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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long period after some accidents of overheat happen that there’s still not appropriate regulation for laptop battery. Even if lithium-ion batteries have stepped into a new level in the hearts of men, we haven’t seen any progress made to improve the security until now. Yet they have acquired surplus to increase the shelf life and charge speed.

Historically, laptop battery has developed a lot in several aspects, such as intercalated lithium compound, nanotechnology, organic solvent and so on. As laptop is a portable electronics which needs more power energy than many other products, it is really hard for batteries to develop so rapidly as we expected for limitation from laptop components and battery internal structure.

As a matter of fact, these improvements are also determined by user requirements. When people come to be dissatisfied with the current situation, Lenovo laptop battery has decided to show its capabilities by research and acquisition. However, as to laptop battery, its speed of development has to be faster than that of laptop components and other additional functions that users will figure out the differences.

For this reason, in both requirements and transformation, Lenovo laptop battery has difficulties and obstacles to face in the process of development. Lenovo t60 battery, as a 9-cell laptop battery, used to be a powerful and popular accessory. Nevertheless, with 12-cell one emerged, it seems to be a normal value in capacity and durability.

As a matter of fact, in the industry of lithium-ion laptop battery, similar examples of Lenovo t60 battery are common to us. Since a 6-cell one can have longer standby time than 12-cell one, it has made a great breakthrough to the whole world. Yet I have to consider if it is hard or just unnecessary for manufacturers to pay more attention to security while giving up some profits from new discovery.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When we are talking about recycling, lithium-ion laptop battery has become one of the hottest topic in environmental protection. However, with more accidents happened and refurbished events emerged, we come to consider more about recycling and potential damage inside it.

As all lithium-ion batteries do, Toshiba laptop battery has its own shelf life according to usage and recharging cycles. Although the performance of battery is determined by all kinds of factors, such as running programs, electrode materials and cells quantity, it still cannot get it rid of limitation in battery life.

As to recycling, some merchants provide deductions on dead laptop battery when selling new batteries. It seems that they have made great contribution on environmental protection, but actually some of them come to take the opportunity to process it into refurbished Toshiba laptop battery, which will disturb the market order.

To be sure, pa3399u 2brs is not so powerful as it used to be when it has been processed into refurbished laptop battery. As a matter of fact, this Toshiba laptop battery is no longer what it should be as a new one. Even though it has a great meaning to environmental protection to recycle these old batteries, it has made merchants to take the advantage of the loopholes to make money while it has harmed the interest of uses.

In addition, as there’s still not appropriate polices and methods about recycling and recovery processing, it seems hard for merchants to normative to laptop battery and related service and manufacturing. To escape from refurbished batteries like Toshiba laptop battery, I think industry association has to proposed introduction of policies to standardize norms for the market. Otherwise, accidents of pa3399u 2brs may cause serious damage which may affect the personal safety of users.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, August 19, 2010

Although lithium-ions have provided us more additional functions, it seems that lithium-ion laptop battery has brought us more potential dangers according to its features. When we criticize the manufacturers about battery accidents, we just haven’t really considered about how much potential safety hazard exists in it.

Looking back into history, we can see that Ni-mh and Ni-cd are far away from what we required from lithium-ion laptop battery. Whether in capacity, charge time or shelf life, lithium-ions have really given us a lot of convenience and efficiency to our work and life. With high energy density, laptop has become a real member of portable electronics instead of only changes in size.

toshiba laptop battery

As a rechargeable battery, Toshiba laptop battery can last for nearly two to three years by average. Even if only one-year warranty is available to users by free when purchasing, lithium-ion laptop battery lifespan should be determined by recharging cycles which is related with its capacity. However, with time goes by, more internal resistances emerge inside the cells and other circuits, which will cause overheat or overloaded.

There’s no denying for laptop battery that in the process of power supply, electricity energy is produced from lithium cobalt oxide, lithium oxide or other materials in electrolyte. Especially before nanotechnology has been used, pure lithium is very reactive, which may lead to explosion inside the cells. If it were not for hydrogen gas and lithium hydroxide inside, pa3399u 2brs will be at risk of serious accidents like electric shock or fire.

Therefore, it is really not easy for lithium-ion laptop battery to be so stable and durable as we expected. When Toshiba laptop battery becomes to be with higher energy density and output power, we should pay more attention to its performance and security when purchasing a new replacement pa3399u 2brs.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 16, 2010

It is learned by more and more users that solar laptop charger can be carried here and there randomly while it is frequently to be universal to all kinds of laptop computers. However, pit against an electronic one, except for solar energy, how much has been changed in charge principle?

The HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter I use to use in the office comes to be a typical laptop charger in the market. Once plugged into the outlet, it keeps in the condition of charge holding with continuous external power energy consumed. Even if a charge switch is available there, it still cannot get rid of consumption in internal circuits while more and more internal resistances produced.

laptop charger

Comparatively, although solar laptop charger will also receive solar energy when it is out of work, it seems that utilization rate of power energy comes to be higher with less internal contamination. In my point of view, solar chargers are more similar to laptop battery. HP adapter provides power energy to laptop by split-flow from external power supply while the solar ones stored the solar energy inside the transformer.

When provide electricity to laptop, it has to transfer the chemical energy to electronic energy, which has been stored inside laptop charger for a while. That is to say, even if there’s no sunlight available to users, there’s still power energy supplied to laptop. Furthermore, according to its unique principle, we can also be regarded it as a battery, which will be more powerful than HP adapter.

Anyway, as technology hasn’t developed to be so mature as we expected, maybe we should keep HP Compaq laptop AC power more further. And I still believe that solar laptop charger will definitely change our life and work a lot in the near future.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, August 13, 2010

In the process of fast development in li-ion laptop battery, startling news has been released these days. It is reported that vehicles are trend to batteries to get rid of the storage of petroleum, especially when new material nanoporous silicon has been proved to be effective. I just can’t help to consider if the requirements of lithium-ions come to be much more than those of petroleum, what will happen to the whole industry.

With the capacity of laptop battery increased every year, even if new technology can help us to optimize the functions, we come to need more li-ions inside the battery. In the internal structure of battery cells, all kinds of materials and ingredients are related with li-ions, such as intercalated lithium compound, lithium manganese oxide, lithium hydroxide, lithium-ion phosphate cathode and so on.

laptop battery, ibm thinkpad battery, thinkpad t61 battery

In the past, we are satisfied with Thinkpad T61 battery with output power of 52W which seems to be higher than a standard laptop battery of other brand. With time goes by, when more additional functions and new components are added into the laptop, many compatible batteries are of 9 cells or even 12 cells. Thus IBM has researched a lot about the battery performance and has released a new IBM Thinkpad battery which can be charged for nearly 800-1000 times.

Without doubt, including complexes of lithium-ions, when li-ion condensers become more and more popular in the field of auto industry, the storage of li-ions is most likely to happen to laptop battery, some like high capacity IBM Thinkpad battery in particular.

