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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

As is known to all, the high technologies with patent right and increasing requirements have raised the sales price to a great extent, especially for electronic products. However, recently a very cheap tablet computer has been released in the market in India that is sold by only $35.

In fact, the lawsuits of patents have come down to many large brands to win more market share at present. Obviously, the technologies have determined the development tendency and reputation of certain consumer electronic catalogue.

Kodak has prepared for bankruptcy protection a few weeks ago while they are hard to sell great number of patents and plans, but it seems they are failed. It is reported by insiders that this famous camera and consumer electronics companies are confronted with great debt crisis and need about 1 billion dollars to solve the problem while their employees are about 19,000.

Even so, Kodak will try their best to sell these patent rights to get anything back before bankruptcy and they have consumed about most of their operation fund. From this point of view, the high technologies with patent are regarded as the most valuable element.

Tablet computer, high technologies, low price

Comparatively, another company of tablet computer has some definitely different solutions as they have sold their computers by only $35 in India. They told us that they have already got reservations of about 1,400,000 already up till now, which is even more than iPad.

Thanks to the low price, these tablet computers have got very good performance in sales volume and the government of India has also got some subsidy on students and other users, which makes this electronic product to be lower than $50.

To meet the increasing demands, they have established more factories in India and they will popularize their new upgraded tablet computer Aakash that is supposed to be sold by only $50 with longer standby time, latest Android system and so on.

Fortunately, we have got great breakthrough in consumer electronics nowadays while we have achieved more unbelievable tasks these years while it seems that we can obtain more with low price. It sounds really very good. What will happen to this industry from this year 2012?

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