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Monday, June 7, 2010

As we all have seen, laptop battery is indicated by volts(V) and milliamps(mAh), which is designed specially for the laptop. Volts(V) and milliamps(mAh) are connected with power rating and consumption. Therefore, knowledge of these parameter could avoid you from miss bought and battery damage.

A power rating of laptop battery exposes the standby time of your battery and information about replacement. Volts(V) and milliamps(mAh) are specification parameters to the battery. For instance, battery for dell inspiron 9300 laptop is rated at Li-ion 11.1V and 7200mAh.

Laptop battery measures the energy situation, reported by Volts and milliamp hours. Volt(V) is measured by the voltage of two electrodes, which is related to the voltage of power charger. Amps(A) is measured by electric current from battery to laptop, whose energy could influence laptop procedure.

Like streams, volts and amps continuously flowing although no destination for them. However, if there’s a resistance on the other side, more voltage will be produced just as laptop power-on. Quantity of running applications are still concerned with power energy, for more applications need more energy. When playing an energy consumption application, such as a DVD, more power will be produced.

The capacity of laptop battery is the determining factor of power rating. The rate of flow can be control by laptop automatically, which is regulated by amps. Normally, volts and amps are allocated fit to the laptop models. It’s no need to collocate a high capacity

for convenient use, which may cause damage of laptop or even worse.

Furthermore, to read the explanation and guidance of laptop battery is necessary. You can check your laptop model in the list of compatible parts number for appropriate battery. In addition, it should be performed diversely by different forms, such as toshiba laptop battery, such as battery for ibm t30 laptop, which will be published later in our blog.

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