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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
As laptop computer is a complicated consumer electronic device, all the parts and accessories need power energy to run that has very high requirements in consumption and compatibility. Under this circumstance, there’re several factors related to laptop charger.

The main Laptop AC adapter is composed by a main power chip, switch mode and protection circuit. To fit these laptop computers well, we have installed high-quality chip by precise design to expand the compatible range and mains supply around the whole world ranges from 100V to 240V while the nominal value of protection circuit is exactly the same as OEM specs.

As a matter of fact, the internal memory is also closely relevant to laptop AC adapter is real status. Thanks to the upgraded design in main chip, DDR of all versions can be benefited well by more power energy. Without the help of output power, any internal or external memory won’t work well with suitable work efficiency. And the switch mode inside can also avoid short circuited.

After calculating the specifications of laptop charger, those new upgraded AC adapters can be of low consumption and better compatibility with improved charging and power supplying solutions applied. Usually, inside the chip, there’ll also be a small control circuit inside to avoid overheating, overcharging and overloading.

Other accessories for charger and laptop have come down to screen, heat radiator, temperature transmitter, audio power amplifier. All these are necessary to laptop AC adapter to be more safe and stable in actual work.

Of course, with the chip functions to be updated, the roles of these charger or laptop parts have been reduced. However, it doesn’t mean they can be weaker or ignored. In contrary, our designers have also worked hard to make them work better and more humanized in the process of charging.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, January 30, 2012

Since Kodak has applied for bankruptcy, the whole consumer electronic and financial industry is watching what is the next step for Kodak and if there will be great revolution in the market. Just at this moment, Kodak is discussing with Natcore Technology Co. about the new solar battery with flexible thin film solar cells based on CNT(carbon nano tube) that is much cheaper than traditional solar batteries.

With the technologies developed, the capacity, compatibility and functions of batteries are facing with great challenges as other electronic accessories are in the process of fast developing. That is why solar battery has been more and more popular. After all, convenience and longer standby time is in sore need.

kodak, solar battery, thin film solar cell

However, as to Kodak, the challenge is more than the necessary of the solar batteries but the brand and product catalogue as well. The difficulty in transformation is usually out of our imagination.

As a famous brand in digital cameras, Kodak is thinking hard about how to transfer the scope of business when applying for bankruptcy. The new department is going to complete all these tasks in 2013.

Up till now, Kodak hasn’t released any news about the new thin film solar cell and solar battery to the public media.

In solar industry, Kodak who has got new patent technology in thin film solar cells is preparing to improve the new film sensitive material manufacturing skills and take use of it to popularize their new solar batteries. Of course, it depends on the requirements of solar battery in the future and the market share Kodak can get based on this new technology.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

An intense discussion is around iPad3 that the screen will be better and be compatible to more external devices and internal programs. It is certainly that laptop LCD screen will be paid more attentions by the whole industry thanks to the success of Apple. Up till now, no one can beat iPhone, iPad and Macbook well in this part.

If so, the power supply will be urgently be updated if some other laptops are going to get more market share under the current situations. It should be of higher output power, wider compatibility, reasonable work temperature, light size, good contact, appearance, interface and so on.

laptop lcd screen

Normally, an upgraded laptop screen is in need of an updated power supply in both charger and battery. In terms of charger, it is easy to handle as long as it can fit and keep connecting with laptop interface and socket or outlet smoothly. In terms of battery, it seems to be more complex, which is relevant to battery capacity, output voltage, electric current, size, shape, color, protection circuits, stability and other characteristics.

Just as iPhone 4s, although it is welcomed over the whole world with the new released phone system, new siri personal audio assistant, and larger internal memory, it is limited by standby time thanks to the lithium-ion batteries. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the battery for iPhone 4s is weaker than before, but the consumption of new system and upgraded phone screen is much higher than old version and many other cell phones in the market.

For this reason, if we can expand the battery capacity and improve the actual performance of power supply, we can win more customers when our laptop screens are better and better. And these new laptop system, motherboard and internal memory need more power energy to work smoothly and normally. Otherwise, it will run into poor contact, slow running and weaker performance. And it turns to the laptop power supplies to step up to the plate.

