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Monday, February 28, 2011

At present, polysilicon has mostly applied into two parts, one for solar laptop battery and another for semiconductor and electronic information industry. As a matter of fact, it has become to be popular and urgent materials in the market while the price and quantity fluctuate frequently.

These years, with the price of fossil energy rises, new power energy has turned to be a hot topic in terms of exploitation and recycling. In many countries, including Germany, Spain, US and Japan, the technology of solar energy is advancing toward maturity and protection circuit reduced. All over the world, the government has taken all efforts to support the development of polysilicon industry by subsidy and relevant supportive policies.

According to statistic analysis, only the major countries like US, Japan, Germany, Italy and China, the overall output is more than 10 million tons in last year. As a matter of fact, the consuming requirement is far more than the actual production volume. It should be mentioned that polysilicon is always in the conditions of demand exceeding.

Although in these several years, the primary materials for solar laptop battery replacement polysilicon are of high technology while not all the countries can complete the manufacturing of these materials successfully. Once the major factories come to close or reduce volume, it is bound to influence the development tendency seriously.

Obviously, as a new high-tech materials and protection equipments, the real performance of solar laptop battery to be common cannot be realized in a short period. However, from the process, we are firmly convinced that the future will be bright.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, February 27, 2011

In most cases, laptop battery will produce more and more internal resistances with the lifespan reduced. But if the reverse situation plays, do you think you are dreaming or something abnormal occurs? Of course, many insiders and users do not consider it as an accident or a factor of dangers, but we should learn about the root causes and influences clearly.

After examined by universal meter, some researchers are surprised to find that internal contamination is in a very low level which is not normal for average figures. According to the professional habits, they decide to check on all the accessories seriously even if it is not a common leader to accidents. Usually, sudden death is just caused by those abnormal conditions in advance.

The possible reasons are listed as below from a laptop battery replacement.

  1. Negative or positive pole piece and tabs

  2. Positive tab to blocks and negative tab to shell virtual welding

  3. Lack of additional electric conduction solutions for anode

  4. The problems of electrolyte

  5. Short circuit occurred before

  6. Diaphragm of small porous ratio

  7. Other hazards

All these are the key components to laptop battery performance while it is not easy to recover the standard internal capacity effectively by a simple activation or cooling down. After all, such a phenomenon has already been included by short micro short circuit according to check report. Although no serious events are available, overheating or overloading are definitely possible in next round of charge or under next time.

Thereby, we recommend an impedance instrument that can not only prevent laptop battery replacement from capacity decreasing but also short circuit and other relevant accidents. It is reasonable to know your enemy and know yourself. Control the regularity for change and get rid of damages by efficient solutions.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, February 25, 2011

Have you ever experienced that notebook computer or laptop battery cannot get enough power energy in a very low charge rate. Such a situation of juice block is caused by AC adapter damages, related to power cord, cable and other parts.

First of all, please have a physical examination on your laptop AC adapter. After all, sometimes lack of power energy has several different hazards relevant to battery capacity, computer chips and interface. It can help users to learn the performance of adapter by a substitution. Of course, we should ensure the quality of replacement AC adapter.

Normally, with the same specifications, these two devices will perform in similar conditions. Once the difference comes to be large, or the new replacement can work well but the former cannot, users should step further to figure out the root cause.

Under this circumstance, if possible, record the figures of each part by universal multimeter. According to OEM standard specifications, output voltage and current should be within a certain range. Otherwise, short or open circuit may exist inside the AC adapter or power cord. Meanwhile, meter is also useful for us to calculate the internal resistances. Then it is obvious to determine if it is damaged or just becoming aged.

In addition, juice block is likely to be influenced by power cord. Of poor contact, even if adapter is normal, power energy cannot reach laptop system and Li-Ion cells. Users should plug and unplug the cord by comparing to a high-quality one. Once it becomes to be loose or have a sense of foreign matters, we can affirm it is the problem of ports or power cords.

Of course, the problems of outlet or wall socket may also be the reasons for juice block. Therefore, checking is more important than any other operations. If all these items can confirmed, activation by charging fully can return back performance to some extent.

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by: USB Phone World

Someone told me that his laptop computer occurred to work with undesired sounds under a sole laptop battery. Is it related to batteries quality or just caused by improper options in power control?

Nearly all the laptop models have installed a cooling fan in the core and surrounding parts. Users can figure out the root causes the noise types, constantly or continuously. Both conditions have expressed the different modes of system.

In the process of charging, laptop battery will perform according to the setting in power options. As for the apparent noise, the following three patterns are included, intervideo WinDVD, always on and maximum performance. Any options out of these three items are reasonable. Among them, we recommend users to select the power usage schemes like home use, portable type, power source optimizing, timer off (presentation) and maximum battery life are preferred.

