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Friday, May 28, 2010

I believe that many Dell users have shared the same situation: after using the laptop for a long time, the hottest part is not laptop surface or thermal vents but the AC adapter. Even if it is a Dell 90W AC adapter, it may come to be very hot one day. With it in your hand, the heat will make you feel that if it will be fire, smoke or even on strike.

Laptop AC adapter is a high-precision, high-efficiency switching power supply, which is designed to exert the 110V AC into a low voltage DC. As it provides stable power to laptop, it is praised as the source of power energy.

For Dell 90W AC Adapter, it works with an inside switching power supply in the state of high voltage and high current. With no vents on the cover and no fans inside, the adapter is always working with a high temperature and heavy workload. Especially in summer, the temperature comes to be hotter than usual.

To create a good thermal environment is a good idea for Dell 90W AC Adapter. The adapter should not be placed in the sun but a well-ventilated area. Neither does the surrounding of thermal vents. Otherwise, not only the heat inside will be reserved, but also to absorb more heat.

If an accident happens, just pull it out. In some cases, big noises and even smoke occurs to the adapter, it must be damage, which should be inspected and repaired by professional engineers.

Besides, different Dell laptop models should not share the same Dell 90W AC Adapter, especially the one not in the compatible models list or non-Dell laptops. Different laptop adapters are different in output interface, nominal voltage and current values. If mixed, it will occur to be charged dissatisfiedly.

In conclusion, Dell 90W AC adapter, in spite of high capacity and performance, should be cared in daily use. Besides, the notice on the cover should be followed strictly. Then many accidents and problems can be avoided.


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A new Dell 6000 series laptop used to satisfy you a lot with nice configuration and smooth running system. However, one day, not a long time after purchasing, the laptop aging occurs. The system is running slower and the device becomes more heat. Is that the problem of CPU, ooling pad or the performance? Maybe these are all not the crucial factors. Just more attention to some details in daily use will get your laptop better every single day.

Usually the laptop is easy to be filled with dust, regardless of Dell 6000, Dell D620 or Dell D830, which may be ignored by most users. Yet it is not a trivial matter, as dust will affect laptop accessories seriously. The most direct one is the cooling pad, which is a fatal killer to the laptop. Meanwhile, dust in screen and keyboard is still related to the cooling. Besides, the laptop screen with much dust will also get radiation generated, generally known to affect the health gradually.

Moreover, there’re some habits in daily work that will benefit the laptop a lot. As a business laptop, Dell D830 is fully utilized with hard disks and CDs in it. Try to avoid swaying in the operation to provide a stable state.

For Dell D620, with a good design in CD/DVD ROM, it is often used to play DVD movies. If you keep the compact discs in it for this reason, the system is wearing out.

Last but not least, some parts like battery and AC adapter are still key factors. As the early released laptops, Dell 6000, Dell D620 and Dell D830 could be updated in most cases. Have you considered that if the system can afford that? The fact is that even if the system is available to the additional applications, the parts can not meet the requirements yet.

The usual way is to get a compatible battery and an AC adapter with a high capacity. Due to the high power supply, the updated system will get enough energy to run smoothly. By the way, the care of battery and AC adapter is also very important. I’m not going to have an in-depth conversation about it. Any other information will be available later, wish you have a good day with your Dell 6000, Dell D620 or Dell D830 by them.

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by: USB Phone World

To improve the performance, a new HP 65W AC adapter has been released lately. Considering the users' habits, some additional functions have been established by HP laboratory. The new adapter comes to be more humanity which is already available by us.

For most of users, especially businessmen, laptop with AC adapter will be carried anywhere, from home to office or even on the business trip. Thus, a new HP 65W slim adapter comes to be a good choice for most HP 65W laptops. This kind of adapter comes to be lighter and smaller in size. And the progress in shape won’t get the performance reduced.

Not only has not been weakened, it has many improvements on features, which makes it called a smart adapter. The new HP 65W smart AC adapter has improved in the compatibility for many HP business laptops. A new application, called "legacy dongle", has been added to compatible with some early produced notebooks, which is an innovation in technology.

As is known, the HP 65W AC adapter can be connected to both external socket and car charger, which will offer us more freedom and more convenience in use. With one in the hand, even it happens to be a traffic jam, the work is still able to be done successfully. Besides, the new adapter is also designed to optimize the laptop system. With the energy-saving device, the laptop will get away from overvoltage and overcurrent conditions. Then the system occurs to be more stable than ever.

