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Monday, June 7, 2010

For businessmen, airport and airplane is a must. How to keep the laptop fit comes to be a primary problem. Furthermore, if you are going to have a long journey in the airplane, it is unavoidable to use it.

Before departing, try to charge the laptop battery fully in case that there’s no outlet for you. If possible, go and get a compatible battery with a higher capacity. Of course remind to carry an ac adapter with you. Especially for a seat on first class or business class, everyone can get a wall socket.

Besides, it is necessary to backup the data in your laptop. In case of damage or loss, it will keep your work in regular service. Otherwise, even a new laptop won’t make the important data recovered. There’re many network drive in the Internet, from which you can get what you want in any places.

In the airport, the security inspection of the laptop will cost you a point of time. To avoid terrorist attack, you must turn on the laptop to prove the security. However, the metal detector in the x-ray equipment is harm to your laptop. What’s the worse that the storage drive and data will be damaged by it. It is better to request for a physical check.

Moreover, laptop should not deposited as a luggage. Although it may be signed to be valuables, it won’t refrain from being pushed and thrown here and there. The best way is to keep it with you in case of the fluctuation in the flight. Besides, laptop power cord should be collected to avoid to get others fallen down.

All the factors above are only the details for using the laptop on the aeroplane. Something else like wireless network and stability will be introduced later. Of course, the laptop will be used not only in the aeroplane, but the business trip or hotel as well.

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