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Sunday, October 23, 2011
laptop battery, laptop charger

Nowadays, portable consumer electronics have become more and more popular in the market in a very wide range. Especially for computers, from desktop to laptop computers and even to tablet versions at present, the development tendency is very evidently. With by, the laptop accessories are also in the process of fast developing. Designers need to update the technologies to achieve higher rate and wider compatibility for laptop battery and ac adapter.

Batteries for laptop

To improve the battery last time, it is very important for us to improve the battery capacity. However, it is really not easy to complete in a short period. Another requirement on laptop battery is relevant to flexibility that needs some further researches.

Although it is so hard to have great revolution, it is possible to take use of high-rate power path TM supervisor, upgraded diodes controller and lithium-ion battery charger. Such an additional device can improve the output power of about 18% in output power. And it won’t reduce the loading of power supply and other factors.

As to high-rate charging under high work pressure, the new technology can also make the batteries for laptop more steadily and of higher security in characteristics. Furthermore, it can also reduce the work temperature within a secure range.

Chargers for laptop

Many users are eager to accelerate the running rate of AC adapter and have taken advantage of all ways to achieve it. Such a powerful laptop charger can achieve high-rate charging through a USB port and control the output electric current according to nominal values. And it has reduced the low-rate consumption to a great extent.

As to wide compatibility, we can not only achieve global compatible power supply but can make the charging process more steadily. In addition, the control system inside can also provide some better charging solutions when the mains supply comes to be changed, which can also be applied into DC adapter. With universal specifications, it seems to be more flexible to work on high-performance laptop computer, netbook and other consumer electronic products.

It is a new task for designers to work with challenges, especially for laptop charger. When users come to pursue for higher rate and capacity in laptop battery, we need to take all efforts to update the performance of batteries and chargers for laptop to make it more convenience in actual work. We believe these new solutions for charging will possess incomparable performance and flexibility.

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