Nowadays, some new cathode materials like iron-phosphate particles, with hundredfold nanometers indiameter, are said to improve and update the functions of lithium-ion laptop battery. I believe that Thinkpad T61 battery will be more powerful one day without add any other cells there. However, if the storage of li-ions occurs, it is really urgent for us to find out another replacement or increase the usage rate in inside the battery cells.

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by: USB Phone World

When iPhone has taken more efforts on the VOIP service, Skype has worried about its influence as more enterprise users prefer to Skype phone. However, is it the features of the phone or habits only that make such a result on Skype?

Among all the online consumer electronics, Skype occurs to be the fastest one in the process of development. When skype mate is available to Skype phone, more and more enterprise users come to use it in the business video conference, especially in the journey of travelling. Nowadays, there’re about 560 million users have registered in Skype messenger while 8.1 million of them are paying customers.

skype phone, enterprise users

After making a general survey of the features of Skype and Skype phone, we can see that many functions in Skype phone are specially designed for business, such as video conference, low expense, multi-network of communication and so on. In USB Phone World, many users come to prefer to new cordless USB phones with increasing requirements on Skype.

As a matter of fact, Skype phone is not only a tool in daily life but also a symbol of businessman who is fashionable and gracious. However, compared to iPhone, what’s the root advantage of USB phone? There is no doubt that iPhone has also become a symbol of fashion and business, however, it is used more frequently by individual users instead of enterprise users. With higher price and complex usage for iPhone, many companies still prefer to Skype phones as what they used to do before.

Just like USB Phone World, many kinds of development are available to Skype phone according to the requirements of users. No matter for what, we should not ignore the innovation of Skype, the initiator of such a new telecommunication network like VOIP, to make our work and life more convenient. After all, Skype phone shouldn’t be only for businessmen but more personal users as well.

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by: USB Phone World

How many users have kept their AC adapter connected to external power supply every day? Have you ever considered that how much electricity quantity has been consumed by the AC adapter for laptop? Maybe it will be far more than what we expected if it has been calculated accurately.

ac adapter, ac adapter for laptop, electricity quantity

As laptop battery hasn’t developed so rapidly as we like, users come to rely more on AC adapter to get enough power energy. Without doubt, as long as the computer is on, continuous electricity has been consumed every day. In addition, high capacity AC adapter for laptop will consume more with the same period of charge time including laptop power cord.

There’s no denying that although laptop and the adapter seem to be small in size, it won’t reduce its requirements in power consumption while some need more than many other consumer electronics. Compared to other components in the computer like battery, LCD screen and internal circuits, AC adapter has been paid less attention when we think about the performance of laptop and actually it has been a primary contributor to laptop usage and environmental protection.

Among all the processes of electricity consumption, many of them are possible to avoid by AC adapter for laptop.

First, as many users haven’t established the habit of unplugging the laptop charger after using, more power energy has been wasted by the adapter and laptop power cord themselves instead of actual work while more internal resistances emerge to increase the consumption.

Second, when the battery capacity is indicated to a certain value, AC adapter begins to provide power energy to it, regardless of the consequence. To be sure, it will not only waste more electricity quantity from mains supply but also reduce the performance of laptop battery.

Any conditions as above are common in daily work, for which we should pay more attention to. After all, the electricity expense and environmental protection are close to our daily life and lifestyle in the near future.

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by: USB Phone World

Since the topic of low-carbon lifestyle has become more and more popular, many people come to pay a close attention to the development in the technology of batteries. As a member of lithium-ion laptop batteries suppliers, I cannot help to think more about new investment and researches from outside world in this emergency period.

Above all, when more requirements of lithium-ion batteries get to the vehicles, it is no longer for laptop batteries to stay in the former position. According to continuous update of laptop and other electronic products, the traditional specification is unable to be enough to users.

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

It is reported that a new Gateway netbook has released with standby time of nearly 10 hours, which comes to be a high level to laptop batteries capacity. Compared to a standard Gateway mx8710 laptop battery, rated at 14.8 V and 4400mAh, the new battery has not much additional functions inside but less needs from netbook and components.

In fact, nowadays, users rely more on external Gateway laptop power cord instead of installed parts like Gateway mx8710 laptop battery. They even don’t want to remove the laptop to anywhere else while it has weakened the functions of portable electronics. In my opinion, it is not so good for laptop computer development, for which it is emergent for us to create great breakthrough to lithium-ion laptop batteries of great significance.

It is fortunate for us to see that many results in theory and practice have released in the market, including new electrode material and new technology in battery cells. Except for higher energy-to-weight ratios, I think more powerful performance in durability and environmental protection are bound to arouse a highlight in laptop batteries investment.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, August 12, 2010

Since the new material nanoporous silicon has been released recently, it seems that a new era will arrive to lithium-ion laptop batteries in the near future. With no memory effect and high energy density, it has covered all the defects of lithium-ion, Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries in a large part while more new advantages achieved.

There’s no denying that a large amount of improvements remained to be resolved by lithium-ion laptop batteries. Even if it has great improvement in memory effect, there’re still some potential crisis exists inside the lithium-ion battery. Even though some advanced technologies have been installed to IBM Thinkpad battery, it seems to be far less than that of the new battery internal material.

nanoporous silicon to laptop batteries

To be sure, nanoporous silicon has a great influence on several parts of laptop batteries, such as electrolyte, anode, cathode and even some circuits. Even though there has achieved some advanced technology and new materials in cathode in battery for IBM Thinkpad, the new silicon seems to promote the lithium-ions and electricities to pierce the separator much better than that of IBM Thinkpad battery.

According to the period of lithium-ion laptop batteries in early times, many features of Ni-mh and Ni-cd batteries have been changes with additional components like protection circuit. After all, no one can be regarded as an excellent one but a better one.

In other hand, the nanoporous silicon has less conflict to lithium-ions but optimize the performance of laptop batteries, which is said to be prior to battery for IBM Thinkpad. After all, lithium polymer has improved to be fine in use even if it should work with lithium cobalt oxide chemistries.

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by: USB Phone World

As the primary limitation to Skype phone comes to the USB power cord, it has improved levels of difficulty in phone technology and devices design. With the popularity of wireless Internet, more and more remained problems in electronic products have been solved, especially for the portable electronics.

As a matter of fact, although we can enjoy the convenience of multi-network, video conference and low expense from Skype phone, we still cannot consider it as a portable communication device as it is called USB phone. With having a phone call with skype mate on the computer, we should still be with the desk while choose a suitable skype mate according to certain Windows system like vista or Windows 7.

skype phone, wireless internet

If it is possible to apply wireless Internet to Skype phone, what will happen to us?

First, we don’t need to stay with the laptop or desktop computer. It can be seen that cordless phone like 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype and USB phone adapter are more popular than any other USB phones in USB Phone World. It is obviously that how much will be provided to the manufacturers if wireless Internet is available to USB phone.

