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Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Summer is coming which is a rough season for laptops. However, it is still unavoidable to decrease the frequency of use. The high temperature will get the ac adapter for laptop even much hotter. Today, we are going to provide you some tips for laptop maintainance in summer.

The effect of sweat and body oil

As we all know, it is easy to perspire and produce body oil in summer. If the cover of a laptop is always polluted by them, it will be corroded rapidly. Compared to the shell of aluminum, magnesium alloys and other high-grade materials, that of main routes of polystyrene is easier to be impacted. Polystyrene, like other plastic products, is with less corrosion resistant. Once it is be infected with sweat and oil, two-tone spots will be emerged. In this condition, we can use high concentration alcohol cottons to clear it, which are available in the drug store.

Prevent lightning strikes in summer

Thunderstorm is common in summer, so it is important for us to prevent lightning strikes in the process of using a laptop computer. In theory, getting on-line by modem is even more dangerous. Just like the power transferred from laptop power cord , the effect of thunder is easy to be received by it. Besides, the source current output will be unstable influenced by thunderstorm.

Each laptop has his own ac adapter. if high current produced by thunderstorm emerges, it is dangerous not only to the laptop but the adapter as well. The consequence can be as minor as laptop power adapter burning, or as major as the damage of the power circuit board.

Therefore, it is the safest to use a wiring board with the protectors of automatic power off when it occurs to be overvoltage. When the current is strong when it is striken by lightning, the protector will take effect to avoid the laptop from damaging.

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