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Thursday, June 3, 2010

It is really hard to determine the exact the charging circle of a laptop battery. As the habit or requirement is different by all users, the standby time is also different. You must have heard the ways to regulate the batteries. Nearly all the laptop batteries need a calibration, or the battery life is sure to be reduced. Here, I am bound to talk about it.

First or all, please turn the laptop to the sleep mode with all the programs closed. It is a good chance to make the battery fully charged at this moment. As long as it is exhausted, recharge and revert the setting of power to a normal state. With all the features of power-saving closed, charge the battery fully. If it fails to be full, try several times. If still failed, the battery must be damage and a replacement battery is needed.

The operation of regulation should be done almost once a month. However, as to li-ion laptop battery, such as gateway mx8710 laptop battery, fully discharge should be careful with the risk of life span reduced and the capacity declined.

For li-ion batteries, this kind of regulation is not necessary like others. Pay attention to recharge the battery once it comes to be nearly 20%-30% power energy remained. If it won’t be used for more than a month, try to keep about 40% of the capacity in and stored separately from the laptop.

There’re several softwares for battery management in the market. Any details can be investigated by it and then you can learn by the parameters. Nowadays, with the update of the computer system, this kind of software has been installed inside.

Above all, a high-quality ac adapter for laptop is also necessary. Without stable external power supply, the regulation won’t be reached correctly and efficiently. Certainly, the abrasion of laptop battery isn’t merely cause by itself. Any other accessories should be tested to find the prime criminal.

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