Second, it will add more networks to Skype phone to achieve further communication. To be sure, it is the innovation in integration of Internet and telecommunication network that makes Skype and USB phone to be popular in a short period.

Last, it will improve the competitive force of Skype phone to pit against iPhone. Doubtless, iPhone has won in the field of wap and handset network like 3G and even 4G. If the defects of iPhone 4 can be settled by wireless Internet, it is bound to be a strategic point for Skype phone in the way of development.

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by: USB Phone World

With time goes by, solar energy is more frequently used in laptop charger, some universal chargers in particular. Although this kind of new charger hasn’t been popularized so rapidly as we expected, we come to find out that it has really changed the industry of electronic products a lot by solar energy.

laptop charger, solar energy

As a portable electronics, laptop charger with laptop power cord connected to external power supply has limited the usage of laptop computer in a certain place. Rather than relying on the AC adapter, many users who need to carry his laptop here and there have to fully charge their laptop batteries before going out, which has placed an additional burden on the users.

Then let’s have a look at the solar energy development and how much will it provide to laptop charger.

Convenient to carry – For most of users, what bothers them a lot occur to Gateway laptop power cord, especially for someone who raises pets at home. Even if Gateway laptop charger is good in performance and stable circuitry, universal charger works by solar energy seems to be more popular for it can be carried to anywhere as long as light is available.

Efficient to charge – With the development of solar technology, the utilization rate has improved fast to a great degree. Nowadays, we can use both light and heat to generate electricity for laptop charger, which has saved us a lot of other natural energy from the earth with more effective energy used for work.

Cheap to make – As these materials for solar laptop charger are available easily, it has saved the manufacturers more cost on internal structure materials. And compared to electromagnetic induction and pulse technology, solar energy is much safer with a huge developing space.

Limitation in technology – As many problems still remained in solar energy, especially to laptop charger, the technology of solar laptop charger is not so mature as we expected. But I believe that we will receive more additional functions to the consumer electronics from solar energy.

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by: USB Phone World

With more accidents happen to laptop batteries these years, we shouldn’t wait until overheat or fire occur to us any longer. Otherwise, not only the whole laptop or other components will be damaged but it will hurt us to some extent as well. Actually, many details in daily use have just showed us a lot about battery conditions there.

In most cases, it is not the common problems but some anomalies that causes the serious accidents to laptop batteries.

laptop batteries, lenovo t60 battery, lenovo laptop battery

My friend Jason used to have Lenovo T60 battery charged for a long period for its high capacity. However, one day he found that it came to charge rapidly while discharge slowly, which was abnormal to all laptop batteries. From then on, his Lenovo laptop battery became more and more heat after work that my friend gradually realized there’s something wrong with the battery.

Except for short standby time or poor contact, these abnormal problems are with more potential factors inside Lenovo laptop battery. And nowadays, we should pay more attention to them by checking the exponent of indicators, such as cycle count application and battery management system.

As IBM has created a new application to figure out the condition of laptop batteries, we seem to learn more knowledge about recharging cycles, output voltage, current, work temperature and so on before any similar consequences occur like that of Lenovo T60 battery. Then even a little internal contamination emerges will be found out by us obviously according to the indicating in work temperature and other factors. We don’t need to wait until cells rupture or thermal runaway arrive that we begin to replace the batteries or other accessories.

Therefore, you’d better install these kinds of applications or the installed software in your laptop system to check if there’s any problem with laptop batteries there by fully charge. After all, it's never too late to mend.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A new technology in laptop battery has released by eneloop recently, which is claimed to have great improvement in environmental protection. It is said to be a great leap for battery and even the whole industry of consumer electronics. As a matter of fact, this new laptop battery technology has solved many problems in lithium-ion battery from several aspects.

laptop battery, lenovo t61 extended battery life, lenovo laptop battery

Compared to normal rechargeable batteries, this new eneloop laptop battery has much more recharging cycles. We used to prefer to a high capacity Lenovo T61 extended battery life. As it has longer shelf life and higher energy density than many others, it seems to be popularized in the market in all corners. However, the new eneloop one seems to be prior to it in a large part.

Chiefly, it can charge about 1000 to 1500 times with circulatory power energy from internal battery cells while a normal Lenovo laptop battery can only charge for 500-800 times. With double capacity and more efficient in energy utilization, a new idea has been put forward about loop of energy. Under this circumstance, it has stepped into low carbon age instead of consumption like consumer electronics.

In addition, eneloop even don’t need to activate the laptop battery at the first use after purchasing. As it has been charged in the process of manufacturing, it can be used in any time as we like. Furthermore, it can also be charged by solar energy which can provide us more additional functions and convenience in use while more electricity power energy can be saved than that of Lenovo T61 extended battery life.

In my opinion, it is no more than the new technology only for laptop battery but a new concept to our life style to care about ourselves and the earth.

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by: USB Phone World

Since Internet and telecommunication network develop so fast this year, 2010 has become a significant year for Skype phone and iPhone as well, which has caused the competition between these two suppliers. In the past two months, iPhone 4 has aroused tremendous repercussions in the whole world while it has also taken a hit for some problems exist in its new network.

As a critical year in financial crisis, Internet and telecommunication have great influence in the economy of the whole world. Although it has brought great profits to USB phone, it seems that more challenges have come from iPhone.

From the new iPhone 4, we can figure out that even the Skype and VOIP phone calls are available there with the help of new handset network, which has covered the functions of Skype phone to a large extent. After all, the popularity of iPhone is well-known while Skype phone is still in the process of development, especially in advertisement.

skype phone vs iPhone

Comparatively, USB telbox has accepted less competition from outside than Skype phone. There’s no denying that even if cordless USB phone can provide a certain range of movement, it won’t be so convenient to user in portability and usage method. Therefore, USB telbox can provide a transitional period for traditional telephone users to adapt to new VOIP network.

Of course, as the technology of iPhone 4 is still not so mature as we expected, there’re still enough time for Skype phone to develop its technology and get more advantages in usage and humanity design, which can escape it from the process of USB phone.

In my opinion, 2010 has great significance to the whole telecommunication industry. Both the competition and the chance in the market will provide Skype phone more power energy to step into a new era to prepare for new achievements in the next year.

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by: USB Phone World

It is obviously that much information about laptop battery is available on the Internet while only a little is about AC adapter. Gradually, especially when the universal laptop charger emerges, many people come to ignore it is a unique part for laptop. As a matter of fact, the adapter has worked under excessive pressure for a long time, which can be examined by its work temperature.

Nowadays, many new researches have released in laptop battery in the battery exhibition in China, which has realized a great breakthrough in battery standby time and shelf life. Comparatively, the development of AC adapter is limited by solar energy and portability. I just can’t help to think if it is the problem of technology research or the personal attention only.

When the HP laptop battery accidents happened to us, less people came to pay close attention to AC adapter like HP 402018 001. They seem to forget that laptop charger and battery are both parts of the whole instead of separated individuals. Actually, the adapter still has control circuitry inside to avoid any accidents happen.