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by: USB Phone World
Saturday, January 28, 2012

Radiation is always an unsolved problem even if all the other technologies have developed very fast with time goes by. Speaking of a sole laptop computer, the radiation has covered laptop screen, keyboard, charger, mouse, battery, drive, CPU and so on.

It is reported that the laptop LET radiation and released heat have seriously influenced on our health, including potentia generandi. Long-term high LET radiation will also lead to the damages on nervous system and immunologic system directly. To be more seriously, it will even be the main cause of angiocardiopathy, diabetes mellitus, mutations in oncogenes and abortion. Normally, the most common damages have influenced on vision, memory and liver hematopoiesis functions.

laptop computers, high let radiation

Among all these laptop computers, the main part that release high LET radiation is just the laptop charger. In the process of work, it will release more heat to outside world to be security. That is why old and weak AC adapters are more dangerous than brand new ones thanks to more internal resistances. That is why we recommend users to replace the whole charger instead of the power cord or connector tip if it has served you for years or come to be weaker than before in output power.

As 2012 has reached, more and more people have paid attention to the topic of environmental protection. Network covered, usually the suppliers and manufacturers are thinking hard about how to relief these laptop computers successfully from high LET radiation.

From our perspective on it, these batteries, chargers, memories, screens and other laptop accessories should develop more rapidly than before to reduce the output radiation just as they have worked well in technologies, effects, efficiency, lifespan and compatibility.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

As to terminal users, laptop battery power energy has great significance to users in last time, running speed, compatibility and so on. But how to measure the actual capacity and output power? How to judge if the given specifications are the same as the fact? Let’s help you to get the correct answer.

Generally, there’re two methods to check if the batteries are fully charged by measure the current and internal resistances or connect it with an additional resistance to check the output eletric current.

capacity, output power, battery

The advantage of the first method is convenience as it can judge the output power of certain battery directly by the right current value while the disadvantage is the large checking electric current that is above the limitation of discharging and will reduce the battery lifespan to some extent.

The advantage of the second method it the low checking electric current and security in the process of work. Generally speaking, it won’t have any damage to certain battery in lifespan but the disadvantage is inconvenience in operation.

With time goes by, the internal resistances have increasing and actual output power has decreasing. That is why these batteries cannot last so long enough as before. And the old battery won’t have the same output power as the brand new one for this reason. Of course, as to the new purchased version, there shouldn’t be too much difference.

Except for the capacity and output power, the recharging cycles are important factor as to lithium-ion battery, especially for secondary versions. As to us, BIOS info is helpful to us to learn if you have proper maintenance tips and good performance at present. And users can also judge if certain battery is brand new, used, old or refurbished by BIOS. After all, properties of batteries are closed related to our work, laptop and work efficiency.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

In these years, the development tendency of laptop history, the size has become more attractive with light weight and thin size but large screen. Just as the Sony and Apple versions, many users, especially for female users, the appearance has paid great influence on the final decision in purchasing replacement laptop computers.

new laptop of attractive size

Compared to the laptop size, the internal configuration has become the limitation to users in actual performance and compatibility. As to most of laptop manufacturers, if they don’t have their own technologies in all the internal parts, they have to be limited by laptop accessories like CPU, motherboard, battery, hard drive and so on. Or they have to cost more to make the whole device thinner. That is why Apple has better social reputation in both aspects, but the compatibility of IOS system has become another problem.

Will additional functions make these thin laptops of larger size or poor internal structure?

According to the current situation, on no account can we avoid larger laptop size if we need to add more additional functions inside or reduce the actual performance of these new installed accessories to be adapted to the small laptop size. From this point of view, users need to get balance between these two factors and cost performance.

The advantages of Apple have shown us the answer and future development tendency. Nowadays, Apple has occupied larger and larger market share in cell phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, ebooks, laptop system and so on. It is obviously that although it is not cheap enough, more and more users consider it of high cost performance thanks to the all functions and appearance that have met the diverse requirements.

