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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Since tablet computer has been released, the PC industry has been confronted with unprecedented challenges from the whole market while it is time to have some development in technologies. However, another problem has occurred to us between low consumption and high performance as to laptop computers.

Realizing that all the users have higher requirements with time goes by, they require more from the laptop battery and laptop charger thanks to larger internal memory, updated system, higher consumption and other increasing demands.

laptop battery, low consumption

Under this circumstance, laptop batteries have been improved in standby time with more lithium-ion cells installed inside. However, the consequence is that the laptop battery has become larger and heavier that is not convenient in portability. So is the laptop charger. To improve the output power and security factors, some other accessories like overheating protection circuits, indicating system and others have been added inside to keep the higher rate charger working under stable conditions.

In addition, the high consumption has also increased the influence on our environments while some environmentalists have some dissenting opinions towards such a powerful techniques and high performance from laptop battery and laptop charger.

As low consumption and high performance seem to be hard to be met at the same time, especially according to the current techniques, we need to get balance or choose the final and most important factors to laptops.

It is gratifying that lithium-ion cells are going to be updated to some extent thanks to the revolution in electrochemical properties by some professors, which is said to be realized in about 5 years. Although it is proved to be well in theory and laboratory, it is unknown if it will be substituted or stably in actual work.

Therefore, if high performance or low consumption is still a uncertain topic to laptop battery and laptop charger at present, which has promoted the development tendency and future situations of our PC industry and even other electronic products like cell phone, tablet computer and so on.

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