In addition, laptop power cord seems to be less important to users while its potential functions are beyond our expectation. In most cases, internal resistances in the power cord will limit the power supply from outlet while produce more heat inside. And the poor contact in interface will also lead to some serious damage in AC adapter and laptop components.

ac adapter, hp 402018 001, laptop power cord

To be sure, for many large-scale equipments, AC adapter is of significance as a transformer and stabilizator. According to this principle, we have no reasons to ignore its effects. After getting power energy from laptop power cord, it initiates to be a switch-mode power supply to laptop battery and other laptop accessories. Even if it doesn’t cost a lot in the market or can be compatible with many other laptops from the appearance, AC adapter has its own unique features and complex internal structure, which will bring great significance to all the users.

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by: USB Phone World

As a high-end laptop brand, IBM has popularized by businessmen for stable system, powerful functions and advanced technology. Meanwhile, a software cycle count owned by IBM Thinkpad battery is not so well-known like IBM as it should be. What’s the root reason, not so useful or not enough publicity?

ibm thinkpad battery, cycle count

As to laptop batteries, I cannot emphasize the importance of shelf life and recharging cycles too much. In theory, a cycle should be calculated until the battery is fully charged. In practice, the condition seems to be more complex, which is specially designed to optimize the battery performance according to user habits.

We can see in the cycle count of IBM battery properties that many factors of battery are visible there. It includes dominated recharging cycles, actual and current cycles, work temperature, voltage and so on. According to the data, we can learn clearly about the charge process in battery for IBM Thinkpad.

Compared to the battery management system, this cycle count application has direct relationship with battery performance. After the battery accident happened to Sony this year, new battery management software has been added into its laptop system to optimize the usage of users in daily work. Instead, IBM has considered more about professionals with updated functions.

Nevertheless, even if the cycle count of IBM Thinkpad battery is so powerful that can control the battery conditions closely, most of IBM users have paid enough attention to it, including some technicians.

I just feel pity for all these laptop batteries to have such powerful software while not enough users to appreciate and enjoy it. It is better to popularize its effect than adding any other new functions to the battery for IBM Thinkpad.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nearly everyone has ever imagined that a human being can pass through the time and space freely as he likes. Although we haven’t got our technologies to be powerful enough, we seem to be much closer to this target. It is the Skype phone, integration of VOIP, Skype and other devices, that breaks the routine of limitation in telecommunication network, time difference and even languages.

skype phone

In early times, no one can figure out the differences between Skype and Skype phone while it is also called USB phone by its principle. Many customers used the phone only for communication in Skype messenger while many functions have been ignored. And more and more people attracted to join the queue for free expense.

With the development of Skype phone, many factors in problems emerge and come to be solved by the whole market. Like many other video software, skype mate can adjust the audio and speaker of the phone. And nowadays, due to the cordless USB phone, we even don’t need to talk with friends beside the computer.

As a matter of fact, it can also be reached without the limitation of space and even devices, thanks to USB telbox. It should be known that Skype phone is also a kind of VOIP while many new technology of Skype has been added into the phone. For this reason, everyone can enjoy the convenience of low expense and video conference with several friends in all corners of the world.

We are fortunate to find out that all these devices like skype mate and USB telbox have witnessed the growth history of Skype phone. Since a great breakthrough has happened to telecommunication, all of us can pass through time and space more further in the near future.

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by: USB Phone World

In the industry of laptop, Apple has become a legend which cannot be surpassed easily by other manufacturers. When many companies are suffering from laptop battery accidents, Apple with additional functions in exterior and interior appearance, it seems to provide a good chance to develop instead of negative effects. However, are all the thoughts of Apple above exactly true as we expected?

apple laptop battery

There’s no denying that the symbol of Apple is more than the real value of its products, including iPhone and Apple laptop battery. It seems that no one cares how long does a battery last or if it is prior to others in electrochemical properties, as long as it can provide enough power energy to beautiful system of macbook or powerbook with stable condition.

Of course, as it is a member of Apple, it should have more advantages in performance and functions, such as m9326g/a. Compared to other standard laptop battery, it comes to have higher capacity to meet the requirements of Apple users. And the good appearance is still available in this unremarkable part.

Nevertheless, it is really hard to extend the real value to these Apple products by advanced technology. Last month, it has also been claimed that the new communication network is poor in iPhone 4, which influenced Apple a lot in sales volume. Similarly, as to Apple laptop battery, we come to doubt if the materials of electrolyte, electrode and protection circuits to feed the high energy density.

After all, the features determine the higher request to Apple more than any other consumer electronics manufacturers. Under this circumstance, even if it can reach the average or higher level in the market, it is unavoidable for Apple to be so good as we expected.

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by: USB Phone World

Among all the problems to laptop charger, poor contact in the interface is common to users caused by all kinds of reasons like improper usage method or poor quality. Even though it still works, poor contact will interpret our work intermittently. As a matter of fact, the dangers are more than that.

laptop charger

In most cases, users will pay less attention to the laptop charger when the problem of poor contact is not so serious that affects the normal use. On the one hand, they consider that it hasn’t influenced their work a lot; on the other hand, many businessmen work with battery only while the charger is used once in a while.

As to a HP laptop charger, for many users, as long as the HP adapter performs well, they won’t care more about the other components. As a matter of fact, in terms of shelf life, the injury from poor contact is no less than overheat. Even if the laptop charger can still work as normal, the interference of power energy supply by HP notebook power cord will consume recharging cycles rapidly. And it will be more serious to laptop components when there’s no laptop battery available, which may lead to data loss.

Of course, it is necessary to check if it is the problem of interface only instead of other components before replacing. After all, the damage inside the battery or HP adapter should be repaired by professionals while it better to replace the whole under such circumstances.

Once confirmed, please be easy to install a new interface into the HP notebook power cord. To be sure, the suitable one to certain HP laptop models and laptop charge seems to be the best. After all, any accessories are supportive to the whole instead of the core to play an important role in daily work.

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by: USB Phone World

According to the specifications of laptop battery, we can see that output power is related with battery cells to some extent. Does it mean that more cells are equal to higher output power to all the batteries or there’re still any other factors?

Nowadays, many laptop brands choose certain cells suppliers, Sony in common, as their business partner instead of manufacturing by themselves. From the phenomenon, we can figure out that what determines laptop battery capacity, permutation more than cells features. Actually, batteries with different output voltage and current can be produced by the same cells inside, such as IBM Thinkpad T30 battery and T40 battery.

laptop battery cells

In theory, more laptop battery cells are more likely to produce larger power energy. Normally, the cells in parallel circuit determine the output voltage while those in series circuit determine the output current. Compared to IBM Thinkpad T30 battery, the 9-cell IBM Thinkpad battery for T60/R60 Series is with higher power energy with same output voltage.