In my point of view, it is certainly to laptop accessories are the core parts to users to be related to both laptop size and internal structure functions. That is why we should work harder to meet more users’ requirements from now on.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

These years, except for consumer electronic products problems themselves, after-sale service is another important factor for users to think of when judging the performance of certain product. After all, if we have run into some accidental cases, users have to rely on the after-sale customer service to solve the problems.

After-sale service, consumer electronic suppliers

What consumer electronic suppliers should provide in after-sale service?

Usually consumer electronics have warranty from 1 year to 3 years. It is very dangerous to select a brand new product without any warranty or just a short period. As to the warranty, merchants should support customers to meet all sorts of demands in using these products in operation, maintenance, proper installing ways, technique support and other helpful information. If there’s something wrong with the electronics, refund or replacement is necessary to solve the problem if repairing cannot be reached or effected.

Some suppliers ask for depreciation cost from terminal users.

As for terminal users, it is really very disappointed and angry to get a wrong or poor consumer electronic product online. Although it can work normally for a while, it will be so bad if it cannot last very long. Therefore, if they are asked for depreciation cost, the suppliers are not very professional and bring more negative reputations from the customers.

Some other important elements for users to think about

To avoid the contradictory conflict, users need to ask more clearly about the return policy and warranty items before making the final decision. And you can figure out if these products are brand new and of high quality from the after-sale service. We believe a patient and professional suppliers are more reliable and valuable.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From now on, users have more operations on the Internet to purchase more in daily life. Due to this circumstance, we have more possible items to deal with thanks to the wide network and it can provide us more ways to select laptop batteries from all sorts of channels.

usb phone world laptop battery

How to select correct laptop batteries for your computer?

In most cases, there’re many kinds of lithium-ion batteries in online stores for reference. Some of them are generic and others are compatible or original. As to users, we need to check the laptop model and part number of the old original version and compared them to the certain landing products in descriptions, battery shell label, specifications and even warranty. Any of them are important to a high cost performance laptop battery. If you are in our store and not so clear about them, please feel free to contact with our customer service by calling 800-631-8153 or online chatting.

How to check the performance of selected laptop battery?

Speaking of electronic product performance, it is related to fireproofing shell, protection circuit, BIOS compatibility, main chip, lithium-ion cells, specifications, driver, interface and so on. Although we cannot figure out all of them from the picture or descriptions, the reputation and after-sale service of suppliers are important while we can also check the reviews of old customers who have just purchased certain batteries before.

High cost performance laptop batteries have more meanings to customers in operations and work efficiency. After all, both price and performance are of great significance to terminal users, especially in this season. And we just hope you can learn more about your budget and requirements in standby time, output voltage, compatibility, size, weight and so on. There should be one most suitable one for you.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Nowadays, we have added more and more multiple functions in consumer electronics, mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras and so on. These new products are eager to have a powerful charger to meet the increasing demands while we have higher requirements in standby time.

new charger of 10hr standby time

This new charger from Switzerland called PowerTrekk is fully prepared for these new consumer electronics with camera GPS navigation facilities to get better power supply for field work or other special conditions. In some sense, such a new charger can release 10hr standby time by only a spoon water.

The work principle of this charger is based on a kind of chemical reaction. Water will have some reactions with PowerTrekk inside the adapter and have reactions with chemical substances sodium silicofluoride inside that is a kind of new chemical powder produced by American New York Green Power company SiGNa Chemistry. It is supposed to be the first new charger manufactured by these chemical substances.

This new charger can also be compatible with other devices with USB port while it has very low requirements in water as long as there’re not too many impurities.

The insider of this Switzerland company said that this can also be regarded as a battery that can produce power energy immediately without any influence from weather and more conveniently than solar batteries. Compared to the traditional battery, this new charger can supply reliable power supply resource with little decreasing in power capacity.

The usage process is also very conveniently as sodium chloride potion is stored inside a tiny rotundity container that has occupied nearly half of the whole device while another part is filled with water tank. The chemical reaction will start and charge mobile phone and laptop computers after that. The whole process is safe and environmentally friendly.

