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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laptop, with a small appearance, is a portable computer which is only 2-6 pounds. With time goes by, development trend of laptop is smaller in size, lighter in weight, more powerful in function. The new released Netbook, with the additional function and compact shape, is very popular.

Compared to the desktop computer, their basic structures are the same, which are LCD screen, keyboard, mouse, CPU, internal memory, hard disk and laptop battery. However, the advantage of laptop are obvious, that is, portability. Whether it is on a business trip or on travel, laptop can be carried to anywhere as you like.

Like other high-tech products, a laptop computer costs a pretty penny. It is the advanced technology that makes a laptop updated rapidly. Thus, it is impossible for everyone to own the latest type of laptop. For many users, the best way is to update the system by themselves, such as update from Windows xp to Windows 7. But do you know that some accessories should be updated with it, such as internal memory and ac adapter for laptop.

As is known to all, laptop can be divided into four types by function, that is, business, fashion, multimedia, other models for special purpose. Users can choose the suitable one for themselves without considering of the configuration seriously. Nevertheless, have you considered that if your former battery for dell inspiron 9300 laptop is fit to the new dell laptop? If so, except for cost saving, it will benefit you a lot. Supposed there’s a emergent business trip tomorrow, the battery will provide you more work time in the airplane or any other places without socket.

It can be checked from the compatible laptop model lists of a certain battery in our website. So does the ac adapter. Without them, laptop won’t be so convenient as it is.

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