As a matter of fact, due to high loading, laptop battery cannot support these running programs like 3D games and movies normally while if AC adapter is available, the case of noise can be solved immediately. An external laptop charger has responsible to both battery capacity and chips to support all the running programs. That is to say, adapter of higher output power is suitable to keep us far away from noise.

Meanwhile, it is significant to check if another laptop replacement battery is needed. After using for more than a whole year, all the rechargeable Li-Ion batteries will be aging in all corners. If capacity reducing and it is always very hot in use, cooling fan has to turn round to cool down. That is to say, it may the high temperature that makes the fan running continuously.

All in all, the voice of consumer electronics is a distinguishing feature to work situations. Hear the voice of laptop battery to get rid of accidents and go for a laptop replacement battery soon after being damaged.

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by: USB Phone World

We don’t want to emphasize the importance of compatibility too much in selecting a replacement AC adapter. But I have still been asked if a laptop charger for other brands or models can be used temporarily for some urgent conditions? I told him that with the same output voltage, AC adapter of higher current can substitute the lower one in principle.

An integrated laptop charger is composed by power cord, cable and AC adapter. Thanks to the switch-mode power supplies inside, standard mains output voltage and current can be transmitted into the nominal value can fully charge laptop batteries. And with the universal setting, even if users may come across some different situations in the journey, AC adapter can be adapted to different input voltage.

However, when the laptop charger comes to be out of work, someone will lend another as long as the power cord is suitable. It is truth that notebook computer can recover and battery can be recharged. But when the output voltage is higher, Li-Ion batteries may be overloading and lack of power energy when voltage is lower.

As a matter of fact, the work principle of laptop charger is far more complex than we expected. Besides mains frequency, input voltage has to be filtered in waves and steady pressures and then separate into two parts. Based on higher power to batteries, replacement AC adapter has protection circuit, record of cells charging process and other accessories inside.

If possible, we recommend users to get a universal AC adapter as reserved. After all, with different specifications, all the laptop accessories can keep in good conditions if output voltage and current can be adjusted automatically. Meanwhile, please not mix with other incompatible replacement AC adapter in daily use.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, February 24, 2011
We all usually think that I use the laptop with AC Adapter or laptop battery? Can I prolong the laptop battery life if I do not use the laptop battery? How long is the span of my laptop battery? Has Li-ion laptop battery the memory effect? Lithium battery is memory effect is very small, almost zero. Can I use the AC Adapter directly? No, the reason is lithium battery inside ion if long time in a relatively quiescent state (the stationary relatie, namely the battery without electricity or a small quantity of electricity time. Long time how long? : six months or so), will completely lose store electrical energy function. If you do not want to use the laptop battery, you should charge 90% electricity of the laptop battery and pack it in cool place. In fact, a piece of eight core of lithium battery life (remember, is using life) are charging around 800-1200, if below this figure, the battery quality has a problem. How do we know we filled many times electricity? For example, the IBM ACCESS, IBM have inside a can view of the battery number, we can clearly know first charging time and battery health. Other laptop should also have such similar functions, you can look it yourself. If you are around ac adapter, you should connect the laptop with AC Adapter, ensure AC battery came on again after boot! Remember! Now, our batteries are slightly current charge, the mainboard power protection will not let machines have any questions! At this time the situation is not calculated rechargeable battery times! A year come down your battery only filling 50 times and 600 times which do you like better? Notebook computer batteries activation treatment and use if undeserved, can make your battery hurt, shorten the life of the battery. Activate cell chemicals to maximize the battery's performance, need to repeat charging and discharging (by battery is fully charged, and then to completely discharge) three times. So-called full charge is to point to: normal boot makes battery depletion to 3% battery power (preferably a drained, also can be divided into several times to power consumption, but unfavorable interval is too long time), then must be immediately to battery charging twelve when shutdown. Emphasis here must be immediately to the battery to charge the battery, because even if they do not use also can undertake ego discharge, when the battery depletion to 3% power, then if not timely for battery charging, self-discharge phenomenon is caused extremely easily battery of discharge and damage the battery. If the above operating every detail is held good, and your battery quality have no problem, can very well activation cell chemicals to maximize the battery's performance, basically battery later in normal use every time enough to 100%.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My laptop is Dell. I have used the laptop for two years, but it does not work recently. In desperation, I take the laptop to the computer repair store nearby. The boss checked it carefully and said that hard disk was broken. He told me if I want to charge the new hard disk, the price cost 80 dollars. So I said I come to here afternoon. I take some cash from the bank and I have a more intelligence. I take my laptop in my arms and go to the other computer repair shop. The store owner looked the laptop squirming around and said the ac adapter was burning out. The new one cost 45 dollars. I thought about it and said I forgot my money and I come here tomorrow. A shop than a cheap, I want to look which shop is cheaper. I go to a repair store and the owner said the laptop infected by virus, if you want to thoroughly antivirus, it cost only 15 dollars. I twist a head and then walk. At last, I found another repair store and the boss is an old man. He open the laptop and took soldering iron, counted inside without hesitation, then closed the laptop case. He smiled at me and let me try it. To my surprise, my laptop has normal running. I was very excited and asked how much. The old man said the laptop just dropped a line, I embarrassed accept your money. I gave the money to the boss resolutely. He received me 3 dollars. I said I will find you to repair laptop later on. He answered what? I never repaired laptop, I can repair radio only. You repaired my laptop just now. The boss was very surprised. He thought it was a new radio and blamed me that I should to told him in ahead of time, in case repair it was broken. I go out and looked the doorplate, it was a radio repair store. I feel it was too interesting. Through the case, we can saw there are many profiteer in the market, laptop users should sharpen your eyes to choose a formal store to repair your laptop or laptop battery dell.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, February 21, 2011