As is also be used as portable charger, it can work as external charger directly without battery or power socket as background, which has brought us more helpful functions in actual work.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, January 15, 2012

It is said that internal lithium-ion laptop battery is dangerous in the market as to most of users who is confronted with high requirements in lifespan and other features. Therefore, some manufacturers are having researches to discover some low consumed batteries to meet the increasing demands.

lithium-ion laptop battery

To cover the limitation in standby time and lifespan, these new released universal lithium-ion laptop batteries have their own unique advantages in technologies and functions.

Store more power energy. As to the internal batteries, usually there’re installed with 6 cells, 8 cells, 9 cells and 12 cells inside to meet the nominal values. To expand the capacity and extend the last time, we have added more cells to obtain higher output current. Usually, the actual stored power energy will be higher than required. However, in theory, the actual standby time should be calculated by output power (Wh).

Lower work temperature to store more power energy. Inside the lithium-ion laptop battery, the structure is firmly with powerful external shell that can release power heat smoothly. To release more heat inside, we need more better laptop parts to achieve the goal, such as graphics card, mainboard, CPU, hardware and so on. Under the same circumstance, universal batteries are able to maximum the performance to the great extent.

Longer lifespan and more recharging cycles. In about a year, internal laptop batteries can complete about 500 recharging times normally while universal versions can reach about 700 ties with lower temperature. From this point of view, higher version has better performance in actual work.

However, some users are worrying about the security and stability of universal lithium-ion laptop battery. That is why we haven’t added a lot of external power port in cells and protection circuits to avoid overcharging, overheating, over discharging, short circuit and so on.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, January 12, 2012

As to universal and compatible laptop charger, there has been filled with many sorts of options and discussions in the market in functions and some other aspects. Under this circumstance, we need to compare the real performance and check if they can fit our actual work perfectly in some basic and advanced factors.

universal charger

These days, Acharger has released their new products in USA market about 2012 after-sale service and their new marketing strategies in B2C personal users and B2B enterprises to occupy more market share in laptop chargers, especially in universal adapters.

According to the conditions of our store, the certain compatible laptop chargers are more welcomed by certain laptop users whose computers can be Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Sony, Apple, Acer, Asus and so on. As these AC adapters are specialized designed for certain laptop models and interface, they can fit these laptops well with certain output voltage, electric current, connector tip, power cord prong and other characteristics.

Comparatively, universal laptop chargers don’t have these unique parts inside and outside that can be compatible to many notebook computers with good performance. After all, they need to meet all sorts of requirements of these diverse systems, screens, motherboard, CPU and so on.

As to the replacement chargers, they have nearly 1 year warranty for free to users to supply suitable after-sale service. Acharger has also released their new after-sale policy about warranty for customers to have some maintenance in using these devices and can get some additional technique and relevant service from the warranty.

Actually, this new policy has great significance and impacts to users in the industry in actual work. Whether it is true or not, we think we can figure out the value of the brand that they have thought a lot about our terminal users to produce more profits for them. Even Acharger may not get such powerful succeed in the end, they have brought us a lot in the process of work in product researches, design, after-sale service and so on.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The whole industry is confronted with great pressures from competitors, technologies and even customers. As the laptop manufacturers have got to the very special period and strong revolution in terms of 3D LCD screen, 64-bit upgraded 4-core chip and other powerful laptop accessories inside.

laptop computer

Under this circumstance, if the battery and charger cannot catch up with the pace of laptop development tendency, they will block the whole industry or certain manufacturers from obtaining more market share.

Although some terminal users haven’t figured out the difference if you have supplied a normal standard battery for upgrade laptop computers, the actual performance will tell all about the truth if they found that the functions are not so good as you claimed. After all, the 3D screen will consume much more than before even if users may have the same operations or less requirements in actual work. If they are not so clear about the lithium-ion battery work principles, they will have more complains in actual work.

As a matter of fact, the charger of laptop has the similar influence on computer system and other regular work of upgraded accessories and functions in daily use. As for the new released laptop versions, the motherboard, system and internal memory have got higher requirements in power supply output power. That is why those chargers should be powerful enough to work under high pressures.

