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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Laptop battery life occurred to shorted after update the system from Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7. Does that mean that Windows 7 would weaken the laptop battery?

In Microsoft official BBS “TechNet”, a user claimed that his laptop battery life was cut from 2hrs to half an hour for installing Windows 7, which was contrary to what Microsoft showed in their advertisement. Doubts of this kind about batteries life come one after another in the Internet.

It is learned that the origin comes to be the additional new battery check tool, by which could judge and inform users whether to change the laptop battery. In some conditions, the system considers the battery to be exhausted even if it’s new. To make matters worse, the laptop notebook may be shut down at times.

Original occurrence could be traced from the test phase of Windows 7 Beta and official version RTM. “Everything’s normal with my laptop battery before, but after update, only 20 minutes is provided. I’m bothered about the automatically shut down of laptop in the circumstance of Windows 7.” A user exposed.

Microsoft stated that the problem should be related to reading mode of system firmware, which has existed in all sorts of laptop models. Microsoft is supposed to discuss with their hardware partner to deal with correcting estimation about laptop batteries. New information will published on TechNet in time.

It also needs to confirm your laptop battery run normally. Replacement is necessary, most of cases, for a real damage founded by Windows 7.

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