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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long period after some accidents of overheat happen that there’s still not appropriate regulation for laptop battery. Even if lithium-ion batteries have stepped into a new level in the hearts of men, we haven’t seen any progress made to improve the security until now. Yet they have acquired surplus to increase the shelf life and charge speed.

Historically, laptop battery has developed a lot in several aspects, such as intercalated lithium compound, nanotechnology, organic solvent and so on. As laptop is a portable electronics which needs more power energy than many other products, it is really hard for batteries to develop so rapidly as we expected for limitation from laptop components and battery internal structure.

As a matter of fact, these improvements are also determined by user requirements. When people come to be dissatisfied with the current situation, Lenovo laptop battery has decided to show its capabilities by research and acquisition. However, as to laptop battery, its speed of development has to be faster than that of laptop components and other additional functions that users will figure out the differences.

For this reason, in both requirements and transformation, Lenovo laptop battery has difficulties and obstacles to face in the process of development. Lenovo t60 battery, as a 9-cell laptop battery, used to be a powerful and popular accessory. Nevertheless, with 12-cell one emerged, it seems to be a normal value in capacity and durability.

As a matter of fact, in the industry of lithium-ion laptop battery, similar examples of Lenovo t60 battery are common to us. Since a 6-cell one can have longer standby time than 12-cell one, it has made a great breakthrough to the whole world. Yet I have to consider if it is hard or just unnecessary for manufacturers to pay more attention to security while giving up some profits from new discovery.

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