Of course, as to memory, hard drive, operation system and other important programs and hardware inside, it is also of great significance for us to learn about the cooperation with the whole consumer electronic product instead of paying too much attention to sole accessory, hardware, software and their unique functions. After all, a weak battery or charger may reduce the actual performance to a great extent.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It is certainly that cost performance has attracted more and more attentions from customers from now on. After all, we are no longer so rich in finance and need to reduce the cost to some extent. Therefore, we hope to maximum the laptop performance in standby time, running rate, and other important basic characteristics.

laptop performance

Especially in this financial crisis, it has great significance to users to improve the performance by some new released and upgraded laptop accessories to meet some increasing demands in daily work. That is why we need to get some more powerful functions to keep the whole laptop computer under very good situations.

In terms of laptop performance, the batteries are necessary to extend the last time to have a longer meeting or journey or high-consumed games and movies in any comfortable and suitable places. Thereby, high-capacity and reliable replacement battery is important to meet the increasing demands of users.

In terms of system speed, both memory and charger have great influence in actual work. Speaking of memories, many users can think about motherboard and internal memory capacity that have great significance on running speed. However, as to the laptop charger, some of the users will be confused why it is closely related to system speed. Actually, the power energy got to the motherboard and internal memory has determined the actual performance.

All these have great opportunities for us to provide users powerful laptop accessories to meet the increasing demands in laptop performance. We believe you can find your suitable high cost performance products in our online store

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, January 9, 2012

The birth of laptop batteries which are an important constituent part for laptop computers has for the first time aroused the attention of mobile office groups. With the rapid development of laptop computers and electronic products technologies, more and more people are making higher demands of batteries’ stability, service time, volume, and charging times, and batteries technologies are beginning to follow closely the demands of the market. The past few years have witnessed human beings’ making of many relevant improvements and developments in the field of laptop batteries technologies.

hp dv6 laptop

The refinement of batteries’ selected materials stems chiefly from consideration of their costs and safety for employment, reduction of their volumes, extension of their service time, increase of their use times, and decrease of the negative impact of their memory effect. Take for instance the materials of the positive pole of lithium batteries which can now be divided into lithium cobalt oxide, Nickel cobalt oxide, Limn cobalt oxide, and several other chemical raw materials. Technically speaking, current laptop batteries are adoptive of lithium cobalt oxide. Subsequent years are to see the emergence of batteries of Nickel materials of higher technical level in the battery market, for the purpose of promotion of products’ energy storage quantity. Due however to the limitation of the impact of positive pole materials on batteries’ own properties, it has been estimated by experts that by the year 2020, the volume energy density of lithium batteries will run up to 400wh/1, and that in the mean time, the minimum thickness of a single battery will be made between 4 to 5mm, which will leave very little room for the development of its properties.

The development, wholly speaking, of a new replacement lithium battery is extremely urgent, and manufacturers of professional laptop batteries are taking an active part in the selection of raw materials as well as in the job of research and development. Among the new materials that can take the place of lithium batteries is a metal lithium charge battery which is gaining much public attention. This metal lithium charge battery belongs to the new type of charge battery whose negative pole materials are directly adoptive of the metal lithium, and its biggest characteristic consists remarkably in a complete demonstration of the battery reaction of its negative pole metal materials which empowers the energy storage quantity of the new type of batteries to reach two times that of traditional lithium batteries; in addition, the discharge capacity of the new type of batteries can amount to ten times that of traditional products. The Lenovo laptop computers company has been paying close attention to the development of laptop batteries of high effect, and while investing a great deal of money in an independent research on the performance of these batteries, keeps in close touch with professional manufacturers of such laptop batteries, with a decided view to striving for a provision of Chinese users with the latest economical batteries technologies of high effect.

