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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Radiation is always an unsolved problem even if all the other technologies have developed very fast with time goes by. Speaking of a sole laptop computer, the radiation has covered laptop screen, keyboard, charger, mouse, battery, drive, CPU and so on.

It is reported that the laptop LET radiation and released heat have seriously influenced on our health, including potentia generandi. Long-term high LET radiation will also lead to the damages on nervous system and immunologic system directly. To be more seriously, it will even be the main cause of angiocardiopathy, diabetes mellitus, mutations in oncogenes and abortion. Normally, the most common damages have influenced on vision, memory and liver hematopoiesis functions.

laptop computers, high let radiation

Among all these laptop computers, the main part that release high LET radiation is just the laptop charger. In the process of work, it will release more heat to outside world to be security. That is why old and weak AC adapters are more dangerous than brand new ones thanks to more internal resistances. That is why we recommend users to replace the whole charger instead of the power cord or connector tip if it has served you for years or come to be weaker than before in output power.

As 2012 has reached, more and more people have paid attention to the topic of environmental protection. Network covered, usually the suppliers and manufacturers are thinking hard about how to relief these laptop computers successfully from high LET radiation.

From our perspective on it, these batteries, chargers, memories, screens and other laptop accessories should develop more rapidly than before to reduce the output radiation just as they have worked well in technologies, effects, efficiency, lifespan and compatibility.

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