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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Influenced by financial crisis, many more customers come to purchase used laptop computers while they are possible to be without laptop battery or charger. And they may lose their power supply accessories. At that moment, we need to get involved into the compatibility and other relevant information to check the information about laptop batteries and adapters.

laptop battery

If you have just got a brand new lithium-ion laptop battery, usually we don’t need to charge it overnight to get it rid of memory effect. Of course, if you don’t feel good, activation by charging and recharging for three times is a better way, which can activate the active corrosion of lithium-ions to maximum the performance to a great extent. In most cases, the operation of activation has been completed before leaving the factory.

When it comes to be fast charging, the indicating light will transfer when it has reached 90% power capacity. In my point of view, such a way of charging is not reasonable, which may shorten the battery lifespan.

Before charging, we don’t need specialized lithium-ion laptop battery to fully charge or discharge. Even so, please don’t worry if recharging cycles will be consumed blindly by frequent charging and discharging. It is certainly that the performance of laptop batteries and chargers is also related to manufacturing properties and primary materials quality. That is why we need to check the reputation and technologies of manufacturers and after-sale service of suppliers before making the final decision.

Laptop adapter is another relevant part that has influenced on lithium-ion laptop battery seriously. If it cannot be compatible well, the batteries won’t be full enough to play its role. As to cell phone, we’d better remove it as soon as possible if is fully charged. After all, the battery may be overheating if a phone call is coming and the electric current will backflow at that moment.

As to laptops or phones out of work more than a month, we’d better activate by discharging and recharging for three times. If possible, please don’t take advantage of universal charger while compatible versions are more reasonable.

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