Air Zn laptop battery is also one of the best batteries in place of the lithium cobalt oxide new materials, and its negative pole adopts Zn of high properties. Contemporarily, there are still some problems inherent in the free charge of air Zn laptop batteries, but many batteries manufacturers are striving to grope for good solutions. A mature product of a Zn battery will, it is believed, show up in the market pretty soon. It can also be inferred that in the not too distant future, no matter whether it will be the laptop batteries manufacturers or general users who are facing more choices of batteries of higher effect and better applications, the birth of more laptop batteries adoptive of new technologies and new materials will have a revolutionary effect on the subsequent laptop battery market.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, January 8, 2012

Recently, USB Phone World has obtained more and more customers in our online store. Why can we win the hearts of more old customers and potential users to increase our sales volume? The following five reasons are the primary few elements for you to select laptop batteries in USB Phone World.

usb phone world

High Cost Performance – On no account can we ignore the cost performance when selecting a brand new laptop battery replacement. After all, the product itself, including internal structure and external appearance are the core value. As a wholesale seller, we can supply users very low sales price much cheaper than those retailers.

Clear Product Description and Compatible Information – To make users more clearly and conveniently in the process of selecting, we have provided many details about these laptop batteries and chargers in certain pages with specifications, compatible part numbers and laptop models. Thereby, users can check the performance and other information about these products very easily.

1 Year and 3 year Extended Warranty – To be sure, we have got 1 year free warranty and 3 year extended by only $39.95 in our store. Compared to those refurbished ones, the warranty is of great significant as it is also a guarantee for the product quality.

Rich in Stock – Although we have many sorts of laptop batteries for different notebook series of different specifications, we have fruitful pieces in stock to meet the increasing demands, especially in this special peak season. Therefore, users don’t want to worry about the stock if you can find yours in the catalogue.

Technique Support – Except for products themselves, the customer service and technique support are the other advantages to USB Phone World. No matter what kind of requirements, problems or related questions, you can feel free to contact with us by online chatting, calling at 800-631-8153 or email to We have powerful service and technique support team waiting for you.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, January 6, 2012

The past few years have seen the rapid development of laptop batteries’ technologies from the initial Centrino mobile technology into the current mainstream of treaters within the mobile Conroe I series. The development of the properties of such technologies, exclusive of the addition of all kinds of new technologies and new instruction sets, has been raised by ten times that of those of such technologies. It can be recalled, in reference, however, to display cards, that six or seven years ago when laptop batteries were facing such examination software as 3DMark06, the picture effect of laptop computers still remained in the degree of slides shows, while these days even a display card adopted by a game of basic level can easily bring the 3DMark06 running at 9000 scores or so. And a fast and smooth operation of laptop computers is apt to make their batteries at the effective service of them by setting up with general users such hardware killing games as Black Action, Crises of the Solitary Island the Second.

laptop battery technology

Such scores as have been achieved by the current mainstream of the configurational 3DMark06 are running at ten thousand, and such promotion of properties seems to most users to be a good thing. What used to be fulfilled by a desk computer can now be completed by a laptop computer powered by a battery. Due to users’ endless demands, the promotion of batteries’ properties, good as it appears, is liable to a natural generation puzzling the minds of most users, of the unbalance of their service time with the heat dissipation of laptop computers. Facing users who enjoy employing laptops that run away with 60W or 70W of electricity, manufacturers, because of the limitation of their volumes, wish of course to endear to users such laptops as are made as thin as possible. On account of few opportunities for the promotion of laptop batteries’ capacities, with their current mainstream being 4400mAh, 5200mAh, it will be difficult for them to catch up with 6200mAh, and under the consumption of treaters, display cards and LED screen, of high properties, a lithium battery that can persevere in working for three hours is good enough to be recommended to users. So one may as well jump to the conclusion that the condition of such service time certainly will not be able to meet the demands of most users, especially of business people who, making special demands on batteries’ service time, are often indulged in the idea that time is money.

What is providential lies seemingly in the probability of the application of the changeable mobile display cards technology to laptop computers and their batteries, in which case, some manufacturers have devised some means in the shape of involvement of some brand laptops in the practice of such a technology. Such compromising ways have surprisingly achieved much positive effects. Compared with the conventional dependence of the changeability of this technology upon manual operation which, once finished, would have to require the laptop computer to be restarted, and therefore was rather inconvenient, the contemporary technology of NVIDIA, on the basis of the development of an automatic switchover technology of Optimus display cards, is brilliantly characterized by its such automatic examination of how much calculation quantity the laptop picture can make, as infallibly regulates the demonstration of core cells used during the application of this technology.

