help of a multimeter, you will find the injured cell immediately. According to the parameters of the battery, you can get a new replacement battery cell easily. If not, please avoid to do like that. Or you can go for a professional to help you.

To maintain the battery capacity, avoid using the express charge mode to charge. At the boot time of charging, the laptop battery will be fully charged earlier. In addition, avoid using the highest performance of CPU when the power is low.

If your CPU occurs to support the technology of Speed Step, it is better to install the program which can adjust the performance expediently. Furthermore, the program may be out of work sometimes. It can be fixed by modifying the BIOS parameters or some adjustment programs for a certain brand, such as a tool designed for ibm thinkpad battery. All these software is powerful, so you can install one for yourself.

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