Speaking of travel charger, many users may be confused of its functions and work principle, definitely different from traditional ones in some features. Currently, the equipments for trip have become more and more fruitful than ever while these supportive accessories can be applied more conveniently according to these updated functions.

In short, such new travel adapter has composed with laptop battery and AC charger as a whole. In early times, with produced by simple capacitive divider, it is most likely to come across damages and other accidents. To pursue for better stability, switch-mode supply has been one of the basic factors.

Through selective examination of about 5 travel chargers, they can work normal to fully charge the whole battery after plugging for three whole days. Of course, it doesn’t mean that no cases by accidents will occur one day.

Seen from the shell, some AC chargers are marked with intelligence and programming control CPU which should be selected cautiously. In different stages and eras, both original and compatible products will have different work conditions and options in actual work.

In particular, similar to most consumer electronics, there’s no need to place too much emphasis on additional functions but security and stability more. We cannot predict the places or other hazards in long journey so that it is of great significance to reply on high-quality laptop battery and AC adapter.

Since external laptop batteries are of much higher prices, travel AC charger seems to be an appropriate one to last standby time longer. As to different types, they need to fully charging more hours than nominal value while overcharging is still dangerous.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, February 20, 2011

It occurs to a tide that no laptop battery should have a large size in weight and shape while internal capacity should be increased in such a smaller condenser. Do you think it is impossible to release or worry about the security and stability?

Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop battery, compatible with all other sorts of MP numbers comes to inflict a decisive defeat in actual internal capacity. At the very beginning, it is installed with only 6 primary lithium-ion cells with output voltage of 11.1V and current of 4400mAh. To be surprised, only in a short period, the battery is developing into 9-cell and even 12-cell d5318 which has become popularized on the Internet.

It is universally acknowledged that this Dell Inspiron laptop battery is not expanding the shell shape with electrochemical properties updating that is caused by cells compound mode and internal circuits design. Compared with the original and last section, we can figure out these changes are achieved in silence only inside the battery cubicle.

Of course, such 12-cell lithium-ion laptop batteries are not only for Dell inspiron 1525 laptop battery but become more and more common in USB Phone Word. Including Acer laptop battery, Toshiba replacement laptop battery and battery for hp laptop, they have all such technologies in increasing performance.

Nowadays, it is available for us to improve the durability without increasing cells quantity but other solutions by new materials and electrolyte. Under that circumstance, powerful laptop battery doesn’t need to increase its shape in thickness and length. High energy density is no longer aspiration but reality to us whenever we want to go for a business trip, long journey or outside work.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, February 17, 2011

Speaking of HP, maybe most of you can check on your own laptop computer to express your own experience. As the largest PC supplier in the world, HP laptop battery is still proud to service a great number of customers while the challenges are fruitful as well.

Last year is supposed to be an extraordinary year for HP to meet with many gates events from graphics card to laptop battery. It is unavoidable that a large company, electronic products in particular to get rid of damages from external and internal dangerous factors. After all, without proper policies and management system, any manufacturer can come across similar accidents or even worse.

Of course, it is amazing that HP laptop battery hasn't been stroke down by thus events but taking more effective measures, such as acquisition plans and other researches. Under the unique stage of lithium-ion batteries and other additional functions in PC, it is an urgent issue about how to master the latest technologies which can be popularized by terminal users and proved to be useful in actual work.

Meanwhile, these new technologies may also have born with potential problems to threat security and stability. Just like what they did on the current consumer electronics, overheating and destroying are the powerful examples for us to pay more attention to the details in circuit design and hardware establishing.

It is absolutely truth that science has already brought us to a new era in daily life with many convenient devices and a new life style by these technologies. We are fortunate that we have our own way to attribute to the development tendency even though we are not a member of manufacturers or science analysis. As long as imagination and passion are available, any other reasonable results can be realized in the near future.

