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Sunday, February 28, 2010
How can an online retailer not only grow but get their business started from
scratch in the middle of a recession?

USB Phone World
is celebrating its first four years in business, with
startlingly positive results. In the midst of recession, USB Phone World has
grown up as one of the leading online retailers of
laptop batteries,
replacement laptop power cords, and
other computer accessories.

This past year has been particularly successful for USB Phone World, in spite of
current economic conditions. In that time, sales have been particularly brisk
for laptop batteries
from the major brands.

*Dell replacement laptop
sales are up 20% over last year

*HP battery sales rose

*Replacement Toshiba
sold 27% more

The online retailer also carries
AC adaptors, and
accessories for brands such
as IBM/Lenovo
, and many others.

The big question is how this happened. How can an online retailer not only grow
but get their business started from scratch in the middle of a recession?

Their answer is simple: five star service and prices that are simply unbeatable.
Customers get all questions answered in a timely way and service issues are
minimal. On some items, USB Phone World
customers are paying as little as 50% when compared to suggested retail prices.

Their focus is to provide a better alternative for bargain hunters who may find
that they get burned on classified ad sites or auction sites. Consumers are
looking for ways to keep costs down in every aspect of the budgets, and
laptop batteries
and power cords
are no exception.

Customers are finding that USB Phone
has no trade-offs. For instance many buyers have come to expect that,
in dealing with other retailers, if the price is low the service must be poor.
Or, if the service is excellent, the prices must be sky high.

Another problem consumers face when looking for
replacement laptop batteries
is refurbished equipment with no guarantees or
support. All USB
Phone World
products are made to the highest industry standards, fully
backed up with a 30-day satisfaction warranty, and are always brand new.
USB Phone World's
customers are finding that there are no such compromises in prices, products, or

As for their plans for the future,
USB Phone World
is working to continue delivering
quality replacement
laptop batteries
. While not their initial focus, Gilbert, Arizona company
has found a tremendous demand for
AC chargers and
quality laptop

by: USB Phone World