For HP 65W smart AC adapter, protection circuit is designed to avoid motherboard being burned, even when the voltage is high and unstable. It is the function that makes the adapter compatible with all HP business laptops without any risk.

Of course, the HP 65W AC adapter is produced for HP 65W laptops. With the humanity design in shape, this kind of HP 65W slim adapter will be a good partner for your business trip and holiday travel.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dell D830 comes to be one of cost-effective laptops for Dell, with a good configuration and stable performance. With the time goes by, you may find that the system becomes lower and the AC adapter is hotter than ever. As professionals said, a good way for you is to get a replacement AC adapter. Then how to get a matched one?

Nominal voltage and current of Dell D830

For all laptops, nominal input voltage and current can be seen on the bottom label, which is the standard parameter for all parts. In theory, a laptop should have an AC adapter with the same parameter. However, with the update and richness, the original one comes to be not enough for you. The most obvious feature is overheat, both the laptop and AC adapter.

Interface of Dell D830 and AC adapter

Power interface comes to be different by brand and size. For Dell D830, the interface type of AC adapter is concerned with compatibility. Besides, the quality of the interface is also important, for it has a great impact on the stability of power supply.

Quality of AC adapter

There are sorts of AC adapters on the earth. In many cases, a refurbished one is sold as a new one, which is dangerous for your Dell D830. Actually, the refurbished AC adapter is an old one with a new cover, whose performance will get you a short adapter life and a poor condition in use.

After-sale service

Usually, a refurbished AC adapter won’t offer you a warranty of 1 full year in normal. Therefore, it is a major detail for your purchase. A good after-sale service can not only efficient your work but provide you a lot of information of AC adapter and Dell D830.

Weight of AC adapter

As it is carried everyday by more businessmen, a small and light AC adapter is more attractive. Normally, the adapters are about 200g to 500g. Although the weight can be afford by most, it will still exhaust you for a long time trip.

Overall, to get your Dell D830 more efficient, a high quality AC adapter is necessary. Certainly, you can check the compatible laptop models list to know if the laptop of your companion. In normal, in our website, price can be reduced for the increase in number.

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by: USB Phone World

Perhaps you are looking for a replacement AC Adapter for your Dell D620 laptop; perhaps you have just got a new one; perhaps you are still using the original one used for a long time. There’re some details for you to maintain it, which is even more important to your laptop.

Although AC adapter of Dell D620 does not worth a lot, but if we pay a little more attention, a great protection will be given to it. And more cost can be saved from it. Then how to get that? Well, let’s start.

When we use the AC adapter for the notebook, it must be noticed about the sequence of AC adapter input plug of DC output plug. A wrong order will lead to a serious damage to your Dell D620, which cannot be ignored.

The correct operation order is as follows.

1. At the beginning of connection.

First you should connect the DC output plug of AC adapter with the power jack of laptop, and then connect the AC input plug to 220V AC power outlet.

2. When it is out of use.

The input plug of AC adapter should be unplugged first, and then pull out the DC output plug.

If the operation order comes to be the opposite, what will happen to Dell D620 laptop?

For a wrong order, the AC adapter will get risk of no-load voltage, which cannot be afforded by the adapter. As it is at the state of pulse, with no load, a high voltage breakdown, such as anti-peak IC, capacitors and other voltage sensitive components, will be emerged by the switching transformer inside. Although most of the latest AC adapters have established a no-load protection circuit, the effect is limited. Therefore, no-load state will damage the adapter and Dell D620 laptop seriously.

In our daily work, these details of operation order should be followed. With a good habit, the adapter life can be extended and your Dell D620 laptop will play better than ever.

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If you occur to be a fan of Dell or your laptop is just Dell 6000, there’re some tips for you.

As the laptop model has been released early, maybe its configuration won’t satisfy you anymore. Memory, system and other applications could be installed to your laptop. The fact you have to accept is that your original AC adapter has failed to meet the requirements of the laptop.

With the functions of Dell 6000 are increasingly enriched, the power requirements are also improved. And as the battery capacity becomes larger, the charging requirements are also improved. It means that the power of the adapter should be doubled. In addition, as the laptop comes to be carried more frequently, a lightweight small adapter which can be charged immediately is attractive to all sorts of users.