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by: USB Phone World

A Japanese professor has put forwards a supposition that completely solid laptop battery is considered to be safer. Compared to liquid electrolyte, this updated device is not only of higher security but can realize high pressure laminating through battery series unit layer as well. As matter of fact, it no longer stays in the age of imagination but in the process of experiment.

In a library of Osaka Prefecture University, the researchers have taken advantage of lithium-ions of relevant conductivity to switch into sulphide electrolyte borosilicate glass. Devoted into complete solid battery research, recently he has also released a further report of his achievements.

Among these components and circuits of laptop battery, only lithium-ions will move automatically while others are static without migration, which is acknowledged to be the safest state to users.

In addition, solid substances are not available to be incendive. Thanks to the properties of standstill, it has contributed a lot to prevent negative ions from moving to last longer. By disposing active materials, we are likely to reduce interfacial resistances between solid electrolytes, which prove that completely solid laptop battery is closer to the way of practical proposition.

It is certainly that the experiment and relevant researching will continue from now on while the structure of solid laptop battery will be born with actual stable performance and other features. As for the whole industry, this launch of project has contributed to the advanced research in basic science. And then, as long as the pattern is proved to be feasible, maybe one day there’s no use for us to worry about overheating or other serious accidents in charging batteries.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dell Inspiron series, as is manufactured for personal terminal users, have already occupied a large market share. Compared to Latitude business series, the design of both hardware and software seems to be more humanized. With high cost performance, it stimulates users to take use of imagination to create a space owned by themselves, such as high capacity and fewer cells.

Normally, Dell Inspiron laptop battery is specialized by its faster system speed, latest high technology and suitable sales price. Without requiring for long-term service life and controlled development rate, it has won the hearts of PC users in both personal and the whole family. Pursue for personality and cost performance, Inspiron is always the star series for us by bright color and perfect specifications.

As to all of us, we can no longer satisfied with the current situations of certain laptop computers while the exhibition and some electronic magazines have released some new discovers in the market. That is to say, Dell should only occupy the technology and stability in these areas that it can inspires users to continue create their business again in Inspiron systems.

To achieve the high-end products in reality, Dell has taken great efforts in terms of researching, testing, designing and so on. We cannot deny that we are waiting for new updated stable battery and adapter products with larger capacity and longer standby time. Meanwhile some additional functions out of our imagination but actually required by us potentially will also be considered by new Inspiron series.

Anyway, there still needs some period to exam the performance thoroughly by selection of accessories and maintenance. After all, good products won't display well without cares and updating. Especially for consumer electronics, not only the lifespan is limited, but the technology and other internal situations will be left behind one day even if it may be high-end at first.


by: USB Phone World

Not only users but also researchers are seriously cared about work temperature and rising process a lot. However, compared to charging and working situations, discharging hasn’t been realized by us in its influence on temperature increasing, but you will change your mind after reading the following report.

As to laptop battery accessories, the varied conditions are as follows.

Nickel li-polymer will arise work temperature with the invariable discharge magnification. So are aluminium and copper plating nickel tabs.

Once the rate comes to be lower, the cells at the end of discharge will emit heat instead of tab, which performs to be weak.

Once the rate comes to be higher, both cells at the end and tabs at the beginning will emit heat with time goes by.

In addition, internal contaminates won’t exist balanceable inside laptop batteries while it depends actual temperature of all the parts. Generally anode will contribute more to resistances increasing. Under this circumstance, as at the stage of discharge, current transmits from anode to cathode and heat as well.

If calculate the acreage of pole and heat transfer fluid, we can figure out how much galvanic current have these two components already loaded. In most cases, the current increases with certain areas. After that, with pole installed in a higher level, the laptop battery can have better rejection of heat as heat is usually passed up.

With the help of infrared video camera, it is obviously for us to learn about work temperature of all the components so as to prevent it from serious accidents in time. Whether for charge or discharge, it is unreasonable to treat it lightly in detriment.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Since last year, environmental protection has just started to be swim into focus. Affected by global warming, the industry of consumer electronics, especially for the factories, has obligated the major responsibility to reduce pollutions and utilize some green technologies and materials in the future.

Traced back to the history, laptop battery has contaminated the environment not for production process but affected by improper recycling methods more. Of course, the reasons are complex, including solution, cost and feasibility. Meanwhile, another paradoxical effect is that only a few industry insiders are familiar with recycling by processing mode.

First of all, it is important for us to learn about recycling scope clearly. Except for dead ones, defective and damaged batteries are also involved in this list. Through the average level of production efficiency, problems are common for manufacturers according to the strict inspection standards. It used to be uncertain for the settlement before to deal with these products.

In addition, some suppliers are taking advantage of recycling measures to produce refurbished laptop battery of very low cost. Such scandals are no longer limited by the individual workshops but large enterprises as well, which is really appalling news to us. Obviously, the confusion of recycling seems to be more urgent than we expected.

