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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recently, the PV industry has run into great challenges seriously while it is supposed to be an unprecedented predicament to the whole industry. Especially for manufacturers, the high production cost and unexpected profits have protected them from producing more solar chargers.

solar laptop

The senior analyst of Solarbuzz has got a stupendous speech in a global PV industry of 2011. He said that we are facing with a PV industry on the simmer relevant to the issues of the whole industry chain.

At present, we are having researches on the current supply chain of PV industry, from polysilicon, silicon wafer to batteries, modules and other relevant devices. It seems that the requirement increasing rate has kept in a certain value while solar chargers are not of mass production in the market. Comparatively, the decreasing requirement rate has brought us great challenges from now on. Someone has doubted if solar chargers will weed out from laptop accessories.

The slowing demands have become more and more evidently with time goes by. Last year, a great rapid increasing has occurred to PV industry while many more manufacturers and enterprises have come here to take part in the supply chain. For this point of view, it is led by excessing production capacity instead of short demands. The increasing rate of production has already surpassed the increasing of requirements in PV industry to a great extent.

According to the analyst, the development tendency of polysilicon batteries and modules has shown us the situations of 2012 and further future according to the industry report, which has increased the pressures of solar power products thanks to the cost of manufacturing, design and factories establishment.

In my point of view, as long as solar chargers have improved the demands, the crisis can passed away sooner or later. It is still an unexpected issue if solar chargers will weed out or not.

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