The enthronement of the NVIDIA technology, as claimed to have been made full use of, ensues from the fact that as long as laptops manufactured in 2010 are adoptive of NVIDIA technology, manifestations of 90% of its core cells will trade on the Optimus display card automatic switchover technology. But it was soon discovered that this switchover, although automatic, is far from smart, due to its occasional failure to be switchable, and herewith the NVIDIA and Optimus technology often tend to obtain a reserved attitude from users. At the point of balance of the properties of laptop computers with batteries’ serviceability, every manufacturer has not by far been able to bring up a somewhat consummate solution, yet it is still believed that some certain means are to be schemed out to regulate treaters’ working frequency to the extent of a brilliant solution to economical electric supply, which consists undeviatingly with the principles of the technological operation of laptops and batteries.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

As is known to all, the high technologies with patent right and increasing requirements have raised the sales price to a great extent, especially for electronic products. However, recently a very cheap tablet computer has been released in the market in India that is sold by only $35.

In fact, the lawsuits of patents have come down to many large brands to win more market share at present. Obviously, the technologies have determined the development tendency and reputation of certain consumer electronic catalogue.

Kodak has prepared for bankruptcy protection a few weeks ago while they are hard to sell great number of patents and plans, but it seems they are failed. It is reported by insiders that this famous camera and consumer electronics companies are confronted with great debt crisis and need about 1 billion dollars to solve the problem while their employees are about 19,000.

Even so, Kodak will try their best to sell these patent rights to get anything back before bankruptcy and they have consumed about most of their operation fund. From this point of view, the high technologies with patent are regarded as the most valuable element.

Tablet computer, high technologies, low price

Comparatively, another company of tablet computer has some definitely different solutions as they have sold their computers by only $35 in India. They told us that they have already got reservations of about 1,400,000 already up till now, which is even more than iPad.

Thanks to the low price, these tablet computers have got very good performance in sales volume and the government of India has also got some subsidy on students and other users, which makes this electronic product to be lower than $50.

To meet the increasing demands, they have established more factories in India and they will popularize their new upgraded tablet computer Aakash that is supposed to be sold by only $50 with longer standby time, latest Android system and so on.

Fortunately, we have got great breakthrough in consumer electronics nowadays while we have achieved more unbelievable tasks these years while it seems that we can obtain more with low price. It sounds really very good. What will happen to this industry from this year 2012?

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

During the way of development, all sorts of imaginations have come down to consumer electronics in all aspects. We hope our laptop screen is of high definition to show us more brilliant frames. If the cell phone is of high configuration, more and more tasks can be completed easily on phones only, which make it possible to deal with our work on mobile.

consumer electronics

As is exemplified by iPhone, except for the influence of Apple and Steve Jobs, the advantages if 4 and 4s are really closely related to internal system, HD touch screen, multi functions, high pixel camera and so on. However, the short standby time has also become the vital wound to block it. It is evidently that configuration can on no account by ignored by us in actual work.

Competed by Android, HTC, Windows phone and other brands, they have also come across great pressures from outside world, especially for the new released system and products, especially when others have meet more demands than Mac OS system with better compatibility. Before office can work on iPad and laptop computers, such a problem has limited many Apple users from business work in reality.

In addition to the configuration of laptop, digital camera and definition of screen, the researches and pertinence towards different certain users are also of great significance to terminal users. That is to say, if we cannot learn about the real user requirements, it is hard to improve user experience even though these consumer electronics have higher configuration.

In this point of view, business owners should have further knowledge about the user experience when developing the technologies and hardware of these laptops, digital cameras, cell phones and so on. And they can help these electronic products to be of higher cost performance with better social reputation.

All in all, user experience has already become a very hot topic in the market while we need to think more seriously about it in the process of development. As to all the consumer electronics and accessories, user experience needs more researches and consideration in many aspects.

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by: USB Phone World