Furthermore, an investigation has been put into effect about how to recovery processing these laptop batteries. To be disappointed, nearly most of professionals of researchers and other employees don’t recognize the items up till now while they realized that they should gain more useful knowledge later.

On the other hand, it emerges to be complicated to deal with recycling batteries so that only relevant organizations have caught these items clearly. In my opinion, like lithium-ion cells suppliers, we can establish a cooperation with these organizations to keep these products going green and instruct our customers.

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by: USB Phone World

Learning from three characteristics of substances, everything in this nature is mutual, instinct, interlinked and rational. Just as we need to have breathe, these subjects themselves will release power energy and spontaneous combustion.

After duplicate tests and trituration, physical laptop battery can resist the external temperature of more than 3000 without retrogradation or dilapidation in magnetic chips. With the help of security system, even though metal particles have already entered into conditions of spontaneous combustion, other circuits and components have already become out of work, which is impossible to cause larger damages.

Meanwhile, overheating is still dangerous to laptop computer battery in performance, so it is still in the process of developing to have a new magnetic chip of lower work temperature. After all, endurance is not a guarantee to high-quality and stable conditions. Once something serious came across, the whole battery is just destroyed thoroughly.

Many users think that electricity energy is produced from power plant and transferred by metal wires, which is correct to some extent but large difference to the practical situation. As a matter of fact, it is the metal materials that provide enough power energy to users while the station works to improve the current and speed of electricity transmission and energesis.

Thereby, two different conductive wires will be definitely different from each other in terms of strain. In the process of charging, one of them is out of use, regarded as standby application.

If a block of metal is stored without any connection to outside, it is likely to unleash the energy in the way of disintegration or annihilation. Likewise, installed into a magnetic implement, it will also control respiratory frequency by the size of hole. Under the circumstance of small hole, more power energy is available to users due to high charge rate and vice versa.

Based on degradation of magnetic isolation technology, physical laptop computer battery has simplified the power-supply modes in extremely safe structure. Come up to natural law, electricity inside is nearly inexhaustible.


by: USB Phone World
Monday, February 14, 2011

Generally speaking, most parts of negative composition inside laptop battery are determined by internal resistances and the difference to actual capacity. Of course, these two figures can be transmitted to different levels of performance when required situations are varied. Hence, this simple indicating device is absolutely necessary.

Composed by sensory unit and transformation components, the transducer can record the output voltage and current in all conditions while these figures cannot be figured out directly. So are conduction and domination. For this reason, the updated section has applied with electrical signal directly to complete indicating by measuring circuit which can check on real-time output power.

In addition, with the development of integrated circuit technique, the former output power energy from transformation components is still hard to indicate, record and deal with large amount of indexes so that circuits come to be chipset gradually. Subsidiary by external supply, complicated new types of components have come into being like bridge, modulation control, oscillate and high input impedance non-inverting circuit.

Therefore, laptop battery life can be calculated by set procedures instead of measured by pure specifications carefully. Still, some professionals in the industry don’t believe in such new devices but the classical universal electric meter as a substituent.

It is truth that maybe in terms of accuracy, these transducers are not perfect enough to pit against meters to some extent, but what about the process of calculation? After all, except for capacity and nominal value, there’re many other factors to influence on actual standby time of laptop batteries.

Anyway, the two simple ways are still regarded as the first-class ones in the market to learn about internal resistance and current capacity according to my own opinion. As for beginners, I recommend to use transducer which won’t cost you too much time in the course.

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by: USB Phone World

Pit against batteries, laptop AC adapter seems to be weak in both functions and price. However, these images are far away from the hard truth in this industry. As a specialized but necessary device for laptop computer, in the long process it hasn’t be replaced by other solar battery or DC charger, which depends on the classic design and complex internal structure.

As is known to all, there’re about two basic effects from AC adapter to be both transformer and stabilizer. Even so, according to its exposed view of power supply, it is always working in a varied condition by the form of sine. It has really added high pressure to users in keep this regulation continuing in a perfect tendency while any hazards are possible to push it to a wrong track.

Thanks to linear voltage stabilization, not only the mains frequency can be confirmed but also output voltage and current can be provided normally without exceptions, related to work principle of AC power.

Alternating current is discovered by Nikola Tesla in last century. Generally, it depends on size and directs to complete periodic variation in voltage and current by the basic form of harmonic current. According to different mains supply, it will also perform diversely with time goes by while the applied range and effects will be different from each other.

In the process of charging, AC adapter has aroused electromagnetic inductions to provide voltage regulation. Applied with pulse technology, it is likely to work stably with suitable power energy in all aspects. In fact, periodical changes are caused by uniform rotation of coil in magnetic field. That is to say, although we find that the electricity voltage regulates gradually, the performance of this product is just keeping in a certain situation.


by: USB Phone World
Sunday, February 13, 2011

Searching on the search engines, all sorts of news about mobile phone adapters are all around us to be terrible. Although we can charge our consumer electronics much more rapidly by higher technology, it seems to become more dangerous to come over damages and other serious events.

