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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Both internal and external memories need to update with time goes by. Especially when the system or CPU is upgraded, we can no longer be satisfied with the former work situations but need more additional functions to meet these increasing demands.

Recently, in an international electronics forum in Sevilla, it is reported that HP will release a new NANO memory replacement in about 18 months that is regarded as internal resistances with the similar functions as memories.

According to a senior researcher in HP headquarter, he told us that the participators of this International Electronics Forum have prepared to release their new updated belt password nonvolatile memory chip to replace NAND memory and SSD.

memory, hp replacement

They are planning to put this new replacement chip into the market ASAP to beat the memories and even SSD replacement. Although they are still left behind by DRAM, they think they are possible to improve the powerful functions with more power energy stored inside. Through geb chips, they will surpass the current achievement to a great extent.

Last year, HP has declared to cooperate with Hynix to product a new upgraded belt password nonvolatile memory product. Memrister is a new device that can work as memories with electronic resistances that are possible to substitute mass storage device and central processing unit.

The spokesman of HP also said that HP has set the object to memrister will be popular in the market in 2013. If they have cooperated with other technique fields, they will get a win-win succeed. 2012 is a new year for the electronics industry and the new objection can reach in about one and a half year. We still cannot ensure if we can get to the object according to the current situations. The whole researching and manufacturing team will work hard towards this new object from now on.

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