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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Laptop AC adapter is required to extend the battery life especially for indoor use. In addition, the weight of an adapter is not so light. I think a spare one will relief you from everyday carry, one for work and another for home.

For Dell users, a Dell 90W AC adapter is widely welcomed for its high capacity. However, as the market is orderless, it is confused to get a high quality one with an appropriate price. Thus, I'm gonna take a brief introduction to AC adapter.

Laptop AC adapter is used to convert mains supply to laptop DC power, with many advantages not available by a coil-type transformer. The adapter comes to be small-sized, light, low-loss, high-power density with functions of wide input voltage, regulated high precision, over-current voltage protection, short circuit protection, etc. As laptop AC adapter is arranged an important task, especially for high capacity ones like Dell 90W AC Adapter, whose quality has a direct impact on the laptops.

Dell 90W AC Adapter is a breed of high capacity adapter, which is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. With a good matching, it can be compatible with many laptops. Not only the efficiency will be increased, but the heat dissipation will be better as well.

Then what should be paid attention to before purchasing a Dell 90W AC adapter?

  1. Make sure the input voltage range of the laptop AC Adapter. Usually, the range of Dell laptops is approximately 100V to 240V, which can be used normally in a foreign country, like China.

  2. The real capacity of the adapter. As enough current margin reserved in a high capacity adapter, it can replace the adapters of small nominal current. Then it won’t happen to overheat or low output voltage conditions. However, try and feel the temperature of your laptop when running with the adapter. If it is overheat, it must be poor in performance or have not enough capacity as they claimed.

  3. Make sure the output voltage and current of the Dell 90W AC adapter. Although a high current output will benefit you a lot, the value of output voltage should be controlled. With different load resistance and different overvoltage / overcurrent protection point, an unsuitable one will get your laptop at risk of no protection.

By the way, when purchasing a Dell 90W AC adapter, make sure the terminal size of DC power adapter output line. The power interface comes to be different with all laptop brands. Or the adapter will be useless.

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