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Monday, January 16, 2012

Nowadays, we have added more and more multiple functions in consumer electronics, mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras and so on. These new products are eager to have a powerful charger to meet the increasing demands while we have higher requirements in standby time.

new charger of 10hr standby time

This new charger from Switzerland called PowerTrekk is fully prepared for these new consumer electronics with camera GPS navigation facilities to get better power supply for field work or other special conditions. In some sense, such a new charger can release 10hr standby time by only a spoon water.

The work principle of this charger is based on a kind of chemical reaction. Water will have some reactions with PowerTrekk inside the adapter and have reactions with chemical substances sodium silicofluoride inside that is a kind of new chemical powder produced by American New York Green Power company SiGNa Chemistry. It is supposed to be the first new charger manufactured by these chemical substances.

This new charger can also be compatible with other devices with USB port while it has very low requirements in water as long as there’re not too many impurities.

The insider of this Switzerland company said that this can also be regarded as a battery that can produce power energy immediately without any influence from weather and more conveniently than solar batteries. Compared to the traditional battery, this new charger can supply reliable power supply resource with little decreasing in power capacity.

The usage process is also very conveniently as sodium chloride potion is stored inside a tiny rotundity container that has occupied nearly half of the whole device while another part is filled with water tank. The chemical reaction will start and charge mobile phone and laptop computers after that. The whole process is safe and environmentally friendly.

As is also be used as portable charger, it can work as external charger directly without battery or power socket as background, which has brought us more helpful functions in actual work.

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