Nevertheless, only the rows of series circuit that are connected with output current of laptop battery, even if they have different cells in parallel circuit. For instance, the 6-cell IBM Thinkpad T30 battery is of 10.8V and 4400mAh by 3 cells in parallel circuit and 2 cells in series circuit. Similarly, as a 9-cell IBM Thinkpad battery owns extra 3 cells by additional parallel circuit, it is of 7200 mAh and 10.8V as such.

If we calculate output power of laptop battery by current and voltage (P=I*U), the assumption has established. However, if it occurs to be another formula (P=I2*R or P=U2/R), it comes to be different. That is to say, inside the battery, any other components are necessary to determine the performance and compatibility. Otherwise, even more cells added will be reduced rapidly by them.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 9, 2010

As we used to say, the charge speed is determined by AC adapter more than battery. When a Gateway laptop battery occurs to charge rapidly, more of users won’t pay attention to it while it may also be considered as the advantage of lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Thanks to the features of lithium-ions, more problems in Ni-mh and Ni-cd batteries have been solved, such as memory effect, higher energy density and lighter weight. For these reasons, it seems to be normal for Gateway laptop battery to charge rapidly. However, if it continues to be more fast while discharges slowly, is it still good to users?

gateway laptop battery, gateway mx8710 laptop battery

Gateway mx8710 laptop battery, a li-ion one of 14.8 V and 4400mAh, is hard to charge rapidly for its output voltage comes to be higher than many others. In the process of charging, the voltage increases first and current follows. That’s to say, it is the voltage more than current that determines the charge speed.

However, how comes Gateway mx8710 laptop battery to be fast charged with no updates before? After checking by open-circuit voltage, I find out that there’re internal contaminants produced, including that of Gateway laptop power cord. As the later process of charge is only top-off charge, the part of voltage comes to be the primary contributor.

When internal resistances increase, those inside the cells in particular, the capacity comes to be reduced. The direct result is increasing the process of voltage charge and vice versa in discharge, just as the example of Gateway laptop battery. Although it is OK from the appearance, this abnormal phenomenon should be paid more attention to.

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by: USB Phone World

Speaking of the advantages of lithium-ion laptop battery, many users come to compare it with Ni-mh and Ni-cd battery in energy density, capacity, memory effect and so on. As a matter of fact, even if it has been called as lithium-ion condenser for a long time, the development in it is working every single day with more powerful functions and better performance achieve by research and test.

ilthium-ion laptop battery

In early times, as lithium-ion laptop battery has emerged first by Sony laptop battery, many problems haven’t been solved completely in stability, compatibility and so on. In theory, pure lithium is very reactive, which has added potential safety hazard to the condenser and users. When we are all enjoy the profits provided by them, we are blind on these potential accidents around us.

There’s no denying that many advanced technology in the world are firstly achieved in batteries more than any other electronic products, such as nanotechnology. With lithium-ion hydroxide and hydrogen gas produced, we should celebrate the success of nanotechnology in laptop battery. And the leader Sony laptop battery, even if several accidents have happened to it these years, has already completed many great accomplishments in battery.

From metal oxide to Spinel applied on cathode, higher voltage and better inductive effect are no longer an untouchable dream, which can be seen on Toshiba laptop battery. Under the glory of Sony, many people come to neglect the fruitful results in Toshiba while many advance technology and materials have been put into use by Toshiba in very early period.

Since more industry organizations become to attach importance to laptop battery, nearly every component of condenser, including cells, aqueous solutions and cut off system, is in the process of research to optimize the performance of the whole battery. After all, many small steps make a journey, which will be achieved in the near future.

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by: USB Phone World

As I’ve seen more and more universal AC adapter advertisements emerged on the Internet, it seems that multifunctional chargers are more popular by users. On the contrary in practice, there’re still many other problems remained in performance improvement in several aspects.

acer ac adapter

Like many other laptop accessories, AC adapter should be compatible to certain laptop models before using. What original Acer AC adapter priors to others is the compatibility with them examined on original Acer laptops in the factory. Without doubt, any mistakes in compatibility, control circuitry and cooling fan may lead to some accidents to the charger.

Of course, many AC adapters can be shared with each other even if they are not in the same compatible laptop model list. For this reason, many users haven’t figured out the potential dangers from these internal differences in details. And then they come to choose universal Acer AC adapter instead of a specialized one.

As to a laptop charger, any parts will take great effects to its performance, such as Acer laptop power cord . In most cases, a high-quality power cord with perfect conductivity will provide more effective power energy with less internal resistances and heat produced. Especially for AC adapter with higher mains electricity voltage or frequency, the power cord and its circuits become more important to users.

That is to say, compared to a specialized Acer AC adapter, a universal laptop charger should be with the best exterior and interior materials and excellent control circuitry. After all, it cannot be tested in all the laptops, which is unavoidable to be at risk of accidents.

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by: USB Phone World

Since Google had acquired Gizmo5 last year, a war comes to start between Google Voice and Skype. With more development potentials emerge to internet voice chat, Skype is no longer the sole supplier. As to Skype phone, it comes to be a turning point to figure out its real position in the market.

the position of skype phone

From the name, many users are likely to regard it as a tool for Skype; actually, it is only a kind of VOIP phones. There is no doubt that the popularity of Skype is really a miracle in the industry of consumer electronics, which makes Skype a pronoun of internet voice chat messenger. For this reason, many users and manufacturers are used to call it Skype phone instead of USB phone or VOIP phone.

In USB Phone World, there’s a product, 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype, which is able to work with multi-soft phones, Skype included. As a matter of fact, it can also be used in both MAC and Windows as what advertised by Google. Comparatively, another device Wi-Fi phone is more likely to be a tool of Skype according to its features.

In addition, to enjoy the phone calls like Skype phone, there’s another device with different usage mode; that is USB phone adapter. From the principle, we still cannot regard it as a phone or a simple chat tool but an adapter to achieve multi-functions on external devices and software. To be sure, it is the adapter that presents the essence of VOIP with converting a traditional phone line into USB phone.

I think it is time for Skype phone to have its own name and brand according to new position in the market. After all, it has been passed that the phone has to develop on the basis of Skype instead of a separated product itself.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, August 6, 2010

From the International Rechargeable Battery Expo in China yesterday, we have learned that a new powerful material for laptop battery, nanoporous silicon which can be applied in anode, cathode, electrolyte and so on.

Compared to some normal materials embedded in the porous electrode, nanoporous silicon seems to be more safety to users while high capacity can also be easy to realize in laptop battery. Nowadays, many users are keen on the extended battery for IBM Thinkpad which can last for nearly 8 hours. As a matter of fact, these high capacity batteries are not so stable and safe as we expected for their internal resistances and reactive lithium-ions inside.

With nanoporous silicon emerges in the market, all these problems can be solved while a much longer standby time and shelf life will be available to laptop battery, which exceeds battery for IBM Thinkpad so much in all aspects.

nanoporous silicon for laptop battery

People who used to use battery for IBM T30 laptop are always yielding to its low capacity to pursue for safety and stability. As many user of IBM Thinkpad are businessmen more than personal users, they just cannot bear any of their data loss for accidents. So that they have to make a choice between long standby time and data security, which is no longer a problem since nanoporous silicon is applied.

