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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It is evidently that more and more users have figured out the importance of internal memories in the process of work. They are pursuing for higher performance, more rapid running rate, higher capacity and so on. However, there’re great number of internal memories in the market and how can we separate them from each other?

internal memories

In the industry, four types of memories are the most popular versions, including SDR, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. SDR is the oldest version that rare users have selected it as the additional part with two gaps, 84 or 168 pins for single or double chips while DDR series have more pins and higher mains frequency.

Compared to DDR, DDR2 has improved obviously in accelerate the internal speed under the same work situations while it can provide double running rate than DDR in bandwidth, which can be realized by DRAM core parts in each high-rate device. In technology, DDR has also only one core DRAM to store and deal with data.

With double running rate to transmit data, DDR2 memory has realized to be available to read data by 4 bit, much more rapidly than the first generation version.

However, when it comes to the age of DDR3, many powerful functions and technologies have been applied. DDR3 has got 8bit in transmitting speed and is with similar structure with DDR2. Except for the advantages in high speed, capacity and wider compatible range, the most obvious characteristic is relevant to the new additional function of reset. Thanks to 90 nanometer technology, DDR3 can save more power energy from external power supply. And the new activation function can also adjust the internal resistance and the running cycles automatically. These new features seem to be more humanized while more new released desktop and laptop computers are necessary to take it into account.

Have you already learned about your own requirements and connect them to these internal memories? If so, take the time to get your own one. I believe a new updated world of computer and Internet is coming soon.

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