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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Besides solar laptop battery, from the start of this year, a great revolution has changed the whole electronic industry a lot. Relevant organizations and management departments have formulated a new entry rules and conditions to raise the threshold of production. Therefore, laptop battery charger will become harder to be available to the market if it hasn’t met such a standard.

In USB Phone World and other adapter providers, AC adapter is much cheaper than laptop batteries in sales price. Except for production cost, the attitude of the market has also influence it to some extent. It is universally acknowledged that more and more researchers are studying how to improve the functions of batteries to replace laptop battery charger.

Under this circumstance, is it still necessary to put forward this new regulation of AC adapter production? I think yes.

In one aspect, it needs a long term for battery to substitute charger in actual work even if it may have been released. In addition to security and strict examination, the usage habits of users are not easily to be changed. Just as lithium-ion condensers, although they have been proved in theory and experiments, it has taken them almost half a century to achieve popularity.

In another aspect, AC adapter is sensitive to external conditions in each component, including switch-mode power supplies, transformer and laptop power cord. Working under high pressure and large external power supply, only those high-quality chargers can get rid of overheating accidents.

As to users, no fine introduction is better than actual new higher threshold of production standards. Apart from anything else, the breakdowns occurred by accident in the process of manufacturing are common. In the past, we are troubled by confused level of AC adapter in performance without suitable management measures provided. Of course, 2011 is bound to bring us to a new area with more combative contests.

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