It is reported that this new material will be used in vehicle first to eliminate the distress. I believe that if it comes true, all of us will no longer be limited by the short work time in laptops like battery for IBM Thinkpad and battery for IBM t30 laptop. At that time, maybe we can use laptops as a real portable device just like mobile phone, digital camera, PSP and so on.

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by: USB Phone World

Although it is called Skype phone, it is not only a device for Skype but also a separated communication tool just as mobile phone. Anyone who is familiar with Skype still cannot ensure that he can play well with the phone while many additional functions are unique and amazing to users.

skype phone

Except for Skype, Skype phone can be adapted to many other messengers like MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk and so on. Without doubt, if you download skypemate, it can complete an excellent experience of phone call without any other software installed. Of course, as it has similar performs in communication, low expense and multi-frequency network, it is always misunderstood by a subsidiary product.

In fact, Skype phone is also called USB phone according to its work principle and traditional habits. While working on wireless network or broadband network, it has to be charged and receive information from Internet by USB interface, which is definitely differently from other phones.

Nowadays, there’s a new 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype with advanced functions in portability and level of comfort. We can achieve conference calls with Skype phone only. And download skypemate can also improve the voice quality of the calls according to different windows systems. Besides, we can store many contacts by any languages in the dictionary.

In my opinion, the most amazing occurs to be its 50 meters scope of operation, which can spare me more time and space to deal with many other affairs when talking. As a matter of fact, this kind of 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype has become much more popular than any other USB phones for its features of cordless.

All of users will figure out more and more additional functions and usage methods of Skype phone later after using. Maybe one day, you are just a proficient among all of us here.

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by: USB Phone World

With netbook becomes more and more popular, we have seen a similar trend of netbook development just like that of laptop before. Although it comes to have provided more convenience to users in portability, net play and even practice, which has converts these mini laptops into a brilliant mobile device. However, as to the external parts of netbook like AC adapter, we can figure out some differences between netbook and laptop beyond we expected.

People who have used netbooks can learn that they have developed well in functions and performance as well. For this reason, even if the laptop battery is not so powerful, it can extend the standby time much longer than it should be, so is the AC adapter.

ac adapter for netbook

With smaller size in appearance, AC adapter for netbook seems to be different from a normal one, laptop power cord in particular. There’s no denying that only an interface with smaller size can be available to this new “laptop”.

As to AC adapter, I am confused if netbook requires lower charge time or it just cannot bear such a speed of charging. HP 510 AC adapter, a 65W compatible laptop charger, is only at the standard level in specifications of output voltage and current. However, even if the interface has been changed, it still is so powerful to the netbook for these advantages in charge.

Whether it is a problem for AC adapter or laptop power cord, I think the primary contributor to users should be the development of netbooks themselves. It is better to improve the performance, internal circuits and functions than searching for a suitable part to these backward “laptops”. Of course, we should still take efforts on environmental protection while it has really reached the certain level of technology.

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by: USB Phone World

In the industry of consumer electronics, the events of merger and acquisition seem to be common to us. However, since Lenovo has taken IBM Thinkpad battery into his own, we come to see a fast developing period occurs to Lenovo and has carries Lenovo into a new and brilliant situation.

As a matter of fact, Lenovo has really cost large sums of money on the acquisition with IBM Thinkpad battery and laptop. Lenovo Thinkpad T61 widescreen OEM battery is a 9-cell laptop battery 42T5229 for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T61/R61 Series. As it has to provide enough external power energy to all the laptop components, including the widescreen, the battery has to be with perfect interior and exterior materials in all parts.

The high-end products like T61 battery have brought Lenovo into a new level of technology and position in the market. Actually, Lenovo was always working hard to improve its technology in products performance, additional functions and technological innovation before purchasing. However, something about Lenovo itself has just limited its development at the stage of a bottleneck until it came across IBM Thinkpad battery and laptop.

ibm thinkpad battery

As to Lenovo, it comes to be an eruption or just initiation to its development in PC and business computer. Just like what Lenovo Thinkpad T61 widescreen OEM battery carries out, we have reasons to believe that Lenovo has fully prepared to meet with the challenges from outside.

Compared to HP, Lenovo is a man who is slow to warm while he has taken a long period to have a research and get ready for his journey in development and competition. Since T61 battery from IBM Thinkpad battery to Lenovo Thinkpad battery, we can see a great innovation in a high level to a higher level in electronics industry.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, August 5, 2010

You must have heard about a Korean girl who can play well with several iPhones with wonderful music. With advanced technology in audio and voice, can Skype phone also be a music instrument? Maybe it will become a tool of not only musical instrument but writing songs into music scores.

skype phone, musical instrument

Like many other phones, Skype phone can produce different pronunciations by the buttons on it. Relatively, the 12 buttons can just be connected with the 12 pronunciations in piano with all the white and black keyboards. With connected into laptop, all these pronunciations can be recorded by corresponding buttons on the phone.

To hear more clearly while playing or creating, the skypemate download free on the Internet can help us to figure out if the tone is suitable to us. It seems to be important to us to get balance between speaker and microphone. And skypemate is just like a tuner in the process of recording and production.

Of course, this kind of assistant software has several sections adapted to different windows system, such as skypemate Windows 7. With better compatibility, more additional functions can be realized with fruitful sight experiences. To write songs, the software is also necessary to be compatible with each other.

Furthermore, you can also try it in several Skype phones which are all good in voice quality. Sing while playing an invented piano around the computer is really so cool and we can get more inspirations from the Skype phone, skypemate download and friends to sharing the music.

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by: USB Phone World

Actually, it is in a year ago today that an accident of electricity leakage happened in HP adapter, which has raised a great influence in the market for dispute between HP and users. It is universally acknowledged that leakage is a dangerous phenomenon to laptop charger, which ranks only second to overheat.

hp adapter, laptop charger,leakage of electricity

Compare to charge time, the security of HP adapter seems to be more important to users. Even if a powerful laptop charger can fully charge the laptop battery and computer components in less than two hours, it cannot get rid of checking in stability, internal resistances and interface. After all, chargers are the products in recurrent use and only ones last for long can be regarded as a high-quality charger.

Speaking of leakage of electricity, the primary problems are most likely to happen in HP notebook power cord. Although we might not have paid enough attention to the cable, it seems to have a great influence in the security of laptop charger, the interface between power cord and AC adapter in particular. And actually, the accident last year was just caused by it.

For users, we cannot until the leakage happens to us and laptop charger that we come to realize its perniciousness. As a matter of fact, leakage is frequently caused by the process of manufacturing more than incorrect use of default. With technology developed, the problems of HP notebook power cord have been solved by most of manufacturers while the accidents are rare to us, which must be checked before purchasing.