By contrast, laptop AC adapter comes to be safer due to less negative news, but what’s the reality?

Judged by internal structure, output voltage and current have determined more about actual performance of chargers for both cell phone and laptop computer. Transferring from the same external power supply, we can figure out the pressure differences inside the former are higher than the latter that can prove the risks of dangers obviously.

Prevailed in carbon green opinions, sorts of measures can be applied to achieve electronics products of environmental friendly. With time goes by, solar AC adapter is well-known in the industry in both functions and advantages. Just as transmitting sunlight energy into electricity by plants, such a charger is likely to provide power energy in any places.

With a PV battery board installed inside, it can store the power energy through photosynthesis and then connect to certain laptop without outlet outside, which is really convenient to those who are engaged in field work or other occupations.

Applied with solar technology, replacement external charger for cell phones will no longer work under such a high pressure. That’s why such products are more popularized by cell phone users than laptop computer users at present.

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by: USB Phone World

It is obviously that lithium-ion laptop battery has standby time according to setting on indicators or the default settings. Once you are going to have a meeting or business trip outside, the first matter for us to do is just fully charging the batteries before taking away. However, we are confused if such an action is necessary for daily life?

As a matter of fact, no one can confirm that how much capacity will be reduced by each turn of charge in actual performance. By some testing software, lifespan is likely to emerge in these diverse options while reduction occurs with ages.

Under this circumstance, it is unavoidable for users to come across power failure since the remained recharging cycles are close to the deadline. But if thus conditions can be predicted before, we are available to get rid of damaging in other accessories and devices caused by exhausted batteries.

First of all, let’s have an outlook on influence of each turn in fully charging the external laptop battery. Normally we consider that only in the situations that nearly all the power energy is consumed will AC adapter restart the next turn of charging. But the fact is far away from imagination. With a little difference from each PC brand, the setting of batteries is varied from 90% to 98%, which are all wide spreads to the ideal conditions.

Recharging cycles cannot be calculated by usage days but the capacity, requirements and even maintenance. To be sure, everyday laptop battery will consume at least 10 times according to this work principle, which is really a horrific figure to us.

Thereby, it has involved in unplugging the power code and turning off the outlet once it is out of use to optimize external laptop battery. Normally, the most direct way is just the most effective way to us. Meanwhile, by assistant methods like activation and cooling fan will help us to take fully use of capacity to increase last time.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, February 11, 2011

It is universally acknowledged that lithium-ion laptop battery has complex structure in tabs design. Under high multiplying power, we have to adjust this part automatically to be adapted to external conditions. Normally, several tabs will be welded into electrode pole piece in winding structure. Therefore, inside the batteries, resistances can be reduces and separated to diverse districts.

Comparatively speaking, lamination needs to have a reversed tab design structure in lithium-ion laptop battery chips. There’s an anode and cathode tab in either side and then connect both by stables to discharge in a large output current equably.

It is said that as to fixed shape, multifold tabs installed inside lithium-ion external laptop battery will reduce the nominal capacity and vice versa. After sealing standards increasing in aluminum-plastic diaphragm, some undesirable phenomena are likelier to emerge between diaphragm and tabs to lead to short circuit, flatulence, leakage and other hidden dangers. In most cases, manufacturers prefer to use electrode of both sides in tab design while same side for larger laptop batteries, which can meet the requests of maximum discharge current.

Great mass of investigators are prepared to improve laptop battery multiplying power through tabs, electrode and electrolyte materials. After optimizing its prescription, someone has cranked out the batteries of 1100mAh and 167℉ in max surface temperature and increased to 181℉ when magnification is adjusted to 23C. It has proved that discharge performance is possible to ameliorate by measures as above but hard to solve them from overheating which is related to cooling rate.

By improvement of discharge ratio, laptop battery capacity is reduced in a very low rate while no ballooning phenomenon will occur in 30C rate of discharge. Such a solution can prove the laptop battery is of good performance. According to analysis, in high-rate discharge, we can apply into brass tabs and rate of heat removal will be more effective.

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by: USB Phone World

In the past, with lower doorsill, all kinds of enterprises are coming to electronic industry to take a share of the spoils. Thus, it turns to be chaotic are products of different levels are full of the market. After experiencing a few periods, as we are greeting a new era in both technology and requirements, these small ones gradually are not powerful and stable enough to cope with the challenges.

As a matter of fact, the quantity of laptop charger has increased nearly every single year. Still, the consumption of resources is another big problem in business. Compared to chargers and batteries in other areas, vehicles and accumulator cells involved, such an index is of small range. At the stage of fast development, environmental protection is generally praised by institutions and investors.

