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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In daily work, there’ll be many sorts of problems occur to laptop battery and AC adapter before we have figured out them. In this aspect, we need to find out the root cause before taking any action to solve the problems.

In some cases, the trouble is just temporary that is likely to be led by heat, overtime work or some other accidents. As to thus problems, it is simple to solve by removing the dangerous work conditions, activate or repair according to some maintenance tips.

laptop check

In most cases, the problems are not so easy to solve directly while some users are confused about the symptoms and root causes. For this reason, some items users need to pay attention to before making decisions on replacement, backup, repairing or other reactions.

To check if there’s something wrong with the laptop AC adapter, we recommend users to take the lithium-ion laptop battery out and restart the computer. Of course, before operate, please ensure if you have powered off. Otherwise, if the charger has come across some problems, you will lose some important data stored in the notebook.

As long as you are able to work on your laptop and other symptoms disappear, it means the problem has happened to lithium-ion batteries only. You need to select a suitable high-quality new battery replacement. If not, let’s get to the battery to have a further check.

With the same operation, please unplug the laptop charger connector tip before charging the laptop battery for about 3 hours at least. Then check if the battery can serve and support laptop for long enough standby time while the symptoms have run away.

To be sure, all the assumptions can only be realized before you have figured and thrown away the temporary troubles that have listed as above. After all, even if both laptop battery and AC adapter are under normal situations, the problems might exist in the process of use.

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