As a result, nowadays we can totally feel secure about the quality of laptop charger with HP adapter included. Certainly, we should also take efforts to prevent these accidents happen to us by careful checking before.

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by: USB Phone World

A new netbook has been released that it can last for about eight hours with Gateway laptop battery in it. This standby time seems to be a high level for all the laptop batteries while many others can only reach half of the value.

Since Gateway emerged in US, it hasn’t been so popular and developed so well as many other laptop suppliers. Although Gateway laptop battery has good battery cells, circuit designs and even advanced technology, it comes to keep on the low for a long time. So is this kind of netbook to last for long while it is always regarded as a native brand in US.

gateway laptop battery, gateway mx8710 laptop battery

Except for the unique features of netbook, there’re still some additional factors to extend the battery capacity of Gateway laptop battery. Normally, a lithium-ion battery, just as Gateway mx8710 laptop battery with 14.8V and 4400mAh can only last for three to four hours. Comparatively, a high capacity battery needs more cells inside.

As laptop batteries with longer standby time are at higher risk of overheat while more internal resistances will be produced by it. For this reason, Gateway laptop battery comes to improve the interior and exterior materials in shell, circuitry and electrode. A new substance, called lithium manganese oxide is with better performance in inductive effect to extend the battery shelf life.

With nanotechnology applied, we don’t need to worry about reaction emerges in the Gateway laptop battery. Actually, lithium hydroxide and hydrogen gas can promote the lithium-ions to be more stable and efficient. That’s why it can reach the high level of standby time with no more cells added into it.

Anyway, as netbook requires less power energy than a normal laptop, the technology of laptop batteries still have a long way to go in the shelf life, standby time and recharging cycles.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No one can forget his first love, so am I. Recently I reunite with her after nearly more than 10 years on my new Skype phone. It is really a magic experience for me to come across her on an online club there.

Last month, as online degree course has become more and more popular in NY, I bought a new Skype phone in USB Phone World. Then I have applied for many courses and chat with some friends on the Skype group by video conference. Under the circumstance of financial crisis, I just want to have been deeply reflecting upon life and restart as soon as possible.

skype phone, first love

One day, I was just talking seriously with my friends on Skype phone, someone recommended me his new teacher Alice to me. I was surprised to find that she was my first love who hadn’t met for more than 10 years. And I just didn’t know what to say, especially for this kind of reunion.

After chatting with her for a while, we seemed to restore calm and adapt to my new teacher and her courses. It was until I download the new skypemate Windows 7 that I entered the new online club. Of course, I feel lucky that I can have such a good teacher that knows me very well. Anyway, I just want to improve myself in the industry and make acquaintances there. As to the first love, I haven’t thought about and happy to meet her here.

After all, with the popularity of Skype phone, more and more users enter the group of online clubs while we will reunite with many old friends after a long separation. I just can’t help to say that the world become smaller and smaller with the development of telecommunication, Internet, network and their integration.

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by: USB Phone World

Generally speaking, retirement is available to us when we get to a certain age. It is impossible for us to work until we are dead. So is the laptop charger. Even though many users choose to buy a new replacement after the former charger is out of order, the retirement age has already come to us before. Then how to figure out the age?

laptop charger, retirement age

Why should we learn this retirement age of laptop charger? Normally, ac adapter has reduction in internal performance and capacity with more internal resistances produced. My HP adapter didn’t work so well as before when it had been used for a period. Although it couldn’t provide enough power energy to laptop while it cannot run so smoothly as before, I just didn’t realize that it had reached the retirement age. If possible, my laptop wouldn’t be out of work so early.

How can we figure out the retirement age of laptop charger? As to a new laptop charger, manufacturers always provide a one year warranty to users. For this reason, one year seems to be a demarcation line for AC adapter and laptop power cord. However, every charger has its own features and history that determine its shelf life. And we can calculate the charge time and standby time of laptop battery to check if it is close to the retirement age.

What should we do if laptop charger gets to the retirement age? As to the problem, many users will choose to buy a replacement as long as the age is obvious to me, just like my HP adapter. It is really the best way to prevent any other components from damage by a new charger.

Now, please have a close look at your laptop charger and check if it is close to the retirement age.

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by: USB Phone World

Just like the relationship between doctor and patient, we users and Gateway laptop battery should learn more with each other to optimize the performance. Actually, both of us two should be unique to each other for different requirements, habits, feature and so on.

As we have told that everyone should learn clearly about our own habits before purchasing a new Gateway laptop battery. It has no occasion to pursue for a higher capacity if it is unnecessary to us. Actually, we should have a list of our usage ways, such as how many programs will be used in daily life, how long will it last for every day and so on. Someone like IT workers needs to work with multi-programs running there so that a high capacity laptop battery is necessary to them. However, if not, we’d better go for a stable one with perfect work condition instead of any other additional functions.

gateway laptop battery

In addition, the features of Gateway laptop battery also influence our daily work a lot. Compared to Thinkpad t60 battery, Gateway comes to have a higher output voltage in specifications. According to the principle of charging, a higher voltage battery needs a longer time to get the stage of constant-potential charge. That is to say, we shouldn’t keep a lot of applications running in that period as voltage hasn’t reached the certain level.

In the process of using, we should also care more about the condition of Gateway laptop battery by a deep talk. When it comes to be hot, we should consider if it needs an air conditioner or it becomes overheat. When it comes to be reduced in capacity, we should activate on it to optimize its performance even if it is a Thinkpad t60 battery. When we have a deep talk with the battery, we can learn more about its requirements and ourselves.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Although Internet has provided more convenience to our life, there’re still potential dangers exist. With more and more virus emerged on the Internet, what we mostly worry about is the privacy protection. Even if Skype has popularized rapidly all over the world, many users still cannot be easy with it on the issue of individual privacy which can be solved by Skype phone to some extent.

skype phone, privacy protection

Compared to many other movements on the Internet, communication has become a mostly possible way to express ourselves with some private information released inadvertently. As MSN messenger always reminded us that never to reveal your personal information, such as bankcard password. That is why the most powerful virus comes to be Trojan horse to influence the communication messengers seriously.

However, the condition comes to be different if a Skype phone is available to us. With Skype mate installed in the laptop, we can realize phone calls by external device and internal additional software with better acoustics effect. Actually, this kind of design between the laptop and the phone can get balance between communication functions and privacy protections perfectly.

Furthermore, a kind of new USB telbox can transfer the communication to a traditional telephone. As a matter of fact, you even don’t need to connect it with Skype or any other messenger. Only Internet is necessary for users to have a VOIP phone call.

Certainly, you won’t consider Skype phone or even USB telbox as a communication messenger while it is still not a real telephone or mobile phone. With advanced functions, I think Skype phone is really a good way to realize IM conversations online with perfect privacy protection.

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by: USB Phone World

Since the issue of protection circumstances has become a matter of concern for more and more people, electronic products have been focus on in recycling and manufacturing. Meanwhile, a kind of refurbished laptop battery emerged in the market with the banner of protection circumstances, which is ridiculous in its functions and effects.