With global energy structure developing into green, new resources composed by plumbic acid and other electrolytic capacitors are hopeful to become new cause of market profits. So far, specialized power wind and solar energies are filled with fruitful demands by increasing rapidly. Nearly each of them has figured out its advantages in nature revolution and development, large enterprises have taken actions in establishing more factories all over the world.

In the relevant area of future technologies and production facilities, especially for those new solar and energy conversion products, high prices have frightened away a large amount of enterprises. It is really an obvious difference between great asset and loss. After all, the rare but necessary notebook ac adapter gateway will arouse many professional researchers and users from all corners in very high sales price.

According to another report, laptop charger in the future is sure to occupy a leading brand position after entering into new resources area in both exploitation and deliberation. By huge capital chain to be backup force, even though it may need a long time to be popularized, it can keep these enterprises to be the first in the industry without any loss in other areas.

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by: USB Phone World

With the PC field develop, most of people use the Win7 operating system. Many people say Win 7 will damage the laptop battery in other day. Why? The opinion is wrong. The truth is part of the particular type of notebook users upgrade the system to Win7 and they find the standby time is shorter than before. The laptop battery lasts half an hour. In fact, the source of the problem is Windows 7 adds a new tool about checking the laptop battery. Advices from foreign countries, Windows 7 gives untrustworthy battery stats. It means the electric quantity is unlikelihood. In a word, it is show the wrong information and does not damage the laptop battery. These battery problem, because the battery information to detect errors caused, if the battery itself no damage, your battery should be normal, does not exist battery was trashed. Events for the system performance of the laptop battery power misstatement low or misstatement battery life has come, besides problems, may not with this event related. From the technical level speak, update ACPI drive is useless, because all OEM released ACPI drivers are driving ACPI function expansion with, for instance, you have your notebook vendor unique quick buttons let you click can open wireless card, such function need OEM released ACPI driver support, of course, there are still probably plus wireless console application software such as OEM to match the function. So we could not trust rumors.


by: USB Phone World
Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ni-Zn laptop battery is rare in the market while we can only find Ni-cd, Ni-mh and Li-ion ones. As a matter of fact, Ni-Zn has already been taken advantages in other electronic products, such as digital camera and some battery-operated toys. However, it is really a hard nut to crack so that some Japanese manufacturers who have achieved significant results before decide to give up.

In fact, a century ago, Thomas Edison has realized the potential power of Ni-Zn batteries and conducted a study. Limited by technology, he hasn’t well developed and then Ni-cd and other metal hydrides become commercialized successfully.

According to analysis, Ni-cd batteries are bad to environment and died out for its memory effect. Some periods later, Ni-mh battery is influenced by hypertoxic problems and passivation phenomenons even if less memory effect exist.

At the beginning of last year, a little-known American company Power Genix announced the launch of brand new Ni-Zn rechargeable batteries. Since such an old technology is refurbished, especially in improving electrolyte and electrode formula, they are concerned by others in further generalization and actual performance.

Ni-Zn laptop battery has higher output voltage due to the powerful cells. In the past, Grade AA cells can only reach 1.2V while that is Ni-Zn ones are of about 1.6V which is appropriate for those consumer electronics of 1.5V. Meanwhile, they won’t produce much more heat than former conditions.

Since Ni and Zn are both metals easily to be recycled, this sort of laptop batteries will be more environmental friendly.

Despite of powerful functions, Ni-Zn laptop battery is still in the process of researching even if it hasn’t been popularized in other areas. Electrolyte and cells structure are the present objects in the market.

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by: USB Phone World

Speaking of convenience, there’re different sorts of opinions put forwards by all walks of life. From solar energy to built-in AC adapter, it is hard for us to have a united definition to the forms and additional functions of laptop charger.

Last month, our company has collected the common schemes of multifunctional fabrication in the market.

First of all, it is welcomed by most of users that even cheap laptop AC adapter should provide enough power energy by higher charge rate and stable conditions. Without good performance in charging, any other advantages are in van. Thus, whether solar technology or other chemical elements, such a result is bound to be development tendency in the future.

In addition, weight and size reduction is another urgent issue to us. When taking laptop charger out, it is another burden except for laptop computer itself. The black box in particular, in some cases, we just have no space in laptop bag to accommodate it.

Next, how to solve the necessity to mains supply and outlet is important. In a business trip or group outing, sometimes external power supply is unavailable while we couldn’t get useful information while it is pity for us to miss such a good chance to have a research or deal with a project.

Finally, someone even proposed that laptop battery is of all right to substance laptop charger by technology updated. Such as solar batteries, we get power energy from sunlight and store it inside this external condenser. Accordingly, it is needless for us to owe any AC adapters.

