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Monday, October 17, 2011

Are you using Win 7 or do you know how powerful it is in saving power energy? As a matter of fact, Win 7 Is more powerful than we expected whose power management system can help users to save a lot of power energy.

Recently, Microsoft has released a report about the new Win 7 Power Management system and introduced the work principle to reduce the laptop battery consumption. The sections about power energy saving are listed as below.

laptop with win 7

As is born with the latest power management technique, Win 7 can adjust the current loading conditions and performance by upgraded CPU. Such enhanced software has improved the processor of power management system.

To be sure, the consumption won’t be the same in the process of work on the laptop computers. The leisure time has become an important part for us to take use to improve the availability factor. Such a technology has come down to CPU, hardware, internal memory, network and so on.

Another function of Win 7 is trigger startup service. Usually, this service will start with the laptop computer is power on and staying behind to initiate. When a certain device is plugged or IP address is adjusted, it will reduce the standby time of waiting in background Windows.

Other functions are related to diming the screen automatically by sensor devices and low rate Intel HD audio specifications. Win 7 can select the technique to initiate or close the idle devices like microphone and external USB devices.

Win 7 has also enhanced the compatibility of laptop battery and system to the wireless network control system and low rate mode. These additional functions and parts will only be initiated under the circumstances of low consumption mode.

Such a low consumption mode of Win 7 has only a little influence when playing some movies or playing with online games and can also change the running structure, desktop window manager and CPU in consumption rate. The smart data buffer memory can reduce the running rate of disc to some extent.

By these additional functions of Win 7, users can extend the standby time efficiently even if you haven’t got an extended life high-capacity laptop battery of your own. Please try on your laptop computer and take advantage of these functions to improve the work efficiency of power.

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