Although it is said that consumer electronics are harmful to nature to some extent, especially when they come to be dead, we have methods to reduce the pollution like recycling. In Germany, some caves have been selected to store those used batteries, which are advanced in special treatments of leakage and seal.

Refurbished Laptop Battery

However, refurbished laptop battery seems to be anti-polluted in the appearance while the poor quality will cause more contaminants. Normally, a lithium-ion laptop battery, m9326g/a, is rated at 10.8V and 5400mAh. As to a refurbished one, even if indicated with same specifications, it cannot reach the charge level with shorter shelf life.

As for Apple laptop battery, it has to be with enough output power for more energy will be reduced in Apple. Normally, refurbished laptop batteries have been consumed before purchasing. And we even don’t learn about how it has been used and its usage time. If it hasn’t reached the necessary voltage of laptop computer, it will influence the computer speed at the risk of overheating.

As to the battery itself, a refurbished one cannot last for a long time as a normal battery should be. It will pose a great threat to all the internal components if we use a refurbished Apple laptop battery as if it is a new one with normal specifications. Only the heat it has produced is a kind of air pollution to promote global warming.

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by: USB Phone World

Nowadays, saving plan has become a hot topic for this special period. Meanwhile, many related problems, such as health insurance, unemployment and retirement have changed the market a lot, especially in the pattern of consumption. As to consumer electronics, I decide to recommend you a saving plan for HP AC adapter.

saving plan for hp ac adapter

Compared to other laptop brands, compatible HP AC adapter seem to have a wider range of compatible laptop models. HP Compaq nc6000 AC adapter, for example, can be used in 100 laptop models or more for its specifications and internal components design, which is more than double of others. That is to say, one can be used in several computers with only a little money spent on it.

To save money, if one of your HP AC adapters comes to be damage, you can take use of a compatible adapter after checking its specification. As a matter of fact, even if the laptop is out of work, we don’t need to throw the whole away for some parts can be used in the next one, HP AC adapter included. In the past, it is a HP 510 AC adapter with 65 W and 3.34 Amp. After checking, I find that it can also be used in some other Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptops.

As is well known that AC adapter needs to have a rest frequently for its high work temperature. Normally, we have to prepare for a replacement to trade off. And according to the principle as above, we learn that we don’t need to cost any money on replacement only if the former one can be used normally.

Furthermore, if your work computer is accidently in the same list of AC adapter, such as that of HP Compaq nc6000 AC adapter, we can share it in both office and home. Even the Dell laptop can use it as a resource of power energy.

Actually, saving has happened to us in all kinds of details in our daily life. Only observe carefully can we save more expense from all aspects.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, August 2, 2010

­As a new product, Skype phone is in the process of development in the aspects of communication ways, dictionary, video conference and so on. For this reason, to popularize it to the whole world, it is important to update according to habits of users.

contributor to skype phone

With Skype popularized by its low expense in phone calls, Skype phone has extended this advantage to a higher level. Except for talking beside the computer, some cordless ones like 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype have provided a communication space in the range of 50 meters. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about if any emergent affairs happen when talking.

As a matter of fact, it has been well-designed in Skype phone for the features, such as the range of 160 feet. We can see that humanity is the primary advantage of the phone. To contact with friends all over the world, we can check the names of any language in the contact list and calling history. Similarly, digital echo cancellation is added according to the problems in having a phone call there.

For those who are used to a normal phone, USB phone adapter seems to be a good choice. Connected with the adapter, the functions of Skype phone can be realized in a normal phone. It is obvious that the adapter is also designed for the unique requirements of users. After using the telephone and mobile phone for a long time, it has to cost us a long time to acclimatize ourselves to it while the adapter can reduce the process of transition.

It is obvious that everyone can be a contributor to Skype phone for his unique habits and requirements. I believe that one day it will have powerful functions for this human designed development way.

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by: USB Phone World

Since it has entered into the era of lithium-ion laptop battery, many manufacturers are proud of its better performance and high energy density. Without the limitation of memory effect, the batteries seem to be more convenient in use while some other guarantees gone. Then I can’t help to ask whether or not it is good for laptop battery to get rid of memory effect.

dell latitude laptop battery, ud260

In early times, as Ni-mh Dell Latitude laptop battery is with memory effect, users have to activate it frequently to get enough charge capacity. Compared to lithium-ion ones, this kind of effect has limited users a lot by fully charge and discharge. Otherwise, it may have a narrow range of battery storage inside.

However, memory effect is also a factor of protection to prevent laptop battery from overload. Lithium-ion laptop batteries, exemplified by ud260, can work normal only with protection circuit. Without enough memory effect, it will continue to accept power energy from external power supply even if it has reached the limitation of current and voltage. That is to say, once the protection circuit comes to be out of order, it is likely for battery to be overheating.

Nowadays, it is uncommonly for us to see Ni-mh or Ni-cd Dell Latitude laptop battery in the market. Except for memory effect, high energy density is another contributor for lithium-ion battery to be a successful replacement. Within the similar period, lithium-ion ones can be fully charge much more rapidly. Thanks to this kind of efficiency, new Dell Latitude laptop battery tends to reply more on protection circuit instead of any other components.

In my opinion, although memory effect has restricted laptop battery a lot in use, it is obviously necessary to exist. After all, safety and stability are more indispensable to users. At the moment of high-effect work, we come to realize that quality is usually more important to quantity only.

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by: USB Phone World

When purchasing compatible laptop accessories, especially for AC adapter, many users have less knowledge of its additional functions. Instead, the factors like capacity, can be seen obviously by the appearance and specifications, have been paid more attention by users.

Although HP laptop battery has been talked a lot for accidents, compatible HP adapter is popularized by users for high capacity and low price. As we all know, it is the adapter that determines the charge rate, related with capacity and conductivity. In addition, once the laptop is with overloading operations, a high capacity AC adapter can prevent it from serious damage.

There’s a 120W AC adapter for HP pavilion ZD7000 ZX5000 ZV5000 Presario 3000 R4000 in USB Phone World. In the process of transferring power energy through HP notebook power cord and adapter, there’s heat produced with it. Actually, for this high capacity laptop charger, it needs more batter exterior and interior materials in shell, circuit, stabilizers and so on. Otherwise, with component degradation occurs to HP adapter, it is no longer as good as a 120W one should be.

hp adapter, ac adapter

Furthermore, to be safer, some additional devices installed in AC adapter are necessary to us, such as control circuitry, cut off systems and cooling fan. As is told above that a high capacity charger is at high risk of overheat for internal resistance, even if accidents haven’t happened to users, it needs to cooling fan to get rid of rapid reduction. And the protection tools like control circuitry can prevent the adapter from accidents by cutting off the electricity.

As a matter of fact, HP adapter has taken more efforts on its performance and quality than on capacity and profits. For this reason, it is really a good chance for users to purchasing some for replacement.

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by: USB Phone World