For most of the laptops, an AC adapter with nominal voltage and current seems to be better. Both the compatibility and the safety are perfect, for the design of circuit protection and other parameters. However, as the laptop has been updated in many aspects, the nominal value is not enough for you. A high capacity adapter for Dell 6000 could be your best choice.

It is asked if a high capacity adapter will damage your laptop. Normally, a higher one can replace the lower one in the premise of the same voltage.

As a matter of fact, with the same voltage, the value of current output depends on the load of laptop. An AC adapter of large nominal value has enough current margins in it. When the Dell 6000 notebook is running in a high-load operation, the current comes to be higher; when the notebook goes into an idle state, the current comes to be lower.

On the contrary, suppose you get a 56W adapter instead of the original 65W one, maybe it seems to be OK for you. However, once you have added some external devices, such as usb hard drives and DVD movies, the laptop will become hotter and hotter.

What’s surprised is that a high capacity AC adapter for Dell 6000, 90W or even 130W, is available in our website, which is certain to further the performance of your laptop.

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by: USB Phone World

Laptop AC adapter is required to extend the battery life especially for indoor use. In addition, the weight of an adapter is not so light. I think a spare one will relief you from everyday carry, one for work and another for home.

For Dell users, a Dell 90W AC adapter is widely welcomed for its high capacity. However, as the market is orderless, it is confused to get a high quality one with an appropriate price. Thus, I'm gonna take a brief introduction to AC adapter.

Laptop AC adapter is used to convert mains supply to laptop DC power, with many advantages not available by a coil-type transformer. The adapter comes to be small-sized, light, low-loss, high-power density with functions of wide input voltage, regulated high precision, over-current voltage protection, short circuit protection, etc. As laptop AC adapter is arranged an important task, especially for high capacity ones like Dell 90W AC Adapter, whose quality has a direct impact on the laptops.

Dell 90W AC Adapter is a breed of high capacity adapter, which is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. With a good matching, it can be compatible with many laptops. Not only the efficiency will be increased, but the heat dissipation will be better as well.

Then what should be paid attention to before purchasing a Dell 90W AC adapter?

  1. Make sure the input voltage range of the laptop AC Adapter. Usually, the range of Dell laptops is approximately 100V to 240V, which can be used normally in a foreign country, like China.

  2. The real capacity of the adapter. As enough current margin reserved in a high capacity adapter, it can replace the adapters of small nominal current. Then it won’t happen to overheat or low output voltage conditions. However, try and feel the temperature of your laptop when running with the adapter. If it is overheat, it must be poor in performance or have not enough capacity as they claimed.

  3. Make sure the output voltage and current of the Dell 90W AC adapter. Although a high current output will benefit you a lot, the value of output voltage should be controlled. With different load resistance and different overvoltage / overcurrent protection point, an unsuitable one will get your laptop at risk of no protection.

By the way, when purchasing a Dell 90W AC adapter, make sure the terminal size of DC power adapter output line. The power interface comes to be different with all laptop brands. Or the adapter will be useless.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Laptop battery life occurred to shorted after update the system from Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7. Does that mean that Windows 7 would weaken the laptop battery?

In Microsoft official BBS “TechNet”, a user claimed that his laptop battery life was cut from 2hrs to half an hour for installing Windows 7, which was contrary to what Microsoft showed in their advertisement. Doubts of this kind about batteries life come one after another in the Internet.

It is learned that the origin comes to be the additional new battery check tool, by which could judge and inform users whether to change the laptop battery. In some conditions, the system considers the battery to be exhausted even if it’s new. To make matters worse, the laptop notebook may be shut down at times.

Original occurrence could be traced from the test phase of Windows 7 Beta and official version RTM. “Everything’s normal with my laptop battery before, but after update, only 20 minutes is provided. I’m bothered about the automatically shut down of laptop in the circumstance of Windows 7.” A user exposed.

Microsoft stated that the problem should be related to reading mode of system firmware, which has existed in all sorts of laptop models. Microsoft is supposed to discuss with their hardware partner to deal with correcting estimation about laptop batteries. New information will published on TechNet in time.

It also needs to confirm your laptop battery run normally. Replacement is necessary, most of cases, for a real damage founded by Windows 7.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Online computer accessory retailer USB Phone World has just been awarded the
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