Actually, more and more other schemes are existed on the Internet and in our minds, which has determined the reformation of consumer electronics in this period of science transition. Where to go is not only laptop charger but other types of products and relevant enterprises as well. Take fully use of your imagination and e-mail us and you can get surprises that you will be next inventor in this era.

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by: USB Phone World
As we all know, Apple, Dell, Sony, HP are all the giant of PC field. But they meet the same problem that is the case of recall. Why is the laptop battery electrical quantity less and less? Use cell calibration function will let electricity restore part? You should know the battery power calculation. In spite of the nimh battery, now with the lithium ion battery, or unusual li-ion polymer battery, even the future star of the silver zinc battery. They are equivalent to a storage power of the warehouse. The difference is outbound way and inventory capacity. In laptop battery, it has a power calculation chip. It manage the laptop battery, power calculation, discharge. In the measurement of battery technology, there are 4 common ways, but different brands of laptop batteries is not only a method by which power consumption are usually several ways to use integrated, with a main method, and the remaining Auxiliary power calculation means to achieve the calculation and management. The first is the open circuit voltage measurements, this method is by measuring the battery voltage in the stationary state values to calculate the remaining battery capacity, but because the lithium-ion battery voltage and remaining capacity of the rest of the relationship between the non-linear, Therefore, this method does not accurately measure the value of the vast majority of cell phone batteries have adopted this method of calculation; second is called Coulomb calculation, the method is by measuring the battery charge and discharge current, the current value and time value calculated by integrating the product of the battery after the charge and the release into the power of electricity, Coulomb calculation method is a more accurate calculation of power; third is the impedance measurement, it is obtained by measuring the resistance of the battery remaining battery capacity value; fourth is a comprehensive look-up table, by setting a related table, the voltage, current, temperature and other parameters input, you can check the remaining battery capacity obtained. I think you know the tips of the battery cells very well now.

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It is obviously that solar laptop battery hasn’t got appreciate development level in 2010. After PV technology has widespread in the whole world, much more manufacturers are taking great efforts in this new area. Except for other skills, the material polysilicon has played an important role in PV or IC industry.

However, according to some consulting reports, 2011 will vary this tendency in a great degree. As a matter of fact, last month has established a stable status for polysilicon. There’s no denying that such a variation has already arisen its price while non-polysilicon laptop batteries have possessed the advantages of low production price, suitable to mass production, good high-temperature behavior and other factors.

Meanwhile, the critical devices have also released that solar laptop battery can achieve high performance with very low cost yield by diaphragm materials, which is put forward by Internal technology skills by advanced level.

Primarily, the cost of diaphragm laptop batteries is come from constant cost of equipment investment. After all, compared to polysilicon ones, they need production lines by at least 7 times. Once they can be put into mass production, it is bound to reduce its cost and remain the former natures.

It is certainly that as to polysilicon and diaphragm, these two types of laptop batteries have their own specialized merits and demerits. Currently, run by PV technology routine, it is really difficult to say who can occupy the mainstream. After all, they both have to lay out dramatic breakthroughs and overcome their weaknesses.

Anyway, since these two laptop batteries are necessary to accept investment in a large sum, once certain technology is eliminated by the market, equivalent investment enterprises are bound to be influenced seriously, which are just what the manufacturers have to prepare. Some of them are establish more and more production lines of polysilicon battery and invest on diaphragm one on the other side.

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by: USB Phone World

Besides solar laptop battery, from the start of this year, a great revolution has changed the whole electronic industry a lot. Relevant organizations and management departments have formulated a new entry rules and conditions to raise the threshold of production. Therefore, laptop battery charger will become harder to be available to the market if it hasn’t met such a standard.

In USB Phone World and other adapter providers, AC adapter is much cheaper than laptop batteries in sales price. Except for production cost, the attitude of the market has also influence it to some extent. It is universally acknowledged that more and more researchers are studying how to improve the functions of batteries to replace laptop battery charger.

Under this circumstance, is it still necessary to put forward this new regulation of AC adapter production? I think yes.

In one aspect, it needs a long term for battery to substitute charger in actual work even if it may have been released. In addition to security and strict examination, the usage habits of users are not easily to be changed. Just as lithium-ion condensers, although they have been proved in theory and experiments, it has taken them almost half a century to achieve popularity.

In another aspect, AC adapter is sensitive to external conditions in each component, including switch-mode power supplies, transformer and laptop power cord. Working under high pressure and large external power supply, only those high-quality chargers can get rid of overheating accidents.

As to users, no fine introduction is better than actual new higher threshold of production standards. Apart from anything else, the breakdowns occurred by accident in the process of manufacturing are common. In the past, we are troubled by confused level of AC adapter in performance without suitable management measures provided. Of course, 2011 is bound to bring us to a new area with more combative contests.

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by: USB Phone World